The US Economic Crisis

April 4, 2011

In Nowruz 1390, the state TV showed I.O.U.S.A (2008) . This documentary movie is about American National Debt . As we said before the main concern of American authorities and American lunatic lefts for international intervention in Libya, is the economy and the money . In fact, the US economic crisis is very very serious. I.O.U.S.A. says: “ Wake up America! We’re on the brink of a financial meltdown ” I.O.U.S.A. boldly examines the rapidly growing national debt and its consequences for the US and its citizens. All the people around the world and all American citizens should see it. This movie could be an answer to all questions about the roots of the current US economic crisis. In fact, the US economic crisis is more deeper and more serious than we thought before.

The U.S. National Debt Clock , by Ed Hall, is a very interesting tool. It shows us that the U.S. National Debt is near $14 trillion !! now. The estimated population of the US is 310 million, so each citizen’s share of this debt is near $45,000! In 2005, each citizen’s share of the debt was near $27,500 ; And in 2000, it was near $19,000. In fact, Mr. bin Bush fucked the US economy so badly. Bush tax cuts, i.e. Huge tax cuts (that mostly were of benefit to wealthy Americans), War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a dozen of dreadful decisions, f-u-c-k-ed the US economy so badly. The US National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Ed Hall has published some helpful facts about the characteristic of the U.S. National Debt he says: “In 1998, over 40% of National Debt, was owed to the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the US. The remaining 60% of the Debt was privately held by individuals, corporations, states, and foreign governments. As of November 2007, Japan ($580 billion), China ($390 billion) and the UK ($320 billion) are the biggest foreign holders of our Debt. The National Debt is the total amount of money owed by the government. And the federal budget deficit is the yearly amount by which spending exceeds revenue. Add up all the deficits (and subtract those few budget surpluses we’ve had) for the past 200+ years and you’ll get the current National Debt. The National Debt on January 1st 1791 was just $75 million dollars. Today, it rises by that amount every hour or so. On October 18th 2005, the Outstanding Public Debt rose to
$8,003,897,406,911, the first time it had risen above $8 trillion” And as of October 2010, China ($900 billion), Japan ($870 billion), and the UK ($470 billion) are the biggest foreign holders of the US Debt.

Jim L. Riley has a good article about the US National Debt ; He says: ” As a nation and society we simply cannot sustain our existing system of spending beyond our means. Moreover, the problems resulting from the retirement of the so-called “baby boom” generation (those born during the period of 1946- 1964; some 70+ million) coupled with expansions of entitlement programs, particularly in the health care arena , become more unmanageable and catastrophic in their consequences as time passes with no effective action to bring government and private finances into the realm of fiscal responsibility. In 2009, the debut of the national government was in excess of $12 trillion Depending on which economic prognosticator one chooses, the projections are that by 2020 the national government, will have incurred a debt equal or in excessive of the entire gross national product of the nation The impact this will have on interest rates, the value of the dollar and ultimately the vitality of the nation is fearful in the extreme. If the current trajectory of deficit spending is not reversed, eventually the interest on the national debt would exceed the GDP . Obviously this development would never be reached because as the event was a looming inevitability the entire financial, social, economic, political fabric of the nation would be torn asunder. ”

The President’s budget request for 2010 totals $3.5 trillion. The main items of the US Federal Spending in FY 2010 are as follow: Medicare & Medicaid $793 billion (23%), Department of Defense (DoD) $689 billion (20%), Social Security $701 billion (20%), non-defense Discretionary programs $660 billion (19%), and Mandatory programs $416 billion (12%). Discretionary budget authority is established annually by Congress, as opposed to mandatory spending that is required by laws that span multiple years, such as Social Security or Medicare. The military budget of the US during FY 2009 was approximately $683 billion in expenses for the Department of Defense (DoD) and $54 billion for Homeland Security, a total of $737 billion !! . The U.S. defense budget is between 4% to 6% of GDP. The DoD baseline budget, excluding supplemental funding for the wars, has grown from $297 billion in FY2001 to a budgeted $534 billion for FY2010, an 81% increase. It’s really horrible. Non-defense discretionary spending is used to fund the executive departments (e.g., the Department of Education) and independent agencies (e.g., the Environmental Protection Agency), although these do receive a very smaller amount of mandatory funding. For instance, in FY2010 the estimated budget of some non-defense departments and agencies were as follow: Department of Education $47 billion, Department of Veterans Affairs $52 billion, Department of Agriculture $26 billion, Department of Commerce $14 billion, and Environmental Protection Agency $11 billion. When you compare them with the budget of DoD, it’s really shameful. The total deficit for FY 2009 was $1.42 trillion, a $960 billion increase from the 2008 deficit. In fact, the U.S. budget situation has deteriorated significantly since 2001, when the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecast average annual surpluses of approximately $850 billion from 2009–2012. The average deficit forecast in each of those years is now approximately $1.2 trillion. And one of the main causes of all of these economic disasters are Mr. bin Bush’s policies.

