Siemens and Mullahs

April 8, 2011

April 5, 2011, Wall Street Journal had a good article about Siemens co-operation with Mullah’s regime in Iran First lets look at what they said: “A year after German engineering giant Siemens AG pledged to retreat from Iran under international pressure, it is grappling with a thorny problem: a big jump in revenue in the Islamic republic … Siemens has kept a promise not to pursue new projects in Iran. But its existing contracts there underscore how international efforts to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have had only limited impact on the state’s ability to draw on the technology and expertise it needs to maintain its broader infrastructure … In Siemens’s last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the company’s revenue in Iran rose more than 20% to about 680 million ($967 million) from the year before and more than 50% over a two-year period, said people familiar with the matter. Revenue for this year is still unclear … The Iranian government’s crackdown on protesters following the country’s mid-2009 elections prompted Siemens to consider severing its 140-year-old ties to the country, some Siemens officials said. Among multinationals, Siemens came under particular fire when it emerged that its venture with Nokia Corp. had provided Iran with part of the telecommunications technology that the government subsequently used to monitor protesting citizens . The Nokia Siemens venture said at the time the technology in question was standard in telecommunications networks in most countries”

German exports to Iran rose 5% to 3.164 billion euros between January and October 2010. Shame on Germany. We have not forgotten the shameful trip of German foreign minister to Iran, after new wave of protests in Iran 2011 Shame on Germany. Shame on the motherf-u-c-k-er German politicians and companies. In October 2009, the Wall Street Journal said some 85 German companies have operations in Iran, while more than 7,000 companies conduct business there through local representatives. As we said before, Nokia-Siemens, the Finnish-German telecoms joint venture, is the main technical supporter of Khamenei’s regime. Nokia-Siemens has supplied surveillance technology to Mullah’s regime. The technology is used to track down dissidents, protesters, and the ordinary Iranian people. Nokia-Siemens has supplied DPI technology, Deep Packet Inspection, to the Khamenei’s regime. This technology is so dangerous. It’s really harmful for all Iranians and other people around the world. Shame on Germany. Shame on Nokia-Siemens, the most dangerous and outragous enemy of the freedom and democracy in the world. Nokia-Siemens is more dangerous than Google or Microsoft. Nokia-Siemens sells high tech suppression’s tools to the dictators. Nokia-Siemens and Siemens AG are the real enemy of Iranians. Iranians will topple Khamenei’s regime, and after that they certainly would have a lot of plans for Siemens and Germany. Just wait and see, you motherf-u-c-k-er idiots in Siemens and Germany.

Libyans and stupid NATO

April 8, 2011

Libya revolutionaries say NATO hits their forces !! It’s not a pure accident. Huffingtonpost and other Western media say: “Rebel fighters said NATO airstrikes blasted their forces Thursday in another apparent mistake !! that sharply escalated anger about the military alliance’s efforts to cripple Libyan forces. At least five rebels were killed and more than 20 injured, a doctor said … It would be the second accidental NATO strike against rebel forces in less than a week … “Down, down with NATO,” one fighter shouted … A rebel commander, Ayman Abdul-Karim, said he saw airstrikes hit tanks and a rebel convoy, which included a passenger bus carrying fighters toward Brega. He and other rebels described dozens killed or wounded, but a precise casualty toll was not immediately known … In Benghazi, opposition spokeswoman Iman Bughaigis said the death toll could be as high as 13 … Discontent with NATO appears to be growing. Opposition commanders have complained in recent days that the airstrikes were coming too slowly and lacking the precision to give the rebels a clear edge. NATO officials say that the pro-Gadhafi troops have blended into civilian areas in efforts to frustrate the alliances bombing runs. … The rebel commander Adbul-Karim said the tops of rebel vehicles were marked with yellow under advice by NATO to identify the opposition forces … Tensions between the rebels and NATO were flaring even before the latest accident, with the fighters criticizing the alliance for doing too little to help them … Last Friday, a NATO airstrike killed 13 rebel fighters in eastern Libya. An opposition spokesman described it as an “unfortunate accident” in the shifting battles and pledged support for the international air campaign to weaken Gadhafi’s military power … “People are very upset and the street is really boiling,” a Libyan said. … Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Gaddifi’s son, could be the West’s alternative for Libya !! … Saif was telling Western journalists that what Libyans needed most were open elections ! … British media said: “Saif’s talk of reform goes back to 2003 !!! … perhaps he stands himself distinct from his father and his brothers and the factions opposing him !!! Gaddafi’s sons would accept an interim government … It is what Saif has been working on. It is about getting the sides to sit down together and talk and also about having an exit strategy that is not insulting to Gaddafi !!! That’s what Saif is fighting for ” … Saif Gaddafi is who said : “We will fight until the last man, until the last woman, until the last bullet … Saif was said to be suggesting a transition under his direction as a possible way out of the impasse between the regime, in Tripoli, and the rebel forces in Benghazi … According to a report in the New York Times, Saif al-Islam is proposing a transition to a constitutional democracy under his direction”

