Siamak Pourzand’s Tragedy

April 30, 2011

Siamak Pourzand, an Iranian political prisoner that was under house arrest and banned from leaving Iran, died yesterday at 80. Siamak Pourzand was a journalist, film critic, and cultural commentator for the reformist newspapers that have been shut down. Siamak Pourzand has been in jail since 2001. His daughter, Azadeh Purzand, visited her father in January 2005. She went to Iran with great fear, and despite facing many difficulties, she saw her father. Azadeh Purzand has published a letter to her late father in her website : “A letter to my beloved father, Siamak Pourzand, whose precious heart stopped beating in Tehran tonight (April 29, 2011) in a torturous solitude imposed on him by the current rulers of Iran …Your nightmare comes true when you are sitting at a café with your friend, enjoying your drink on a sunny day in Utrecht when your phone rings, you pick up, you hear your sister sobbing and screaming, Dad is now finally free. He is not in their hands anymore. He died, my love. You scream, cry, the world spins around your head. Your friend watches you in disbelief. All of a sudden a beautiful country like the Netherlands becomes hell. You die. You close your eyes, hold your head in your hands and wish to die … I am filled with hatred, with anger, with the exhausting desire to avenge. But, I know I will not avenge… They say that I will not get the chance to even hold his dead body. Apparently, holding your father’s dead body is also against the Islamic revolutionary values … They were able to finally kill you. But I will keep your legacy alive in this world. It is the most important promise I have ever made in my life … I cannot stop my tears. But I know you will finally fly to me tonight and wipe off my tears with your invisible hands; just like 5 years ago when the Islamic Republic let me come and see you for 10 days. Remember how that first night I put my head on your lap and you patted me all night when I cried away all the years of having had you in their hands and secret prisons? You knew and I knew that this was the last time we were seeing each other. But, we pretended that things will change. They never did. But now things will change. Now you will finally fly to me. I will never forget what they did to you. I will never forget how they tortured you with their disgusting hands. This is a promise! I will not let the world forget


In the late 2009, Lily Pourzand, the other daughter of Pourzand, said in an interview : “ My father is no danger to the Islamic Republic; give him permission to leave the country … My father expressed deep stress and uncomfortable, scattered agitation on the telephone and we didnt know what to do, until two weeks ago, with the deterioration of his condition, he was first taken to a clinic and from there transferred to the hospital … My father prefers to stay in this hospital because we have doctors and friends working there and they help greatly; however, unfortunately this help has not had any effect and Father has not eaten at all since last week, and since five days ago, he has cut off his telephone communication with his family and however much we beg, he only says I cant talk and hangs up … My father is also refusing to accept or speak to friends and acquaintances and this illustrates how this journalist is giving up on life and has washed his hands of everything that has to do with life … With the condition that my father is in, it is extremely urgent that he get permission to fly out immediately, as it is possible that if he is given an exit visa and his passport [which had been confiscated] his mental state may greatly improve, and our wish is that he be allowed to leave the country and be with his children and family for some time … The only chance for renewing any sense of hope in life for him is to get him permission to leave the country and see his family; my father, in his condition, poses absolutely no danger to the Islamic Republic that would cause them to deny him permission … Both during the Khatami administration and over the past four years we have several times directly and indirectly written letters to various organs and individuals, even begging, that they provide us with letters of clemency so that we may go see our father and take care of him. My mother has even personally written a letter to Mr. shit making this request but to date they have given us no answer; for each of us, returning to Iran is tantamount to risking being detained and put in some secret facility, and we cant take anything more like that. My mother went to prison and developed cancer, and my father too has been afflicted as you see … When my father was transferred from jail to the hospital and then home [in 2004], my sister, Azadeh, went to Iran to be at his side, and of course at that time when Khatami was the president, we were able via various intermediaries to gain promises of clemency for her to travel to Iran. They said to us that it was only on condition that she leave Iran within ten days and Azadeh still went, but unfortunately, she, who was no older than 19 years, was interrogated and harassed … Azadeh was interrogated for hours, and she later said that she had lost hope of returning [to America].

