Rafsanjani bribed Oxford University

The Oxford University’s reaction to news about the illegal admission process of Rafsanjani’s son in the Oxford University is so shameful and ridiculous. They have said that the admission’s process of Rafsanjani’s son has been legal and Rafsanjani’s son knows enough English ! It simply proves that Oxford University is a branch of the Islamic Azad Univeristy. The Islamic Azad Univeristy is a huge private university in Iran that makes use of public funds a lot !!! Do you know who is the the the head of the Islamic Azad Univeristy ? Rafsanjani ! In fact, the Islamic Azad Univeristy is the treasury and strongbox of Rafsanjani’s family !! Do you know how much they earn in a year ? at least $4 billion (2 million student and at least 2000$ annual tuition fee for each student) They could easily bribe the Oxford and British authorities to shut their eyes and mouths. The Oxford’s authorities have said that Rafsanjani’s son knows English; It’s a blatant lie, but we could test it very easily. The BBC could invite Rafsanjani’s son in a live program, and shows the world how much he knows English. And we could see whether he can speak English without a translator or not The Oxford’s authorities should say that Rafsanjani’s son knows the Norwegian language! Because he was the special friend of Norways Oil Company, Norways Statoil, a customer of Atieh Bahar, that their bribery of Rafsanjanis son through consultants was exposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice .

Rafsanjani’s son scandal is like Gaddafi’s son scandal and other Libyan and non-Libyan scandals in British colleges and universities. But the case of Rafsanjani’s son is special, because he is the son of the Mullah, i.e. the old and dear friend of the UK and British authorities. London, and the whole cities of the UK, are the Mullah’s second home. They could easily get the UK’s visa, and go there for Zyarat and Syahat !, i.e. for Pilgrimage and Joyful non-Islamic Adventure ! Shame on British authorities and all the supporters of Mullahs in the UK and in the West.

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