The savage Religious Fanatics

Yesterday, the savage Afghan Muslims killed up to 20 U.N. staff, beheading two foreigners, i.e. the savage Afghans cut their throat. According to Hunffingtonpost, at least eight foreigners were among the dead after attackers took out security guards, burned parts of the UN compound. The attack occurred in Mazar-i-Sharif and the fatalities included 7 UN workers, consisting of 3 civilians and 4 Nepalese security guards from a private firm, as well as 5 of the attackers. Another 24 people were wounded, said Abdul Rauof Taj, security director of Balkh province. Haji Sakhi Mohammad, a businessman in Mazar-e-Sharif, said that the incident began after Friday prayers, when many people joined a protest against the burning of the Quran. People calling “Death to America” marched to the U.N. compound and broke in, he said. One banner carried by protesters said: “No to democracy. We just want Islam

As we said before, the Christian fanatic Terry Jones, has burned copies of the Koran , but what the savage Afghan Muslim did is a very tragic and criminal action. The reaction of ordinary Iranians to this tragic action is very negative and strong. Iranians hate the savage Afghans, i.e. the considerable number of Afghans. Unfortunately these savage Afghans disgrace all Afghan people. The Afghan people, like other nations, have good guys and bad guys, but their bad guys that are the savage Muslim fanatics, are really barbarian. Many Iranians say: “Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam kill us and rape us” But we should not forget that Islam is like Christianity. In the Middle Age, i.e. in the Age of Faith, as Will Durant called it, the Christian fanatics burned a lot of atheists. The Christian fanatics brutally tortured many protesters. In fact, the Christianity’s workbook is at least as dark as Islam’s workbook. There’s no “Biblical Truth”, “Koranic Truth”, or “Jewish Truth”. There’s no significant difference between “radical Islam”, “radical Christianity”, and “radical Judaism”. Shame on all religious fanatics.

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