Iranians and Nuclear Energy

April 13, 2011

For understanding the reality of Nuclear power, there was no need to the Japanese Nuclear disaster . It has been so obvious since 1945. Iranians have many concerns about Nuclear energy, but the most important one is about the Mullahs’ intentions. Iranians are sure that the Mullah and the Islamic regime are full of bad intentions when they talk about Nuclear energy. Iranians are sure than the Nuclear energy is not of benefit for ordinary Iranians, and it is just for protecting the Mullahs and Islamists form the fall. Of course the Nuclear energy, like any other thing, should be an open choice for Iranians, as any other nation. But the majority of Iranians prefer to think about Nuclear energy, just after the fall of Islamic regime. In fact, the most dangerous enemy of Iranians is the Mullahs and their regime, and if they could have Nuclear Bomb, then Iranians would have more difficulties in their struggle against the Islamic regime. Of course it’s so obvious that even the nuclear bomb could not save the Islamic regime, as it could not save USSR and Communists.

Iranians, as any other nation, hate foreign dictates. They don’t follow the dictates of the West. When the West and the stupid western politicians say that Iranians should not have Nuclear power, while they have Nuclear power and Nuclear bomb, it’s so unacceptable for all Iranians. Many of educated Iranians think that we all, i.e. the whole human beings, should say no to the Nuclear energy, but not just part of us. The Nuclear energy is so dangerous for living creatures, and it’s better that we try to use free, clean, and safe energy sources. The sun is a giant Nuclear reactor, and it provides us with an unlimited, free and clean energy source. We should be wise and make use of it. It could be enough for all of us. We just should try to find the proper ways for using it. Our planet earth, has a lot of f-u-c-k-ing empty hot deserts in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, etc, that could be a proper place for Solar power plants. These f-u-c-k-ing empty hot deserts, that are burned by Sun, could provide enough energy for all human beings. Iran, Saudi Arabia, USA, China, Australia, Mexico, and many countries in Africa and Asia, have a lot of empty deserts that could be used for generating safe and clear solar energy. It’s so stupid that when we have these great resources, we ignore them and make trouble for ourselves and other living creatures by using Nuclear energy. We should not be stupid troublemakers for our plant earth.

The stupid western politicians are like the Mullahs in Iran; Both of them are so mean and opportunist. The Nuclear power and nuclear bomb is bad for all nations and all countries. There is no exception. The opportunist and bag guys could be found in all countries. The Dr. Stragelove movie, tells the truth. We know that some great humans, some one like Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970, were really worried about Nuclear disasters and the future of the human being. They were right, and the human stupidity could cause a lot of serious problems for us. Just look at Japan, and how the Japanese politicians f-u-c-k-ed the Japanese. The human stupidity has no border ! it’s totally borderless. We have Japanese stupidity, American stupidity, Iranian stupidity, British stupidity, etc, and all of them are so dangerous for the human being. The wise people, the good guys unite ! It’s time for the global struggle against the stupidity.

Of course we should not forget that the Mullahs in Iran hide their real intentions, by using the Holy Hypocrisy: Taqiyya. In fact, Taqiyya is described as lying for the sake of Islam. Taqiyya is the name of an Islamic deceit. And we would write more about it in the near future.

Iran and Syria, a common Tragedy

April 13, 2011

Bashar Assad, or as we call him “Bastard Assad” blames conspirators for the unrest sweeping Syria . In fact, Bastard Assad is like Khamenei, and Bastard Assad’s thugs/dogs are like Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, and we could call them “Syrian Basijis”. Bastard Assad’s tactics are like Khamenei’s tactics. Bastard Assad repeatedly used the word “Fitna”, an Arabic term that refers to Islamic sedition and subversion! In fact, Bastard Assad has learned form Khamenei and his regime, because they first used the word “fitna”. Khamenei and the Islamic regime call Iranian movement “Fitna” from 2009 until now But there is a very interesting point about what they call sedition and subversion in other Islamic countries! They call it “Islamic awakening”!! not “Fitna”. It’s a very ridiculous hypocrisy and double standard. What the Islamist do in Bahrain or Yemen is not “Finta” ! what the Islamists did in Egypt and Tunisia was not “Finta”, What the Islamists do in Jordan, Gaza, Libya, etc. are not “Fitna”, but what the poor Iranians and the poor Syrians do in Iran or Syrian is “Fitna” !! Of course it could show us the truth. In fact, “Fitna” is a synonym for the freedom and democracy. And “Islamic awakening” is a synonym for reactionary and the Islamic Middle Age. The Islamic countries need more “Fitna” !, if they really want to get rid of the Islamic Middle Age.

Western media (see their list in the left sidebar) report that on Friday April 8th, Syrian security forces killed at least 28 people in the cities of Deraa, Douma and Harasta, the highest death toll on a single day so far. Apparently in the recent days, Syrian soldiers have been shot by security forces after refusing to fire on protesters, witnesses said, as a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations intensified. Human rights monitors named Mourad Hejjo, a conscript from Madaya village, as one of those shot by security snipers. “His family and town are saying he refused to shoot at his people,” said Wassim Tarif, a local human rights monitor. Footage on YouTube shows an injured soldier saying he was shot in the back by security forces, while another video shows the funeral of Muhammad Awad Qunbar, who sources said was killed for refusing to fire on protesters. Syrian State media reported a different version of events, claiming nine soldiers had been killed in an ambush by an armed group in Banias !! It’s like Khamenei’s TV and Khamenei’s shameless propaganda.

Human rights organizations said at least five protesters in Banias had been killed since Sunday including one on Tuesday. In Bayda witnesses reported that security thugs had beaten up men in the central square, and rights groups said hundreds of people had been arrested, including students who took part in an unprecedented rally at Damascus University on Monday. Supporters of Bastard Assad opened fire during fresh protests on Friday killing at least 22 people. Witnesses said the worst clashes began after demonstrators marched from three mosques in the southern city of Deraa after Friday prayers. Security forces in plain clothes fired tear gas then rubber bullets and finally live ammunition on stone-throwing youths. At least 17 people were reported killed. Three people were killed in the town of Harasta, two in Hama, the town where Bastard Assad’s father and predecessor, Hafez Asad, killed 20,000 people in putting down an uprising in 1982. Protests were also held in Douma -which was largely peaceful after a brutal crackdown last week- Homs, Jableh, Banias, Deir Ezzor, Qamischli and small villages and towns around Damascus and Douma. Phones and internet services were not working in Douma. The Syria Revolution 2011 protest group on its Facebook page said: “We will paralyze the state’s joints until [Bastard-Assad] appears and says ‘I understand you.'”

Protests erupted in Syria more than three weeks ago and have been growing steadily, with tens of thousands of people calling for sweeping reforms. The Assad family has kept an iron grip on power for 40 years, by crushing dissent. Syria’s leading pro-democracy group, the Damascus Declaration, said the death toll from more than three weeks of unrest had topped 200. . But Syrian State television has shown people on the street calling for protesters to be hung in downtown Damascus while at pro-regime rallies Bastard Assad’s thugs have chanted slogans declaring their willingness to spill blood for Bastard Assad! It is exactly like Iran. It’s exactly like Khamenei’s tactics. In fact, Khamenei’s regime teaches Bastard Assad and his regime. Iran’s case and Syria’s case are exactly the same in the side of the ruling group and dictator. But we are not sure about the people side. As we said before, the Syrian should try to reach us their real voice . The outside world, Iranians and other nations, want to hear the real Syrian voice, and to know how they think about Islamic and non-Islamic controversial issues.