The latest 13-Bedar News, 1390

We have received the supplementary information about the 13-Bedar News :

The regime had censored the real cause of Mr. shit’s death. This was not car accident. Mr. shit dead in a plane crash. The state TV said: “Mr. shit and the civil aviation authorities were going to attend in the seminar “Iran: The Most Safe Aviation Industry in the World” in Kish Island, but unfortunately their plane had some little problems, and so all of them dead in the plane crash.”

After just one day, Khamenei’s office denied what he said yesterday , i.e. he has heard the voice of Iranian revolution. The Khamenei’s office said : Our great leader, our dear leader, did not want to resign and leave you alone. Last night he had not eaten his Poppy essence (Shireh) and said bullshit. Please don’t take it serious. Please always remind yourself that our great and dear leader is not less than Gaddafi.”

Mousavi said that his statements about Khamenei should be interpreted as a opportunity for Islam and Muslims. He said: “When I was in the safe house, they did not torture me. I were free and all I said was from my heart and …. Ah, my heart, my heart, my heaaaaaaart …..” and then he was taken to the hospital by the security forces that wore journalist’s cloth.

– Hugo Chavez says: “Our sacred war against American Capitalists, has just one reason : “Because Khamenei says to me that Imam Zaman, the Mahdi, has come and the second coming of Mahdi has become a reality now. I go to Tehran to visit both him and Jesus Christ.We surely will use our Atom…, excuse me, our Corn bomb. That Corn bomb that Iran built in the Corn factory that I made a joke about it in “South of the Border” movie. God bless Corn and Corn factories.”

David Cameron denied his last statement about Khamenei. He says: “I don’t reject Khamenei’s proposal. Actually I have not seen his proposal until now. Actually I don’t know if there is any proposal. Actually I didn’t have any meeting with Khamenei’s agents in London. I just had a meeting with some Guardian and Telegraph reporters, and some people thought that I had a meeting with Khamenei’s agents. They are Britons; They are not Khamenei’s agents.”

Hillary Clinton said: “Obama’s apology was a joke. He should apologize for what ?? we could write and send any letter or message to any one, to our friends, to any one.” She added: “As you know, I’m so sensitive to lie and telling lie, and that’s why I’m really angry now. It has not any other reason, please don’t invent any gossip about my current anger.”

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