Chavez, Oliver Stone, and Iranians

April 1, 2011

Today the state TV, i.e. Khamenei’s TV, showed the Oliver Stone’s South of the Border (2009). This stupid documentary movie that admires Hugo Chavez, showed in “Documentary 4” program in Channel 4. This program has showed some good documentary movies in Nowruz, but today they showed the Oliver Stone’s shit, and Nader Talebzadeh, a Basiji thug that is American citizen and one of the Mullah Mafia in the US, talked about Oliver Stone’s shit with great passion. As we said before, Talebzadeh says bullshit and tells lie about Micheal Moore , but what he says about Oliver Stone, is really right. The sympathetic portrait of Chavez was really shameful. Stone extends his rigorous dichotomy to the film’s structure. Stone clearly didn’t set out to make a documentary but instead he wanted to give his political point of view without any other opinions coming in. Stone clearly wants this film to be a love story to Chavez and Evo Morales. The first half focuses on Chavez, the second on other South American heads of state: Brazil’s Lula da Silva, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Raul Castro. The only missing socialist leader is Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua — a regime whose electoral council outlawed the two main opposition groups from participating in the 2008 election and barred outside observers from monitoring the vote. In fact, the dictators are alike. Standing near a corn-processing factory, Chavez jokes, “This is where we build the Iranian atomic bomb. A corn bomb.” The Hugo
motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez is the real friend and supporter of Khamenei’s regime. In 2009, Mr. shit (AN or AhmadiNejad) said in a private meeting : “Look at Hugo Chavez. He easily changed the Venezuelan Constitution and become himself the lifetime president. We should do the same thing in Iran. We are not less than him. He is a lifetime president, and the international Left support him. They would support us, too if we launch a coup.” And in fact, they supported him and the brutal Islamic regime, and abandoned the Iranian.


“South of the Border” opened in New York City on June 25, 2009, though it’s been showing to South American audiences since late May. Chavez himself attended the premier in Venezuela on May 28. Despite round-the-clock promotion on Venezuelan state television and government-subsidized screenings in the capital of Caracas, local moviegoers have largely stayed away. The film grossed only $18,601 on 20 screens in the 12 days after its June 4 debut, Variety magazine reported/ Meanwhile, the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It” grossed $2.1 million during its recent showing in Venezuela. Stone’s past documentaries include “Comandante” and “Looking for Fidel,” both about former Cuban President Fidel Castro. “South of the Border” flopped in Venezuela, however, in part because of a local cultural tendency to reject excessive flattery , says Ricardo Sucre, a professor of political science at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas. “In the Venezuelan context, excessive flattery generates rejection” he says. In fact, all nations reject flattery; The Iranian strongly reject it, the Venezuelan reject it; Who accept flattery? Who accept the dictatorship? Who accept the tyranny? All people reject it.

A Lifelong President, A Savage dictator

But who is Hugo Chavez that the stupid Stone admired him? Hugo Chavez is a military man and the president of Venezuela since 1999. He is the 1992 military coup leader. He is a stupid and hypocrite populist, like Mr. shit in Iran. Chavez changed the Venezuelan Constitution twice, in 1999, and in 2007. In order to ensure that he took hold in Venezuela, Chavez discussed his wish to stand for re-election when his term ran out in 2013, and spoke of ruling beyond 2030 !!!! Under the 1999 constitution, he could not legally stand for re-election again, and so brought about a referendum to eliminate term limits on 15 February 2009 !!!. Venezuelan voters approved this alteration to the constitution with just 54% in favor, allowing any elected official the chance to try to run indefinitely !! In fact, all dictators all alike. They are lifelong leader or president, like Mubarak, Gaddafi, Khamenei, Castro, Chavez, Ben Ali, Assad, etc. The interesting point is that Chavez is a religious man, too. Chavez said (like Mr. shit and Bush): “Jesus accompanied me in difficult times, in crucial moments. So Jesus Christ is no doubt a historical figure—he was someone who rebelled, an anti-imperialist guy !!! He confronted the Roman Empire!! Because who might think that Jesus was a capitalist?!! No. Judas was the capitalist, for taking the coins! Christ was a revolutionary! He confronted the religious hierarchies. He confronted the economic power of the time. He preferred death in the defense of his humanistic ideals, who fostered change. He is our Jesus Christ” Many Venezuelan opponents of the Chavez regime argued that the new Constitution give Chavez and the Bolivarians too much power, that is totally dictatorial. Opponents also say Chavez’s international crusade against U.S. influence is misguided, and accuse him of ignoring problems at home ranging from rampant crime to corruption. Amnesty International’s 2009 report on Venezuela said: “Attacks on journalists were widespread. Human-rights defenders continued to suffer harassment. Prison conditions provoked hunger strikes in facilities across the country.” The opposition also says that government of Chavez is targeting university students. Some have been jailed under charges of “destabilizing the government,” or “inciting civil war.” Students have launched hunger strikes over the government’s treatment of alleged political prisoners The 2008 Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index rated Venezuela as a “Hybrid Regime”, and as the least democratic state in South America. Venezuela is a country where the political opposition alleges that there are political prisoners. Venezuela’s political opposition complains that the justice system is controlled by the government and is used as a political instrument against Chavez’ opponents. It’s like Khamenei’s regime, Gaddadi’s regime, Assad’s regime, and all other tyrannies


