Iran’s Population Tells the Truth

When we say: “The majority of Iranians hate the Mullah and the Islamic regime”, it’s not an imaginary hypothesis and has very deep and serious roots. Iran is ranked as the second largest country in the Middle East and North Africa, in terms of population after Egypt, at about 75 million people, and in terms of GDP after Saudi Arabia at about US$350 billion. Iran’s Urban population is about 55 million (75%), more than any other country in the Middle East . The largest cities of Iran are: Tehran 15 million (8 million in the city itself), Isfahan 3.5 million, Mashhad 3 million, Tabriz 2 million, Shiraz 2 million, Karaj 2 million, Rasht 1 million, Hamedan 1 million, Kerman 1 million, Qom 1 million, etc. “Tehran” of Iran and “Cairo” of Egypt, are the largest cities in the Middle East. But Iran and Egypt have some meaningful differences in the Human Development Index, for instance in literacy rate and urban population. Literacy rate in Iran is near 85%, but in Egypt is near 70%. Woman literacy rate in Iran is near 75%, and for the young girls it’s about 85%, and for the the school-age girls this rate is near 97 percent. But in Egypt, woman literacy rate is near 60%, and for the young girls it’s about 70%, and for the school-age girls it’s near 80 percent. Egypt and all other countries in the Middle East have a lot of Islamists, and the majority of them are Islamists or pro-Islamists, but the majority of Iranians hate the Islamists and pro-Islamists. In fact, the Islamists and pro-Islamists are a tiny minority in Iran.

Iran’s age structure in 1990 was very interesting: Total population: 58 million, 0-14 years: 45% !!!(26 million), 15-29 years: 25% (15 million), 30-44 years: 15% (9 million), 45-59 years: 9% (5 million), 60-74 years: 5% (3 million) and 75 years and over: 1% (0.5 million). It meant that 70 percent of Iranians were under 30 years !! It was like a bomb, that exploded in 1997, in the Islamic Reform movement. In fact, 75 percent were under 35 years, and 85 percent were under 45 years. It’s so obvious that it had its special meaning. It meant that the majority of Iranians were young and wanted “Change”. They were not like their parents, and the majority of them could not remember the Shah’s regime. They just saw the Mullah’s regime and knew that it has fucked all aspects of their life and doesn’t allow them to live a normal life. They could see that the Islamists have banned them from living, dancing, singing, talking, writing, discussing, reading, kissing, protesting, loving, etc. They knew that they had to f-u-c-k Khamenei and Islamists, if they wanted to be free. It was very dangerous for the Mullahs. And when the majority, i.e. the younger generation yelled “Change” in 1997, Khamenei and his strategists had to accept the majority, because they knew that “The Youth’s Bomb” could f-u-c-k them so badly. So Khamenei’s strategists asked the Islamic reformists to defuse the Youth Bomb In fact, they knew that the Islamic reformists could manipulate the youth. Khamenei hoped that Khamati could defuse “The Youth’s Bomb” without serious side effects. It was a risk, but it was inevitable; The Iranian youth wanted “Change” so badly. In 1997, more than 22 million (70% of 31 million eligible voters) voted Khatami, and the Mullah’s candidate that said he is the Khamenei’s candidate, just had 7 million votes, i.e. near 10 percent of Iran’s population and near 20% of eligible voters. So it’s not conspiracy theory if we say that Khamenei’s strategists wanted the Islamic reformists, who were the lesser evil for them. The Islamic reformists were the lesser evil, because the greater evil was: “No to the whole system, No to all Mullahs, No to the whole Mullah’s regime”. In fact, the Islamic reformists were part of the Islamic system and they could calm the youth for a while, as they did. But Khemenei’s regime had forgotten that this solution was a temporary solution, a sedative. Iran was not a traditional society as before; 75 percent of Iranians were under 35 years, 90 percent of them were literate, and Iran’s urban population had reached to about 60 percent. It needed a more effective solution than the stupid Islamic reform ! [1][2][3]

