for Iranian Baboons (Khatamists)

Baboons, or as Iranians say “Bouzineha”, i.e. Islamic Reformists and their agents in Europe, say crap and bullshit about Iranian wills, again. But they have died for the majority of Iranians. They are so worthless and pathetic, and these lines are written just for the record. RajabAli Mazrouri, aka Bouzineh Eslahat (the Baboon of Islamic Reformists; “Bouzineh” is a Persian term for “Baboon” ), has opened his f-u-c-k-ing mouth and said : “All Iranians have accepted Mousavi as their leader !!, and they should accept us as their coordinators, too. Mousavi has appointed us.” RajabAli Bouzineh, has forgotten that he and his friends are very hateful in Iran. Iranian Baboons have died for Iranians inside Iran. The majority of Iranians hate them and their stupid coward leader, Khatami. They had enough time, eight years, for showing themselves to us. And now we know them. We know how bastard they are. We know how stupid they are. Iranian Baboons should know that the Age of Islamic Reforms ended in 2005 for us, and ended in 2010 for all Iranians. The Age of Secular Revolution has begun, and Iranian Baboons could not save their beloved Islamic regime any longer. We have a good solution for the Iranian Baboons: “Go f-u-c-k yourselves, motherf-u-c-k-e-rs”.

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  1. Sandy Montz says:

    Bertrand Russell~ Guy needs for his happiness not only the satisfaction of this or that but hope and enterprise and change.

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