The population and the population growth is another problem. The retirement of the baby boom generation was just a distant worry. The Fed predicts that in the next 30 years, the U.S. working-age population will increase about 0.5% a year, compared with 1% now. The percentage of the population over 65 will rise from less than 13% to about 20% by 2030. Spending on Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid health care for the poor and interest on the federal debt, could zoom from 8% of the economy to 21% by 2075, according to the CBO. In fact, it’s a global problem and China and India with a population more than 1 billion, would have a very tragic situation in the 21st century. Iran has the same problem, too. In fact, the world population is really a worrying matter and we would write more about it later. Now Iran has 75 million, but in 2050 that would be 100 million, while the Iranian gas, oil, water, woods and other natural resources would be totally fucked up until that time. In fact, the Mullah and Mr. shit have fucked the Iranian economy and environment so badly, maybe worst than what Mr. bin Bush and Neocons did in the US. As we said before, Iranians are paid by Toman (1 Toman is 0.001 Dollar), but they should spend Dollar ! And it’s really an Islamic miracle, a Mullah’s miracle The Iranian economic crisis is really worst than the US. We should note that in the US, the critics/protesters could speak and protest, but in Iran the critics/protesters are fucked by Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. Ed Hall has have his National Debt Clock for more than 10 years, but if he had made his Debt Clock in Iran, just after 10 days Khamenei’s dogs/thugs would fucked both him and his clock! In fact, the real difference between Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Syria, Libya, etc, and the US, the West, etc. is the Freedom , i.e. the amount of the freedom. The US and the West are not really free, but the amount of the Freedom there, never ever are not comparable to the East and above-mentioned countries. The Freedom could control the Corruption, and when there is no Freedom, the result is a really huge corruption.

Websites for further reading:

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[3] U.S. Treasury department [4] Federal Spending

Libya, Gaddafi, and the West, 1

April 4, 2011

The tragedy of Libya has revealed a lot of western secrets and scandals. It has showed us behind the scenes, and it’s really helpful to understand the western politics. Lets have a look at one of these shameful secrets and scandals. Gaddafi youngest son, Khamis Gaddafi, 27, was visiting US military schools and weapons makers in January and February 2011! Khamis Gaddafi was in the third week of an “internship”! that took him across the US to hone his leadership skills! Someone with knowledge of his program told CNN his 36-day planned internship began in Houston on January 21, 2011 when he was to meet with officials from AECOM, the global engineering and design company that sponsored the program Since 2008, AECOM has been involved in a multibillion-dollar initiative with Libya to modernize the country’s infrastructure! The next day’s classes in leadership and program management were to be followed by a visit to the Johnson Space Center, a class in traffic and emergency management and a “business dinner” at Willie G’s, a steakhouse and seafood place. Visits with oil company and other business executives were scheduled around lunch at the Coronado Club. On January 29, Gaddafi was scheduled to travel to Los Angeles, where he was to receive a VIP tour of Universal Studios, meet with Silicon Valley and other business leaders there and in San Francisco and then travel to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado Academy spokesman John Van Winkle told CNN that Gaddafi was given “a standard tour” during his visit on February 7. The next morning, he was slated to fly to Chicago for more training with AECOM lawyers on such topics as “global contract management” and “foreign corrupt practices training !!” It was in Chicago that he attended Chopra’s three-day leadership class at the Kellogg School of Business. The author of “The Soul of Leadership” noted to the class the turmoil faced by Hosni Mubarak. “ We were analyzing in the class why Mubarak was going through this and why it would have a ripple effect. He (Gadhafi) was taking notes extensively.” Chopra added, “I purposely didn’t mention his dad because I thought it would be impolite !!!!” Gadhafi next traveled to Washington, where he met with defense contractors, including representatives of Northrop Grumman. On February 16, a day after unrest erupted in his country, Gadhafi traveled to New York for more meetings and meals with business leaders. On February 17, 2011 he cut short his internship, missing out on a planned tour of West Point, his choice of the Broadway shows “Mamma Mia” or “Jersey Boys” and a final leg to Boston for meetings with professors at Harvard University. Instead, he returned to Libya to lead the 32nd Reinforced Brigade against rebel forces

