USA, Libya, and The Money

The Obama administration and Libyan rebels are wrestling for control of $34 billion the Treasury Department seized from the financial holdings of Gaddafi. As we said before, Obama said: “We will safeguard the more than $33 billion that was frozen from the Gaddafi regime so that it is available to rebuild Libya! After all, this money does not belong to Gaddafi or to us !, it belongs to the Libyan people, and we will make sure they receive it !” . But apparently it’s more than $33 billion, maybe $34 billion or $35 billion, or even more, and now they fight for it !! On April 8, 2011 Libyan Opposition, the Libyan Transitional National Council, Requests Release of Frozen Gaddafi Assets, in a letter to U.S Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner They said : “The Council now needs immediate access to the Gaddafi regimes frozen assets in US financial institutions to meet the basic needs of the Libyan people … Over the past 3 weeks, the humanitarian conditions in opposition-held areas have deteriorated … And now, according to opposition leaders, there is a growing shortage of currency in Eastern Libya as asset freezes imposed on the Gaddafi regime also impact the opposition … The Council has an obligation to meet the basic needs of the Libyan people and is prepared to pay the bills to do it … we acknowledge that the US Government has a responsibility to carefully preserve the assets and then, when released, to assure that the funds flow to a responsible authority for justifiable purposes. We believe that these requirements can be met. The Council proposes that: The US appoint a Trustee Committee to manage these frozen assets on behalf of the Libyan people, in consultation with the representatives of the Transitional National Council … Finally, the Libyan people have a right to know what they own. The US and other countries should publicly disclose the details of the frozen assets … Before transferring control over the assets, the Trustee can also work to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place for the preservation and appropriate use of Libyas wealth … In the meantime, the US and the international community should put in place an interim process to allow access to the funds for immediate and essential humanitarian assistance. The legal authority for the establishment of such a mechanism is clear. It is only right that the Libyan people have access to money which is rightfully theirs at this moment, their hour of greatest need”

This letter was signed by the Council’s top envoy in Washington, Ali Aujali. He resigned as Gaddafi’s ambassador to the U.S. in February, as the government intensified a violent crackdown on street protestors. The Obama administration and Libyan rebels are wrestling for control of $34 billion the Treasury Department seized from the financial holdings of Gaddafi. U.S. officials, say the funds, if not properly monitored, could wind up with Islamist elements hostile to the U.S., including al Qaeda. Council members said the U.S. need not distribute the cash to the rebels, but could instead directly pay suppliers for food, medicine and other humanitarian goods. The council said an international auditor should be appointed to track the money’s use. “Those conversations are still in progress, but as we sit here today, that money is frozen, Gaddafi and his government cannot get access to it, and we are holding it for the Libyan people,” Treasury’s point man on the Libya asset freeze, David Cohen, told a congressional hearing Thursday. “We still don’t really know who these rebels are,” said an official who has worked on the Libyan asset freeze. Ali Aujali said Treasury must move faster as Libya’s humanitarian needs continue to grow. Aujali first met Mr. Cohen a month ago to discuss the issue. “That should have been enough time to respond to our request,” the Libyan diplomat said. When we take a look at the current shameful NATO and West’s activities, we conclude that the West has not any good intention, and the coalition of the stupid lunatic left and the hypocrite western politicians want to f-u-c-k the poor ordinary Libyans It’s really shameful. Shame on the lunatic left that has caused these tragic conditions.

The Libyan Transitional National Council have a website, and this website has a good Map of Libyan Revolution . In fact, Libya is a great desert, and many of Libyan cities located on it coastal strip.

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