In 2006, Mehrangiz Kar, Siamak Pourzand’s wife, published a amnesty international’s report on Siamak Pourzand in her website : ” Siamak Pourzand, Head of Majmue-ye Farhangi-ye Honari-ye Tehran (The Tehran Artistic and Cultural Centre), is a prisoner of conscience. He is serving an 11 year sentence imposed after a grossly unfair and politically motivated trial in connection with oral statements he allegedly made about Irans political leaders … He has urgent medical requirements for which he recently started to receive specialist care. It remains to be seen whether this will be adequate. Amnesty International (AI) is calling for his immediate and unconditional release with a view to a full review of the charges and sentence he faced. On 24 November 2001, Siamak Pourzand was arrested in central Tehran, at around 9 oclock in the evening. He had just left his sisters apartment . The family initially thought that he had “disappeared” as there was no official acknowledgement that he had been detained. In December 2001 one of his sisters, Mahin Pourzand, was requested to bring a change of clothes for him to an office of the Edare-ye Amaken, or Bureau of Premises. The Edare-ye Amaken is reportedly responsible for the enforcement of accepted moral codes in places of work and other offices. When she asked where her brother was held and what he had been charged with, she was told that it was none of her business. In January 2002, his sister was permitted to meet with him for the first time at the Edare-ye Amaken. The meeting lasted 10 minutes and Siamak Pourzand, who arrived by car from an unknown location, appeared afraid and weak. No further information about his whereabouts was disclosed until 16 May 2002, when according to a report, Siamak Pourzand was transferred to Evin Prison … In a televised “confession” broadcast by the state media on 25 July 2002, he reportedly looked frail and seemed to have lost at least 30 kg. He also “confessed” to a range of accusations including “having links with monarchists and counter-revolutionaries”, “spying and undermining state security” and “creating disillusionment among young people”. Siamak Pourzand was temporarily released from prison on 30 November 2002 due to his poor health. During his release, he stayed at his sisters residence where he confirmed that he was detained in solitary confinement in an unknown prison. In March 2003, Siamak Pourzand was sent to Evin Prison … Around May 2003, Siamak Pourzand wrote to the Head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi, explaining his medical condition. Attached to his letter were reports supporting his need for an operation. These reports were supported by doctors working for the judiciary. According to a diagnosis given on 30 July 2003 at Khomeini Hospital in Teheran Siamak Pourzand is suffering from spinal stenosis (a condition in which the spinal canal narrows and pinches the spinal cord and nerve root, possibly leading to paralysis) which requires a surgical intervention. He is unable to walk and to attend to his “daily needs” … In March 2004, Siamak Pourzand reportedly suffered a heart attack that left him in a coma. He was not treated until another prisoner, the lawyer and human rights defender Nasser Zarafshan went to the prison medical facility and insisted that someone examine him . Siamak Pourzand was taken to Tehrans Modarres Hospital for treatment and after 36 hours in a coma he regained consciousness … he was chained to his bed by his feet and denied family visits.”

Siamak Pourzand’s case can show us the real face of Islam and Muslims, and the real face of Khamenei’s regime. Shame on “Naive Chomsky” and stupid lefts that defend this brutal savage regime. Shame on them all.

The stupid Royal Wedding

April 30, 2011

In the recent days, the British media have focused on a royal wedding of the British royal family. It’s so ridiculous that in 21st century the people’s money should be spent on the royal family and their shameful traditions. There will surely be nothing better in 2011 than a stupid royal wedding, with all its pageantry, to distract the British public from their economic disaster, and the spending cuts being inflicted on it by Camerons stern chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne. The four day holiday in the UK for the royal wedding, is one of the most ridiculous holidays in the world. Some reports say that the real cost of the stupid royal wedding is more than $100 million. The cost will be paid by the people’s money, not the royal family’s money. The stupid royal traditions surely don’t belong in modern society. In the recent decades the British royal family have not had their traditional influence over local or global policies. The majority of Britons don’t like the Monarchy and the royal family. The struggle between the Monarchy and the British people has a very long story. The Britons were the first people that rebelled against the Monarchy and established a Parliament and a modern constitutional monarchy. Hundreds years of struggle against the Monarchy can not be forgotten by the stupid propaganda about the stupid royal wedding. it is interesting that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited to these stupid wedding, despite John Major and Lady Thatcher being invited, because the Labor party had some clash with the royal family, but the Conservatives are the old friend of the royal family. The dislike and fight against the Monarchy have a very deep historical root in the UK, but these days the media bullshit us again.