The Military Coup

Chavez is a Military man, and many ordinary people don’t know about it. But do you know about Chavez’s Military Coup? Venezuela saw two coup attempts in 1992; one of which was led by Hugo motherf-u-c-k-e-r Chavez In fact. Chavez that was a General in Venezuelan Army, made a military coup detat in 1992. Initially planned for December, Chavez delayed the MBR-200 coup until the early twilight hours of 4 February 1992. On that date, five army units under Chavez’s command barreled into urban Caracas with the mission of assaulting and overwhelming key military and communications installations throughout the city, including the Miraflores presidential palace, the defense ministry, La Carlota military airport, and the Military Museum. Chavez’s ultimate goal was to intercept and take custody of Perez before he returned to Miraflores from an overseas trip. Chavez held the loyalty of some 10% of Venezuela’s military forces; still, numerous betrayals, defections, errors, and other unforeseen circumstances soon left Chavez and a small group of other rebels completely cut off in the Historical Museum, without any means of conveying orders to their network of spies and collaborators spread throughout Venezuela. Chavez soon gave himself up to the government. He was then allowed to appear on national television to call for all remaining rebel detachments in Venezuela to cease hostilities. In fact, Chavez is really alike his friends, Gaddafi, AN, Khamenei, Castro, etc. Allying himself strongly with the socialist governments of Fidel Castro in Cuba, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa of Ecuador, he has supported Latin American and Caribbean cooperation and was instrumental in setting up the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, i.e. the Bolivarian Dictatorships.

Oliver Stone reaction

The stupid Stone said he didn’t see it necessary to present the opposition’s case in his film !! “A dark side? There’s a dark side to everything. Why do you seek out the dark side when the guy is doing good things?!!!” the stupid Stone asked. “He is a democrat !!! and there is opposition to him, and he’s not perfect. But he is doing tremendous things for Venezuela and the region !!!” The stupid Stone said: ” The press in America, I think you’re aware, has divided the Latin continent into the ‘bad Left’ and the ‘good Left’. They’ve now listed Correa as the bad Left, along with Morales and with Chavez. They call Lula, the good Left. ” If it was true, the press in America are really open-minded and liberals. They are totally right, and Chavez, Morales and Castro and are the real supporters and friends of Khamenei’s regime and Mr. shit, are lifelong president like Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, etc.

Drug use

Stone, himself is a drug users. In 1999, Stone was arrested and pleaded guilty to “alcohol and drug charges.” He was ordered into a rehabilitation program. He was arrested again on the night of May 27, 2005 in Los Angeles for possession of an undisclosed illegal drug. Evo Morales is a drug user, too. Of course his is like Khamenei and just use natural drugs !! He wants to educate people on the differences between coca leaves and cocaine!! In a speech on this issue, he told reporters “I am not a drug trafficker. I am a coca grower. I cultivate coca leaf, which is a natural product. I do not refine (it into) cocaine !!, and neither cocaine nor drugs have ever been part of the Andean culture.” Coca leaf is something like Poppy (Khashkhash) that used for making opium and heroin. Poppy is a natural product as Coca leaf ! In fact, the Evo motherf-u-c-k-e-r Morales is a drug user, like Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, Fidel motherf-u-c-k-er Castro, and Khamenei. Many foreigners don’t know that Khamenei is a drug addict. Khamenei eat Poppy and Poppy essence (Shireh), as Morales eat Coca leaf and Coca essence! It is really interesting that All the dictators are drug addicts. Also the stupid Stone is a drug addict, too. He ate Coca leaf with Evo Morales in “South of the Border”.

Chavez, Stone, and Iran

In an interview with The Times newspaper on July 25, 2010, the stupid Stone claimed that America does not know “the full story” on Iran !!! and complained about Jewish influence in parts of the US media and foreign policy. We have not forgotten that the stupid Stone wanted to make a movie, another version of “South of the Border”, about Mr. Shit. Chavez’s relation with Mr. shit and Khamenei’s regime is totally clear and doesn’t need any more explanation. He has visited Mr. shit near 10 times in Tehran. In “South of Border”, Standing near a corn-processing factory, Chavez jokes, “This is where we build the Iranian atomic bomb. A corn bomb.” And in 2009, Mr. shit (AN or AhmadiNejad) said in a private meeting : “Look at Hugo Chavez. He easily changed the Venezuelan Constitution and become himself the lifetime president. We should do the same thing in Iran. We are not less than him. He is a lifetime president, and the international Left support him. They would support us, too if we launch a coup.”