Iran’s Age structure in 2000 was interesting: Total population: 68 million, 0-14 years: 35% !(24 million), 15-29 years: 30% !(21 million), 30-44 years: 20% (14 million), 45-59 years: 9% (6 million), 60-74 years: 5% (3 million) and 75 years and over: 1% (male 0.5). It means that 85 percent of Iranians were under 45 years. In fact, 65 percent were under 30 years, and 75 percent were under 35 years. Iran’s urban population had reached to about 70 percent. Iran was experiencing the Age of Islamic Reform. But it was so tragic. The Islamic reformists was so hypocrite and stupid. The Islamic reformists were behind the ordinary Iranians in seeking change. The Iranian university and college students were unsatisfied. In 1990 to 1995, Iran had about 2 million university students. Since 1995, each year more than 1 million new students had been entered to the colleges and universities. And with this speed and radical change, Iran would have more than 10 million university educated people in the 2005, and more than 15 million educated people in 2010. Iran was changing, but the the Mullah and the Islamic reformists just were disappointing young Iranians more and more. In 2001 election, more than 24 million voted Khatami and the Islamic reformists again. It was their last chance, but they were so stupid, so coward and so opportunist. Therefore, at the end of Islamic reform’s Age in 2005, the Iranian youth had tried of the Islamic reformists, and the majority of the educated Iranians boycotted the election. They preferred that a stupid Islamist become the president and then Iran become ready for the fundamental change or the revolution. This stupid Islamist was Mr. shit (AN or AhmadiNejad) and Iranians waited for a proper time. The proper time was 2009, when the stupid regime committed suicide, by the huge electoral fraud. All Iranians came to the streets and a new Age began in Iran: The Age of Secular Revolution. [1][2][3]

In 2009, Iran’s Urban population was about 55 million (75%). The Iranian age structure was very interesting: 0-14 years: 24% (18 million), 15-29 years: 35% (26 million), 30-44 years: 23% (17 million), 45-59 years: 12% (9 million), 60-74 years: 5% (4 million) and 75 years and over: 1% (1 million). It means that 80 percent of Iranians are under 45 years and were and are young. If fact, 60 percent are under 30 years, and 70 percent are under 35 years. Literacy rate was more than 85% in 2010. Youth literacy rates increased and is near 97, rising significantly for girls. Currently, women outnumber men at the university (undergraduate) level by a factor of 2. Now median population age in Iran is 27 years . In 2000, it was near 22 years. And in 1990 median population age in Iran was near 17 years !!! . Life expectancy in Iran is 70 years. And total fertility rate is 1.8 children born/woman. Now Iran has at least 15 million university educated people (25%), and more than 5 million active university students. All of these serious changes, mean that Iranian society is not like 1970s, and 1990s. The Iranian society changes rapidly. And that’s why many Iranian expats and many foreigners, could not understand Iran and Iranians. Iran society is young (i.e. full of young people) and changes like a young wo/man, very rapidly and very radical. When we say that the majority of Iranians hate the Mullah and the Islamists, it’s not an imaginary hypothesis. The majority of Iranians are young and they were suppressed before as much as possible. Now they are frustrated and seek radical changes They have tired of the Mullah’s Islam and the Islamists. They have tired of Islamic reformists and Khamati’s group. After 2009’s debacle, when the Islamic reformists betrayed the people’s hope, the majority of Iranians lost their last hope for reform and Islamic reformists. Now the majority of Iranians know that they should fuck both Khamenei’s dogs/thugs and the Islamic reformists. It was a historical lesson and Iranian paid a very high price for it. A society that has lived 30 years under a religious tyranny, and now 80 percent of its population is under 45 years, is like a Bomb. A very dangerous bomb that sooner or later would explode. In fact, “The Age of Secular Revolution” has begun in Iran. [1][2][3]

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(Please note that “Statistics and Data”, Social or Economic, are considered so sensitive and secret in Iran !! The Khamenei’s regime is frightened to death of public awareness. You, especially the western foreigners, should appreciated your freedom and the free exchange of information in your country. The statistics of “Statistical Centre of Iran” are considered secret, and just part of social statistics are made public. But you could find the truth if you search enough! You could make use of “The US Census Bureau”, too; A great organization, with great tools and facilities for the whole world. )

[1] Statistical Centre of Iran
[2] The US Census Bureau [3] Population Action

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