Dust Pollution Crisis in Iran

Again dust particles, again dust storm related pollution. In these days, most of Iranian cities, including Tehran, experience a special dust pollution again. A thick dust blankets the country. These dust storm related pollution added an extra concern to air pollution levels of many Iranian cities, raising the particulate concentration to 100 times greater than standard levels. The latest study by Tehran’s Air Quality Control Company (AQCC) finds the level of pollution unprecedented in 30 years in Iran. The experts advise that children, the elderly, and people suffering from heart and lung disease should stay indoors because the haze contains dangerous levels of pollutants. Apparently the dust from the Arabian deserts enters Iran from the neighbors of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Iran and Tehran’s air pollution is a very serious problem, and the danger posed by Tehran’s air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, with the difference that air pollution kills innocent people gradually. The problem worsens in winter, when the combination of cold, still air and the surrounding mountains produces a film of smog that reduces visibility to a few hundred meters. Each winter, emergency services report a big rise in hospital admissions for heart, chest and respiratory problems. But in the recent years, because of systematical corruption of Mr. shit and Khamenei’s regime, the problem worsens in Spring and Autumn, too !! In the recent years, we have a new and special dust pollution in the spring and autumn. We didn’t have this sort of pollution in Tehran, before Mr. shit. We did not have any dust storm in Tehran. In fact, dust particles that are so smaller than 1 millimeter, produces a huge film of smog that reduces visibility to a few hundred meters It’s really horrible and dangerous. No mask could help you. You can not breath and it’s really horrible; you can not see anything in the streets; and everything is really dusty. The situation is more serious in the western Iran, i.e. in Khuzestan, Ilam , and Kermanshah provinces. In fact Ahvaz, Abadan, Ilam, etc have this f-u-c-k-ing problem in 6 to 9 months of the year !! In these cities the dust storm reduces visibility to a few meters, and the pollution increase 50 to 100 times. The main source of problem is in Iraq, but the Mullahs not only have done nothing, but also their stupid acts inside Iran, have worsen the problem.


Last year, more than 4,000 people were reported to have died from pollution-related illnesses in four weeks during October and November. In fact, each year more than 10,000 people died from pollution-related illnesses in winter. 10,000 reported deaths from the effects of nitrous oxide, lead, zinc, dust particles, etc are official number. The real number of pollution-related deaths are higher than 10,000. Mohammed Hadi Haidarzadeh, former head of Tehran city council’s clean air office, said life in the city amounted to “mass suicide” . He told the ISNA: “ The danger posed by Tehran’s air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, with the difference that the destructive effects of an earthquake are instantaneous, whereas air pollution kills innocent people gradually.” But it’s not just the air. The tap water of Ahvaz and Abanadan are very polluted, too. And it’s another Islamic miracle, by Mullahs. The tap water of Ahvaz and Abanadan, and all other cities of Khuzestan, are muddy with the taste of petrol !! And the tap water of Tehran, have a lot of Nitrate, because the dirty waters of sewage wells (each house in Tehran and Iran has a separate sewage well) leak into underground waters. It’s really horrible. The Mullahs fucked all aspects of human life in Iran. The systematical corruption, and absence of any kind of freedom, have caused a lot of problems for Iranians. Just after the fall of Mullahs, we could find more shocking truths about the Islamic Age in Iran. The Islamists have plundered and destroyed everything. The epidemic of red eyes and asthmatic difficulties in breathing and the epidemic of mysterious headache in Tehran, in addition to the epidemic of a mysterious feeling of nausea and vertigo, are common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses. All of these f-u-c-k-ing serious problems are the special Mullah’s gift for Iran and Iranians.

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