Nowruz and 13-Bedar

April 1, 2011

The 13-Bedar or Sizdah Bedar, “the Thirteenth [Day] out of doors”, is the name of a ceremony in Persian Culture. Sizdah is the Persian term for thirteen. Leaving the house on the Thirteenth Day of Farvardin, the first month of the Iranian Calendar and the last day of the ancient Nowruz , and joyfully spending the day outdoors have been a national tradition since ancient times in Iran. Sizdah Bedar that is for Getting rid of the Thirteenth!, has been possibly considered as a tradition because ancient Iranians believed the thirteen is an unlucky number, and everybody should get rid of the thirteen. Most of the times (Of course not this year 1390!) Sizdah Bedar coincides with the first day of April, which is known as April Fools’ Day in the Western Culture. Iranians has a special ancient tradition of “Dorogh Sizdah” or “The lie of Thirteen”. In fact, during Sizdah Bedar, some people follow the oldest prank-tradition in the world and play jokes on each other. This has possibly led many men and women to consider that the origin of the April Fools’ Day goes back to the Iranian tradition of Sizdah Bedar. In modern times Iranians head for parks, gardens or country sides, and enjoy their day together in a picnic. On Sizdah Bedar, many big cities in Iran look empty and unpopulated. Sizdeh Bedar gives Iranians a chance to participate a ceremony out in nature singing, dancing, performing many traditional activities, and enjoying the fresh smell of spring. One of the ancient traditions of Sizdah Bedar is the knotting of blades of grass by the young unmarried girls in the hope to marry soon! and expressing their wish and hope for good fortune in life and love. In the past, the young girls weave together fresh herbs, singing as they do so in a low voice: “Sizdah Bedar Saal-e Degar, Khaaneh-ye Showhar, Bacheh Beh Baghal”, that means: “Next Sizdah-Bedar, I hope to be in my husband’s home, and as a lady holding a baby!!” In addition to Iran, Sizdah Bedar is also among the festivals celebrated in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, India, and many other parts of the world.


Nowadays, the young boys and girls usually dance and play traditional and modern games and sports. In fact, everyone seek to spend in the open, in orchard, field or garden, purely in pursuit of pleasure (picnicking, playing games, making music and the like, or just contentedly resting). The ancient Iranians loved joy and happiness and thought that the disappointment and the bad thoughts are coming from the Devil, Ahriman, and the celebrations Sizdah Bedar will cleanse all bad thoughts. Islam and the Islamic clergy, i.e. the Mullah, had and have serious conflicts with Sizdah Bedar and all joyful Iranian traditions. The Mullah even don’t use the name “Sizdah Bedar”, and call it “Nature Day”!!. But “Sizdah Bedar” is always “Sizdah Bedary, and all the main roads, main parks and garden, and all main jungles and mountains are very crowded in 13-Bedar. The traffic is really heavy in Sizdah Bedar, and its one of the main problem of the Sizdah Bedar in Iran. The people should wait some hours in the traffic. At the end of their picnics people throw away the Sabzeh (from the Haft Sinn ). The Sabzeh is supposed to have collected the sickness, pain and ill fate hiding on the path of the family throughout the coming year.


History of 13-Bedar

Like the Iranian New Year, the ancient Nowruz, the tradition of Sizdah Bedar also traces back to the era of legendary king Jamshid who celebrated this outdoor festival together with his people, the Iranians. In fact, the essence of the Sizdah Bedar ceremonies is the enthusiasm to set up a family, lead a happy life and form friendship. By growing sprouts, ancient Iranians expressed their spirit for green environment and seek further divine blessings in the form of rain for their farmlands. Iranians believed that the Demon of Drought was defeated at midday of Sizdah Bedar. They used to sacrifice sheep and cook kebab in the open areas to celebrate victory of the Angel of Rain against the Demon of Drought. Sizdah Bedar has also its roots in the Zoroastrian belief that laughter and joy symbolize the throwing away of all bad thoughts. According to Zoroastrianism, the bad thoughts are coming from the Devil, Ahriman, and the celebrations of New Year and Sizdah Bedar will cleanse all bad thoughts. Avesta, the holy scripture of the Zoroastrian faith, recalls that all those who love purity were responsible for celebrating Sizdah Bedar to help the Angel of Goodness prevail over the earth in the struggle against the Evil and the Devil. Sizdah Berdar is reported to have been celebrated by the Iranians lived on the Iranian Plateau as far back as 536 BC. The people left their houses and went out to funerary places, where they would invite the spirits of their family departed to take pleasure as their guests in feasting and merry making.


In Sizdah Bedar, the Iranians eat “Ajil”, “Ash Reshte” and other Iranian foods for Nowruz , like “Cholo Kebeb”, and “Ab-Goosht”, and many other modern and traditional Iranian foods . The Nowruz ceremonies end on the thirteenth day of the Fardavin, and the working days of the new year begins on the 14th day of the month.

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