The Fall of Ivorian Dictator

The Ivory Coast’s dictator, Laurent Gbagbo or as we call him Ivorian Mr. shit, whose refusal to step down when Ouattara won last November’s presidential election plunged the country into violence, has been captured in Abidjan and is in the custody of opposition forces. Only a week or so ago Ivorian Mr. shit was still being offered the opportunity to go into exile somewhere in Africa in a deal that would probably have assured him immunity from prosecution. Now, he has no chance. “Laurent Gbagbo has been credibly implicated in crimes against humanity and other atrocities for which he should be held to account,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director for Human Rights Watch. “He should not be granted a golden exile in a country that would shield him from national or international prosecution.”


Local television showed footage of a visibly exhausted Gbagbo, wearing a floral-print shirt, walking into a suite of Abidjan’s Golf Hotel, where Ouattara has been based. Gbagbo was taken to the hotel with his wife and his son. A spokesman for Ouattara told: “It’s true. Gbagbo has been taken to the Golf hotel by republican forces. Our forces went to the residence this morning and took him out.” Ivorian Mr. shit is so pathetic. There was to be no suicide pill, no bullet in the brain, no heroic martyrdom. Instead, there was a humiliating slap on the cheek and Laurent Gbagbo was hauled from his bunker and paraded before the TV cameras.


The dictators, all, are alike, savage and brutal when they have the power, and so pathetic when they lose the power. We hope that the same thing happen to Gaddafi, Assad, and Khamenei very soon. Seeing Khamenei in this position, is the greatest joy for 90% of Iranian.

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