Know more about Iranians

April 15, 2011

Iranians, like any other nation, have their own strong points and their own weak points. Now we want to have a closer look at Iranians. If the whole Iranian society is considered as an imaginary group of 10 Iranian persons, it would be like this :

9 persons are literate
8 persons are pro-West and anti-Islamists
9 persons hate Islamists of Palestine and Lebanon
3 persons have university education
2 or 3 persons are drug addict !
7 persons are under the age 35
9 persons hate Khamenei and Mullahs
7 persons are Muslim, but not like Mullahs or Arabs
1 or 2 persons are atheist or agnostic
9 persons do many non-Islamic activities in their life!
9 persons hate Arab dictators and Arab Islamists
8 persons are determined to topple the Islamic regime
7 persons think that each person with a Ph.D., is intellectual !
9 persons accept Intellectual’s advice blindly
9 persons could not think independently
9 persons think Persia should be restored to its former glory
8 persons like to travel the West
2 or 3 persons like to travel the Islam’s world
7 persons have access to computer and the Internet
9 persons have a cell phone
6 persons have a (family) car
8 persons are careless and crazy drivers!
8 persons have a Satellite dish for Satellite TV channels
8 persons have access to new and old Hollywood movies
4 persons know enough English for reading or speaking
8 persons live in the urban areas
9 persons are toady and sycophant; They are very hypocrite!
9 persons tell lie, and are not honest about any thing
1 person is pro-Mullahs or doesn’t hate Mullahs very much
1 person is Islamist, or Monarchist, or Communist, or Rajavist, or Anarchist, or Maoist, or Basiji Rapist, etc
8 persons have some sort of illegal (black) activity or embezzelment for earning more money!
7 persons say that they hate some of stupid Iranian traditions, but just 1 person is really honest!
9 persons want to live in peace with the whole world, especially with the US and Europe
8 persons think that the US is a dream world, full of freedom, democracy, joy, money, etc !!
8 persons think that the UK is the Mullah-maker and the real supporter of Mullahs and Khamenei
9 persons hate the British politicians and British historical workbook in Iran
7 persons could not get visa of the western embassies in Tehran, while Mullahs could get visa easily

Khamenei’s Miracle

April 15, 2011

Ayatollah Saeedi, Friday Preacher of Qom, has said: “When Agha (our lord), i.e. Khamenei, was born, when he was coming to earth, and when was coming out of his mother’s body, he said : “Ya Ali” (“Hi Ali”)” Ali is the first holy Imam of Shia Muslims. Apparently he thought that Khamenei is Jesus Christ, and now we live in the year 1 AD, or in the Arabian Age of Ignorance. These sorts of stupid and shameful Islamic superstitions just could grow more hate for Islam and Muslims inside Iran. Some funny Iranian people have made a joke about Khamenei’s miracle: “from today, the v-a-g-i-n-a of Khamenei’s mother is a new holy shrine for all Muslims and Khamenei’s fans. See you there, in the long line of passionate pilgrims visiting the holy shrine”

A True Japanese Story

April 15, 2011

It’s not movie; It’s not play; It’s a true and tragic Japanese story. Minutes before a violent earthquake convulsed City Hall, Mayor Futoshi Toba, called his wife, Kumi, at 2:40 p.m. March 11, 2011 to suggest they take their two young sons to a barbecue place for dinner. She promised that she’d email him soon to let him know. But at 2:46, tremors from the magnitude-9 earthquake, knocking out electricity and phones. Soon afterwards, a wall of black water more than 40 feet high smashed through the 20-foot high seawall and poured into the heart of the city. “When I looked back in the direction of my home, I just saw all the houses being crushed,” Mr. Toba said. “The sound of the wood splintering was so loud.” Mr. Toba’s sons, Taiga, 12, and Kanato, 10, were at a hilltop school, and escaped the tsunami. But his wife was at home, closer to sea level, as she usually was during the day. “I considered just ignoring everyone, hopping in my car, and rushing to get her. But I really couldn’t do that,” he said, explaining that his duties as mayor required him to lead his colleagues to safety. “I was thinking the whole time: ‘I hope she was able to get away.'” More than 2,300 people, a tenth of the population here, were dead or missing. For weeks, Mr. Toba had been too busy to visit the morgue to see if Kumi was there. He also dreaded what he might find. “As a husband, I’d like to go search for my wife, but I need to lead the way on the recovery effort,” the mayor said late last month. “Many people here are in the same situation.”

At around 7 p.m., it started to snow. Some survivors gathered up debris and started a bonfire for warmth and to provide a beacon for any rescuers. The mayor and his aides huddled around a radio, listening to news bulletins. Aftershocks continued through the night, and roiling waves swept in and out. Mr. Toba said he feared the entire building would collapse. “We were just praying for daylight.” Some city-owned buildings -including City Hall, a fire station and a sports center- remain standing, but are so badly damaged that they will have to be torn down. Mr. Toba’s wife was missing, but his sons were alive. Of its roughly 23,000 inhabitants, more than 1,100 are confirmed dead. Nearly 1,200 are missing and presumed killed. Hundreds of bodies in the temporary morgue set up in a gymnasium remain unidentified.

Finally, the mayor got a call. There was a body in the morgue that resembled his wife, whose 39th birthday had been the day before. The woman’s body had been found about 2,000 feet uphill from their home. For several hours, Mr. Toba couldn’t get away from the office. At last, he made his way down to the morgue. The body was badly damaged. But it was Kumi. He debated what to tell his sons, and thought he didn’t want to let them see her like that. It wasn’t how he wanted them to remember their mother. “She was like a friend to them,” he said. “Since I was always so busy, they always ran to their mother.” Standing before her body, he apologized to his wife for not coming to find her. His responsibilities as mayor, he told her, kept him away. “When I think about that,” Mr. Toba said afterward, “it really makes me question what kind of human being I am.”

It’s really tragic and moving. It’s really like a Japanese classic story. But it could be a comic-tragic story, like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton love story!, too. Maybe there is a hidden Monica Lewinsky in this story. Maybe, who knows !