Paul Gennaro, the senior vice president and chief communications officer for AECOM said the company was “shocked and outraged” !! to learn of the young Libyan’s role in his country’s crisis !!!! “We were aware of the student’s family relationship, but we were not informed of any military connection whatsoever” !! he said. The State Department helped facilitate an educational visit to the US this year by Khamis al-Gaddafi, a 27-year-old military commander who became a prominent figure in the violent crackdown against Libyan protesters, according to AECOM that hosted the visit Khamis Gaddafi is the commander of Libya’s 32nd Reinforced Brigade, a special-forces unit that has been heavily involved in the fighting against rebel groups. There have been reports that he died this week from injuries sustained when a Libyan pilot crashed his plane into an army barracks where the commander was staying. The Air Force Academy confirms that a son of Gaddafi visited the school last month during a U.S. tour that included businesses and other schools. The State Department is pushing back against the suggestion it “approved” an internship for Gaddafi’s son. But the company says that the State Department knew about, and approved of the internship. In the uprising, Khamis has been in charge of the “Khamis Brigade,” described by Al Jazeera as the Libyan army’s best trained and equipped elite special forces unit. U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear described the brigade as a “premier force for Colonel Gaddafi”.

Ivory Coast’s Tragedy

April 4, 2011

In February, one of the Ivorian opposition leaders said: “It might not be a Tunisian revolution, it might not be an Egyptian revolution, but it will be a revolution”. In fact, it’s a weaker version of Libyan revolution. The UN has evacuated its civilian staff from its base in Ivory Coast as thousands of rebel troops gather outside Abidjan for what looks set to be a bloody final offensive. Soldiers backing the country’s UN-recognised president, Alassane Ouattara, clashed with forces loyal to the fake president, Laurent Gbagbo, in the country’s main city and former capital, Abidjan. Maybe we could call Ouattara “Ivorian Mousavi” ! and Gbagbo “Ivorian Mr. shit” (Gbagbo in Persion language could be read “Goh ba Goh”! that means “shit with shit” !) Of course it’s a joke, and Ouattara is not like Mousavi. In fact, he is not very decent. UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights had received “unconfirmed but worrying reports” that the pro-Ouattara force “has been committing human rights violations” during the advance toward Abidjan. Red Cross spokeswoman Dorothea Krimitsas said: “ We have information that at least 800 persons were killed on 29 March in Duekoue in intercommunal violence. Our colleagues saw hundreds of bodies. We strongly suspect that was the result of intercommunal violence. Since Monday or so tens of thousands of people have fled the area. ” And in the recent days, Gunfire and the sound of heavy weapons fire rang out across Abidjan as the country’s former rebels pressed an offensive to oust Gbagbo, who is refusing to leave office.

Ivorian Mr. shit and his state TV accused the French of preparing a genocide like that in Rwanda in 1994!!, in which more than 800,000 people were killed. Ivory Coast’s Mr. shit is really like his counterpart in Iran, i.e. Khamenei, a nasty unabashed killer, a shameless liar, and an unrepentant and brutal tyrant. The Ivorian state TV says: “Sarkozy’s men are preparing a Rwandan genocide in Ivory Coast ! Ivorians, let us go out en masse and occupy the streets. Let us stay standing.” France took control of the city’s airport and increased its military presence, fuelling Ivorian Mr. shit’s hostile rhetoric against foreign “occupation”. The Ivory Coast’s situation is really tragic and sepcial, like other undeveloped parts of Africa. The opposition have controlled northern Ivory Coast since a 2002-03 civil war effectively split the country in two. Even in the south, the main city, Abidjan, had plenty of anti-Gbagbo sentiment. While Gaddafi enjoys oil wealth, Ivory Coast’s chief export is cocoa, which has been hit by Ouattara’s call for a trade embargo. Over four months international sanctions have also gradually boxed in the president, shutting down banks, crippling schools and hospitals and fuelling popular demand for change. Meanwhile, Ouattara has clashed with the UN over claims that fighters allied to him had massacred hundreds of civilians, an allegation that threatens to tarnish his credentials as the elected, internationally supported leader. The total number of people killed since the presidential election in November is now more than 1,300. Until now up to 1 million have fled their homes. The true figure is likely to be much higher. Pierre Kraehenbuehl, of the International Committee of the Red Cross said: “Casualty numbers, killed and injured, is running into the thousands. That is our indication.” Ouattara’s fighters now control about 80% of the country, and we hope the Ivorian Mr. shit would be defeated very soon, the Ivorian civil war would be ended very soon, and the Ivorian could have the real democracy and freedom.

The population of the countries that have some sort of unrepentant and brutal tyrants, could show us many things. The western media’s reaction and the lunatic left’s reaction to each of these countries would become more interesting, when we knew their population. Lets have a look at their population: Bahrain 1 million, Gaza Strip 1.5 million, Lebanon 4 million, Libya 6 million, Jordan 6 million, I-s-r-a-e-l 7 million, Tunisia 10 million, Cuba 11 million, Ivory Coast 21 million, Syria 22 million, Yemen 23 million, Saudi Arabia 25 million, Venezuela 27 million, Afghanistan 28 million, Iraq 29 million, Sudan 45 million, Iran 75 million, and Egypt 80 million.