Iranian Intellectualism

The story of Iranian Intellectuals is a very sad story. When we look at the contemporary Persian history, we find that Iranian intellectuals were either hypocrite and stupid or hypocrite and charlatan, with the exception of a few real intellects. The number of real Iranian intellectuals can be counted on the fingers of two hands. We know that the intellectuals could be the brain of the modern society. They create new ideas for a better life and they try to prevent the society from making terrible mistakes. But what did Iranian Intellects do in 1979? All of them only made great historical mistakes. Unfortunately 99 percent of them were blind and ultra-stupid. But it’s not the whole story. What did Iranian Intellects do in 2009? Nothing. They were so stupid and passive. The ordinary Iranians were more open-minded and thoughtful than them. Many of Iranian intellects were among the most stupid lunatic lefts in the world. Many of Iranian intellects were and are opportunist and make secret deals with the ruling groups. In fact, they kiss the dictator’s ass or as Iranian says: “they rub/touch the dictator’s balls” (KhayeMaly). But there is just some a few exception.

Sadegh Hedayat, 1903-1951, is certainly the first real intellectual in the modern Iran. He is known as a novelist, but his letters and his thoughts are much more important than his novels. He came from a wealthy family, and his uncles were the key figures in the Qajar dynasty. He was among the first group of Iranian students that went to “Frang”, i.e. France, by the governmental scholarship. Iranians called the West “Farang“, that of course was the name of France, but Iranians used it for referring to the West, especially Europe. In the past, every one that went to Farang, called “Farang Rafteh” (i.e. has gone to Farang) and it automatically meant that he is an “Intellectual” ! The “Farang Rafteh” had social respect. In fact, “Farang Rafteh” enjoyed social respect, just because 99% of Iranians were illiterate and stupid. But Sadegh Hedayat was really an exception. He shows us that even in 100 years ago, Iranians could be wise and intellects if they want. Of course he had his own weak points, but they were not very important. Sadegh Hedayat, was not Communist or even Left at a time that Communism used to be the fashion in Iran. When 90% of Iranian intellects, even his close friends, became Communist, he remained free and independent. He criticized both Communism (Stalinism/Leninism) and Capitalism. He also was the greatest critic of Islam and the Mullah. He was an atheist, the first well-known atheist in Iran. In fact, he hated Islam and Muslims, simply because he could see the great paradox and the great tragedy of Islam and Muslims. His famous work, “Toop Morvari”, is a great satire on Islam and Muslims. He was a great critic of the stupid Iranian traditions (not the good and joyful Iranian traditions) and Iranian foolishness, too. His works has been banned by the Mullah in Iran, but many Iranian youth read his works. He committed suicide at the age 47, in Paris. He was buried in Paris, because he did not want to go back to Iran under any condition, even his dead body.

The majority of the “Farang Rafteh” were not like Sadegh Hedayat. It’s so obvious that many stupid Iranians went to Farang, and then automatically were considered Intellectual ! This stupid tradition is still alive in Iran, but just the names have changed. “Farang” has become “Kharej” (foreign country) and “Farang Rafteh” has become “Kharej Rafteh” ( i.e. has gone to “Foreign countries”). In addition, nowadays every one could easily go to the West, or get a university degree, Master or Ph.D., if he or she offers good bribe! And every one that had one of these university degrees, i.e. Master or Ph.D., or has gone to Kharej !, automatically is considered ” Intellectual”! and receive attention and respect form the ordinary people. Of course, this stupid tradition, had a funny result, i.e. many regime’s authorities tried to go to Kharei !, or get some of these fake Ph.D.s, especially from the famous foreign universities, like Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, etc. We have talked about this matter in the Mullah Mafia section. But this matter has created a backlash against going Kharej or getting Ph.D or university degree in the recent years, and now the university degree or going to Kharej, don’t show the wisdom as before !

The number of real Iranian intellects are really a few. Ahmad Kasravi,1890-1945, was not a real intellect, but he was an open-minded Muslim. At first he was a Mullah, but then after using of his brain!, he resigned and became an outspoken critic of the Mullah. The Mullah can not bear him and his critics, and finally when the UK toppled Reza Shah’s regime, and in the absence of a strong government, Kasravi was assassinated by Muslim fanatics, i.e. Mullah’s puppets, at the age of 55 in Tehran. His famous works are: “History of Constitutional Revolution”, “History of Azerbaijan”, and a dozen short books about Muslim fanatics and Islamic superstitions. Kasravi was not a real intellects, but he was not hypocrite and did not obey orders from above. He was Muslim, but he did not believe in the Mullah, and this matter had made the Mullah more angrier. “History of Constitutional Revolution” is better than other Iranian works about “Constitutional Revolution”, and we could trust it more than other Iranian works, simply because its writer is an open-minded Iranian, who was not hypocrite and did not obey orders from above. Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, 1880-1955, was not a real intellect, too. But he was an open-minded Muslim and a people journalist. He was the first Iranian journalist that wrote regular political and social satire. His satire column in “Sure-Esrafil” newspaper (that was a weekly newspaper) called “Charand-o Parand” (Crap and Nonsense) ! “Charand-o Parand” was really critical, and had made the Shah and the Mullah really angry. They blocked “Sure-Esrafil” newspaper just after 1.5 year and the main cause of it was “Charand-o Parand”! Dehkhoda fled to Europe and stayed there for a year. Dehkhoda had learned French language in 1903-1905, when he voluntary lived in Europe for more than two years. Dehkhoda was one of the main journalist and intellectual in the age of Constitutional Revolution. He also developed the first “Persian to Persian Dictionary”, that Iranians call it “Dehkhoda Dictionary”. In the recent decades we had have just two or three real intellects. “Ahmad Shamlou“, 1925?-2000, could be one of them. He was a great poet and also an outspoken critic of the Mullah and the Islamic regime. Some fake intellectuals like Al Ahamd, Shariati, etc. were really stupid. They were Islamists and the stupid ideologue of the f-u-c-k-ing Islamic revolution.

Hatam Ghaderi” is a real alive intellect in Iran. In fact, we don’t know any other known Iranians, inside or outside Iran, that could be a real alive intellect. Of course hundreds of unknown young intellects live inside and outside Iran, but the known Iranians are not real intellects, and 99% of them are fake intellectuals. “Hatam Ghaderi” is really an exception. He teaches political science in Tarbiat Modares University, and is the only well-known critic of Mousavi and the Islamist reformists. He was a critic of stupid Khatami in his eight year of presidency, too. We have discussed the Iranian matter with him, and he is really open-minded and free of typical Iranian foolishness. If Iran had just hundreds of well-known intellects like “Hatam Ghaderi“, the Green Movement would achieved victory in 2009. Unfortunately many Iranians that call themselves, or being called, “intellectuals” are really opportunists and fake intellectuals. Unfortunately 99 percent of known Iranian Intellectuals, are a bunch of hypocrite opportunists, or as Iranians say, are a bunch of stupid Khayemal !

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