Answer to Readers, 11 Apr

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Karri, thanks; it’s a free theme: “Contempt”. Reza, we wrote more and we will write more. Masht-abbas, thanks. Najafzadeh Bouzina is one of Mr. shit’s little dogs, and Mr. shit is one of Khamenei’s little dogs, and all of them are so worthless, unworthy of any attention. “Hypocrisy” and “Khayemaly” are important, and we should write more about these matters. Sandie Mumm, thanks; and for subscribing you have three ways: 1- subscribing for getting new posts by email (see the last box of the left sidebar) 2-subscribing for daily newsletter (see the first box of the left side bar) 3- subscribing for feeds (see the feed link). Small appliance, thanks very much; maintain posting your comments for us. Fletcher Engelstad, thanks very much; The great Howard zinn once said : “Someone asked Kurt Vonnegut, Why do you write? and he said, The reason I write is to tell people: You are not alone. We and many others write to tell ourselves and others that we are not alone. Milo Busacker and Deanna Mercuri, thanks for your kind attentions.

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    I’m happy it is useful to me. Thank you for your work. Ill be in touch

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