Siemens and Mullahs

April 5, 2011, Wall Street Journal had a good article about Siemens co-operation with Mullah’s regime in Iran First lets look at what they said: “A year after German engineering giant Siemens AG pledged to retreat from Iran under international pressure, it is grappling with a thorny problem: a big jump in revenue in the Islamic republic … Siemens has kept a promise not to pursue new projects in Iran. But its existing contracts there underscore how international efforts to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have had only limited impact on the state’s ability to draw on the technology and expertise it needs to maintain its broader infrastructure … In Siemens’s last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the company’s revenue in Iran rose more than 20% to about 680 million ($967 million) from the year before and more than 50% over a two-year period, said people familiar with the matter. Revenue for this year is still unclear … The Iranian government’s crackdown on protesters following the country’s mid-2009 elections prompted Siemens to consider severing its 140-year-old ties to the country, some Siemens officials said. Among multinationals, Siemens came under particular fire when it emerged that its venture with Nokia Corp. had provided Iran with part of the telecommunications technology that the government subsequently used to monitor protesting citizens . The Nokia Siemens venture said at the time the technology in question was standard in telecommunications networks in most countries”

German exports to Iran rose 5% to 3.164 billion euros between January and October 2010. Shame on Germany. We have not forgotten the shameful trip of German foreign minister to Iran, after new wave of protests in Iran 2011 Shame on Germany. Shame on the motherf-u-c-k-er German politicians and companies. In October 2009, the Wall Street Journal said some 85 German companies have operations in Iran, while more than 7,000 companies conduct business there through local representatives. As we said before, Nokia-Siemens, the Finnish-German telecoms joint venture, is the main technical supporter of Khamenei’s regime. Nokia-Siemens has supplied surveillance technology to Mullah’s regime. The technology is used to track down dissidents, protesters, and the ordinary Iranian people. Nokia-Siemens has supplied DPI technology, Deep Packet Inspection, to the Khamenei’s regime. This technology is so dangerous. It’s really harmful for all Iranians and other people around the world. Shame on Germany. Shame on Nokia-Siemens, the most dangerous and outragous enemy of the freedom and democracy in the world. Nokia-Siemens is more dangerous than Google or Microsoft. Nokia-Siemens sells high tech suppression’s tools to the dictators. Nokia-Siemens and Siemens AG are the real enemy of Iranians. Iranians will topple Khamenei’s regime, and after that they certainly would have a lot of plans for Siemens and Germany. Just wait and see, you motherf-u-c-k-er idiots in Siemens and Germany.

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