But it’s not the whole story. The UK has put severe pressures on the revolutionary administration to sign an official apology for the role of Gaddafi’s regime in the Lockerbie bombing !! “When we say sorry it means we did it. But we did not do it. Gaddafi did it. It’s sorrow not an apology” one of Libyan opposition leader said … Officials in the rebel government say the Lockerbie and IRA issues are not a priority for them given that they are fighting a military campaign to overthrow Gaddafi while trying to administer the rebel-held areas. They say that there are few Libyans who believe they are responsible for Gaddafi’s acts or that they should apologise for him … the head of Libya’s rebel army has accused Nato of abandoning people to their deaths after a sharp reduction in the number of western air strikes … “ Nato is moving very slowly, allowing Gaddafi forces to advance Nato has become our problem ” Younes said. ” Either NATO does its work properly or we will ask the Security Council to suspend its work ” said Younes, head of the rebel forces … “Since the day NATO took over the air strikes, we have been falling back,” said Ziad, 20, a rebel fighter … “Gaddafi’s troops are hitting us with Grad missiles,” said Majbary, 35. “Something is wrong … When the U.S. gave leadership to NATO, the bombings stopped.” … “You have to visit Misrata to see the massacre by Gaddafi,” said Omar Boubaker, a 40-year-old engineer … “We are afraid even to step into the street any time. You can just be shot. I’ve seen children shot. They come in here with arms and legs destroyed. The snipers know who they are shooting. It’s terror. Before you could go out when they weren’t shelling and bombing. But now you never know. Some of the snipers are not even wearing uniforms” said a doctor in Mistata … Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Libya’s civil conflict wasn’t a vital national interest of the US … In Tripoli, former U.S. congressman Curt Weldon met with a senior Libyan official … Weldon said he came to Libya on the invitation of Gaddafi !! … The US holds about $30bn in frozen Libyan assets … Britain is holding about £100m in Libyan currency seized from a Libyan ship

It’s clear, isn’t it ? Shame on NATO. Shame on the US politicians that works with the savage Gaddafi. If Libyan oppositions were forced to offer apology and compensation, instead of Gaddafi, it would be very bad for the UK and British exploiters. The UK exploited Iranian Oil; The UK split the Great Persia; The UK killed a lot of Iranians; The UK launched a Military coup in Iran; The UK imposed a lot of financial problems on Iran; The UK supported, and support now, the Mullah and Khamenei’s regime. And they did the same thing in many other countries, even in U.S. in pre-Revolution era. If we want to calculate the compensation that the UK should pay to Iran, India, and other nations, It would be an astronomical number. The stupid UK politicians should be more careful about the bullshit they say repeatedly. The UK is more entitled to offer apology and compensation than the Libyan oppositions.