Nowruz and Travel

The Nowruz’s holidays that has ended, is the season of travel. Most of Nowruz’s travels are domestic travels, to where that Iranians call it “Shomal“, i.e. the North. Shomal is the north part of Iran (the green part in the below map), i.e. the south beach of Caspian Sea. Shomal is very close Tehran (the yellow part in the below map). In the past decade, the foreign travels become more popular among Iranians, but because of difficulty in getting visa, the popular and feasible destinations are Turkey, Dubai, India, Malaysia, or South Africa, that need no visa or Iranians could gain their visa very easily. In fact, the Mullah have fucked the Iran’s image and the Western countries don’t grant visa to the ordinary Iranians. But they grant visa to the Mullah and the regime’s authorities !! easily.


Caspian Sea (both Caspian sea and Mazandaran Sea are Iranian names) is the last part of an ancient sea that had covered the most parts of Iran in the pre-history. The central and western Iran that were the main capitals of the Persian Empire, had a lot of little lakes that were the last parts of the ancient sea inside Iran. In fact the big deserts in central Iran, i.e Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut, are the ancient sea floor and now have not any lake. In the modern times, the most parts of Iran are desert and just Shomal or the north, are green, like Europe. Some people call Shomal “the big Switzerland”.


Shomal, i.e. the provinces Mazandaran, Gilan, and Golestan, have a lot of jungles and natural attractions. NamakAbroud and its famous cable car, Ramsar and its hot springs, its jungle and its green mountains, Abassabad and Kelardasht and its jungles and very beautiful green mountains, Nour and its jungles, Gorgan and its beautiful jungles and green mountains, and a dozen of other very beautiful and lovely places are among the main attractions of Shomal. But unfortunately the beach of Caspian sea has a very tragic story.


Many Iranians prefer to go to Shomal, that have jungle, sea, and mountain. But in the past decade, the Sepah and Basij, and other Islamic plunderers, have ruined a lot of natural resources in Shomal. Many parts of the jungles were destroyed; Many parts of green mountains were destroyed. All all parts of the beach are destroyed now. In the past decade, the Sepah and Basij, and other private and public plunderers, have taken control of all parts of the beach, and now we don’t have any free and public beach in Shomal. It’s really shameful and unacceptable, and makes many Iranians very angry. Many Iranians that are sensitive to the natural resource, including us, can not bear to go to Shomal in the recent years. Seeing the environmental destructions make us really sad, and so the travel becomes very unpleasant. One of main reason for toppling Khamenei’s regime is and should be: “preserving the natural resources of Iran”.


The most parts of Iran are desert. Iran has a serious shortage of water and woods resources. When you look at the Iran’s map, you could see that just Shomal, i.e. the northern Iran, is green. Even Jonoub, i.e. the north beach of the Persian Golf and Oman Sea, is desert. In fact, Shomal is not desert, just because of Alborz mountain range. Alborz keeps the humidity of Caspian sea and makes Shamal green. Alborz also was the historical natural barrier for many attackers to Iran, including Arabs. They could not occupied Shomal, just because of Alborz.


The majority of Iranians, prefer to go to Shomal in Nowruz, but some people go to the other parts of Iran. Ardebil and Tabriz, in the north west of Iran, have some good green parts and some hot springs. The western Iran, i.e. Kurdestan, Lorestan, Chahar Mahal, and Kohgiluyeh provinces have some good natural attractions, too. The central Iran, i.e. Esfahan, Yazd, Qazvin, and Fars have many historical attractions. The Eastern Iran, i.e. Khorasan, is the main religious part of Iran. Mashhad is the city of Imam Reza, i.e. the eight Imam of Shiite Muslims. The religious people go to Mashhad in Nowruz, but in the past decade their number has decreased significantly. The southern Iran, i.e. the north beach of the Persian Golf and Oman sea, is a real tragedy. The south is not only desert, but it keeps the ruin of Iran-Iraq war. The Khamenei’s regime has not rebuilt the south, even after twenty years.


The Mullahs and the Islamic regime not only kill and rape Iranians, but they destroy and ruin all parts of Iranian life and Iranian resources. The Islamic plunderers have destroyed Shoma, Jonoub and all other parts of Iran. They not only plunder our oil and gas resources, but they plunder all our natural resources harshly. For having a better life, for improving their conditions in all aspects of life, Iranians should topple Khamenei and the Islamic fascism very soon. The sooner, the better.

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