Prices in Iran and Canada

The economic situation in Iran is really horrible . The average income is very lower than the international income, but prices and household spending are equal to or even higher than international ones. It’s really a miracle. It’s an Islamic miracle in Iran, by the Mullahs. For more understanding the tragic economic situation in Iran, we compare the situation in Iran with the situation in Canada. Lets start with “Average Income”.

Average Income After Tax

Canada Iran
Low-income families $30000 $6000
Middle class families $45000 $12000
Economic families $65000 $18000
Two-earner families $73000 $20000
Lone-parent families $35000 $10000
No-earner families $21000 $0
Earner single $28000 $12000
Low-income single $18000 $3500
Non-earner single $12000 $0

As you see, the average income in Iran is very lower than Canada. Non-earner people and no-earner families have not any social support. Low-income families are really poor. Iranian middle class families have an average income equal to Canadian non-earner single (Unemployed) !! The minimum wage in Canada is $8 per hour, but many of Iranian professional experts earn less than $8 per hour !! The minimum wage in Iran is $1 per hour. The above table is very clear and meaningful. But when we look at the average prices in Iran and Canada, the situation becomes more confusing and surprising.

Average Prices

Items units Canada Iran
Round steak 1 kg $13 $19
Sirloin steak 1 kg $16 $20
Stewing beef 1 kg $10 $18
Ground beef 1 kg $7 $10
Chicken 1 kg $6 $5
Canned tuna 200g $3 $2
Milk 1 l $2 $1
Butter 450g $4 $3
Eggs 1 dz $3 $4
Cooking Oil 1 l $4 $4
Bread 600g $2 $1
Macaroni 500g $1 $1
Flour 2 kg $2 $1
Corn flakes 600g $4 $3
Apples 1 kg $3 $3
Bananas 1 kg $1 $1
Oranges 1 kg $3 $3
Onions 1 kg $1 $1
Potatoes 1 kg $1 $1
Baked beans, canned 400ml $1 $1
Sugar, white 1 kg $1 $1
Tomato juice, canned 1 l $1.5 $2
Ketchup 1 l $3 $4
Coffee 200g $5 $5
Tea (bags) 72 $4 $4
Toothpaste 100ml $1.5 $1.5
Shampoo 300ml $3 $3
Facial tissue 200 $2 $2
drinks, Cola 2 l $1.5 $1.5
Orange juice 1 l $3.5 $3.5
French fried potatoes, frozen 1 kg $2 $2

Average Prices of Clothes, Cars, Appliances (same models)

Items Canada Iran
Jeans $40 50$
Suit $400 500$
Blouse $50 70$
Overcoat 200$ 200$
Shoes 80$ 80$
SUV Car $30k $40k
Small Car $9k $15k
LCD TV $1k $2k
Laptop $1.5k $2.5k
Sofa set $4k $4k
Refrigerator $1.2k $1.2k
Washing Machine $1k $1k

As you see, the average price in Iran and Canada is almost equal. Even for some items the prices in Iran are higher than Canada!!. And the interesting point is that the prices in Iran change rapidly. And each month we should change the Iran’s column in the above table! The inflation rate in Iran is more than 25%, while in Canada it’s near 2%. The f-u-c-k-ing subsidies cuts in Iran, has worsened the situation, and now we think this year we could expect an inflation rate near 60% !! Another interesting point is that the Iranian prices in the above table, are for Iranian products or Chinese products, that have very low quality. If you want to buy the western products (like what a Canadian buy in Canada), or as Iranian says : “Jense Khareji Asl”, the average prices are very very higher than the above table. For example Japanese SUV $100k, foreign Sofa set is $15k, American/Japanese Laptop $5k, Japanese LCD $4k, foreign “Shampoo” is $10, foreign “Toothpaste” is $5, foreign suit 1500$, foreign shoes $300, foreign blouse $200, foreign Apples is $6, foreign Cooking Oil in $15, etc. We know that the quality of housing in Canada is really higher than Iran. Most of Canadian houses are really modern, beautiful and have many good facilities. But the average price of buying or renting house in Iran is really higher than Canada, and it’s really shameful and ridiculous.

Average Housing Price, Buy or Rent

Province- City Buy/Rent Features Price
Ontario- Toronto Buy House, 2/3-bdr, 150m2, beautiful $450k
Alberta- Edmonton Buy House, 2/3-bdr, 150m2, beautiful $400k
Quebec- Montreal Buy House, 2/3-bdr, 150m2, beautiful $350k
Tehran- Tehran Buy House, 2/3-bdr, 150m2, beautiful $800k
Tehran- Tehran Buy House, 2/3-bdr, 100m2, beautiful $500k
Tehran- Tehran Buy House, 2-bdr, 100m2, ugly $400k
Ontario- Toronto Rent Aptr, 2-bdr, 100m2, beautiful $1200
Alberta- Edmonton Rent Aptr, 2-bdr, 100m2, beautiful $1100
Quebec- Montreal Rent Aptr, 2-bdr, 100m2, beautiful $1000
Tehran- Tehran Rent Aptr, 2-bdr, 100m2, beautiful $1500
Tehran- Tehran Rent Aptr, 2-bdr, 100m2, ugly $1000

How Iranians live in this f-u-c-k-ing condition ??!! with a lot of difficulties and problems !!, or by embezzlement and being part of the corrupt system (we would write more about it later) !! In fact, the economic situation is one of the main reason for the Iranian Revolution. When Iranians get rid of the Mullah’ regime, they would get rid of a widespread systematical corruption and then the economic situation becomes more reasonable.

Average Household Spending (other items)

Canada Iran
Personal tax $10000 $2000
Petrol (1 liter) $1 $1
Public Transport (per 1month) $90 $60
Cell phone (per 1month) $0to$50 $100
Utility Bills (per 1month) $200 $300
Internet 1mb/s (per 1month) $50 $500
Hotel (per 1night) $150 $150
Inn or Motel (per 1night) $50 $50

As you see, the Internet price in Iran is 10 times more than Canada, and he average Household spending in Iran and Canada could be considered almost equal ! But we should always remember two things : 1- the huge difference between the Iranian income and Canadian income 2- the huge difference in quality; Iranian products have a very low quality. A 5 star hotel in Iran is often like an Inn in Canada !!! or in the best case is like a 3 star hotel in Canada !!

It’s really an Islamic miracle, isn’t it ?! If you want to become a Muslim, seeing this economic miracle could be enough for you ! It’s bigger than any other miracle in the modern wrold history!

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(The Canadian prices could be found in the Canadian websites. But Iranians prices could be found just in the real market, and real space. We live in Iran, and we are sure about the above Iranian prices. We have tried to mention just the average prices. The current prices of some Iranian items are really higher than we said.)

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[2] CMHC, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Co
[3] SCI, Statistical Centre of Iran
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  1. frayclose says:

    As a Canadian the only prices that looks off to me (just an average person going uhhuh looks right) are cell phone is way too low $50/month for a cell plan is about right. And for $2000 you would get an amazing fridge, average would be in the $800-1500 range

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