CNN alone will have a team of roughly 125 reporters, cameramen and crew assigned to the wedding. The network has 50 people on the ground working on the breaking news in Japan, plus others scattered in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt !!! BBC America General Manager Perry Simon was in a taxicab in London when he first heard about the engagement. He immediately made a call to his programming department. The network declared itself “Home of the Royal Wedding.” Syndicated CBS celebrity shows “The Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight” will broadcast across the street from Buckingham Palace. Only the BBC and British commercial broadcasters ITV and Sky will be allowed to film the procession and the service inside the church. The U.S. and international broadcasters must purchase this stupid show from one of these networks. The stupid American and British media say: “The last royal wedding, between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was the most-watched television event. Thirty years ago, Diana Spencer, traveled from Buckingham Palace to St. Paul’s Cathedral to marry Charles, Prince of Wales. At the time, it was the biggest live television event in history, watched by 750 million viewers world-wide. Compared with the crowd their son is expecting April 29, that’s nothing. An estimated two billion TV viewers will see all or part of the coverage of Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey. Add an expected 400 million for online streaming and radio and the number swells to nearly 35% of the world’s population. An additional 800,000 observers likely will crowd outside Buckingham Palace the day of the event, many of them tweeting and Facebook posting and shooting video with their phones. On a scale of one to 10 in big TV events, this is a 10 plus, plus !!” The world has too much stupid people, or the media tell lie as usual ??! We are not sure that the world has 2 billion foolish. The reports say that 75% of Britons don’t like the royal family and don’t care about them and their news. But the mainstream media bullshit us Shame on them all.

Britons’ comments in the mainstream media are funny: “I’m working and listening to Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow. Nothing to do with the wedding, mind … Perhaps you aren’t aware, but today is the 3rd Annual Save the Frogs Day. Events are occuring across the globe to help save those Frogs, and in Dorset, “We will be having a specially planned Save The Frogs Day Wedding!” … Today is also the 66th anniversary of the nuptials of Fräulein Eva Braun and Herr Adolf Hitler … Huw Edwards just said that the wedding is being broadcast across 5 continents. Does anybody know which of the populated continents isn’t interested?! … No, all eyes aren’t on the wedding. In fact everyone I know doesn’t really give a toss about it … What an utter waste of space this nonsense is, and what an embarrassment Britain is in the world … I care about the wedding so little I logged on especially to tell you all … Have we been told what silly title the Queen will give the couple as a wedding present yet? My money’s on The Duke and Duchess of Scunthorpe … When will we get the divorce news? … I’m trying to find somewhere -anywhere- where I can get through my day without being subjected to this tosh”

Gold Price Crisis in Iran

April 29, 2011

In the recent days, we have had a special crisis in Iran, a Gold price crisis. The Gold price crisis in Iran is the result of two separate crisis, the global economic crisis and the Iranian economic crisis. In fact, Mr. bin Bush’s policies in 2000s, f-u-c-k-ed the global economy, and the gold price increased from near $300 in 2000, to near $1500 in 2011, i.e. near 5 times! And Mr. shit and Khamenei’s policies, from 2005 until now, f-u-c-k-ed the Iranian economy, and the inflation increased from near 12% to near 50%. i.e. more than 5 times! In the recent months, cutting subsidies was a economic disaster. Now the Iranian prices and western prices are almost equal, but there is a huge difference between the Iranian incomes and the western incomes. In the recent months, the global gold price has increased significantly, but the Iranian gold price has a different story.


Gold price in Iran, is calculated by the price of Gold coin. A Gold coin has about 7.3 gram Gold. We know that 1 ounce Gold = 31.1 gram, and each Gold coin has some extra costs, that are considered constant. So the typical formula for calculating the Gold coin price in Iran is :

Gold coin price = [ ($USD per ounce) * (USD to Rial exchange rate) / 4.25 ] + Constant (70,000 Rial)

With official USD to Rial exchange rate (10500) the Gold coin price = [1500 * 10500 / 4.25 ] + 70,000 ~= 3,770,000 Rial. And with black market’s USD to Rial exchange rate (11200) the Gold coin price = [1500 * 11200 / 4.25 ] + 70,000 ~= 4,020,000 Rial. But these days the Gold coin price in Iran is about to 4,400,000 to 4,600,000 Rials !! If we use the reverse formula for calculating the USD to Rial exchange rate, then for current average Gold coin price, the USD to Rial exchange rate = (4,500,000 – 70,000) * 4.25 /1500 = 12550. This means that the current USD to Rial exchange rate, even in black market, is unreal and should increase about 1350 units (Rial) and becomes near 12500. Now the economic climate in Iran is really stormy.

The real USD to Rial exchange rate is much more than 12,500. It’s about 100,000. This real exchange rate, changes both the Iranian prices and the Iranian income, and the monthly average income of a middle class family becomes $100 !, and the price of a typical house becomes $100k. But the real problem of Iranian economy is not “USD to Rial exchange rate”, it’s a serious internal problem that has been created by Mullah’s policy. The Mullahs have f-u-c-ked the economy so badly. An Iranian middle class family, with the average $12,000 salary, should pay 40 times more than its salary to buy an acceptable house in Tehran, that has a price near $500K. But a Canadian middle class family, with the average $45,000 salary, should pay 10 times more than his salary to buy an acceptable house in Toronto, that has a price near $450k. The average inflation rate in Canada is near %2, but the average inflation rate in Iran, is more than %30. In fact, it’s a basic characteristic of the tyranny, especially the religious tyranny, that it f-u-c-k-s all aspects of human life, cultural, economical, environmental, etc.

Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad

April 29, 2011

Again the Venezuelan dictator, the lifelong president, Hugo Chavez, repeated his condemnation of Nato military strikes. “Who gave them the right to do this? It’s crazy. Because they don’t like the leader Gaddafi !!!!, because they want to take Libya’s oil and water. They are throwing bombs everywhere.” In the recent days, Moscow and Beijing said that Nato was trying to assassinate Libya’s dictator !! We are sure that killing the savage Gaddafi is the best solution for ending the massacre and the civil war in Libya. But the dictators support the dictators, and they are the real friend of each other. On Monday Chávez expressed support for Syria’s dictator, Bastard Assad, in the wake of a crackdown on pro-democracy protests that has reportedly left hundreds dead. Venezuela’s dictator blamed “terrorists” for the protests in the Syrian city of Deraa. In fact, all savage and brutal dictators are friends of Venezuela’s dictator, and he strongly supports them. We have not forgotten his bullshits about Gaddafi . And now he said the same bullshits about Bastard Assad. Indeed, he is sure that he and his regime can be the next dictatorship that would be given the taste of civil protests.


“We’ve had enough abuse, wars and invasions directed against third world countries,” said the stupid Chavez. He is the close friends of Mr. shit and Khamenei, that kill and rape Iranians. As we said before, Venezuela’s dictator was the leader of the unsuccessful military coup of 1992. He has changed the Venezuelan Constitution and has become himself the lifetime president . In fact, in order to ensure that he took hold in Venezuela, Chavez spoke of ruling beyond 2030 !! Under the 1999 constitution, he could not legally stand for re-election again, and so brought about a referendum to eliminate term limits in 2009 ! The lunatic and stupid lefts are the real supporters of the dictators, especially Hugo Chavez. They bullshit us about Chavez. But, as we said before, they are blind and ultra-stupid. They don’t know anything about the world history. They know nothing about tyranny. They should be forced to live in Iran, under the religious tyranny. They really don’t deserve what they have.

Obama and Khamenei’s TV

April 28, 2011

On April 26, 2011 the Khamenei’s regime officially approved that the Khamenei’s TV, IRINN or Islamic Republic of Iran News Networks, has an official TV studio in Washington. Some official websites of Khamenei’s regime, like ISNA,,,, etc confirmed this unprecedented event on April 26, 2011 (6 Ordibehesht 1309). Of course, it did not need any official confirmation, because form our first report about this unprecedented event until now IRINN has more than 6 special live programs form its Washington TV studio. The special live program and they call it “Two half hour” (Do Nim Saat), is aired from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in Iran. On April 6, the program was about Libya and the West. On April 9, the program was the Muslims and American Muslims. On April 11, the program was about Libya and American-Africans. On April 18, the program was about Middle East and the Arab Revolutions. On April 20, the program was about human rights in the US ! And yesterday, April 27, the program was about Obama and 2012 election ! The program has have some famous stupid American commentators, like Louise Farrakhan, Gareth Porter, Michael Fletcher (from Washington Post), Clarence Page (from Chicago Tribune), etc. Most of these stupid Americans that work with the Islami-fascist media, are stupid left or stupid American-African. We should officially congratulate Obama and Obama’s administration for this unprecedented job.

IRINN’s TV studio in Washington, officially works for the Mullahs, i.e. the regime that is under American sanctions. But apparently the stupid American sanctions are just for the poor ordinary Iranians, and the Mullahs and their agents in the US and the West, i.e. the Mullah Mafia, could do whatever they want to do. Shame on Obama. Shame on Obama’s administration. Now it’s so obvious that they are the enemy of ordinary Iranians, and the friend of Khamenei and his regime. In fact, Obama is Khamenei’s lover. Obama has send two secret letters to Khamenei , and now he allows Khamenei’s TV to have a TV studio in Washington. These special gifts for Khamenei, are gifts for oppressing, killing, and raping Iranians. Thanks Mr. Barack motherf-u-c-k-er Abu Oumama (Obama). You are the real enemy of Iranians and the real friend and supporter of Khamenei and his regime. The stupid American sanctions are just for the poor ordinary Iranians, not for the Mullahs and Mullah Mafia. The story of Mullah Mafia in the US in very interesting. A terrorist that works at Princeton University. Three Khamenei’s agents that work at Harvard University, etc . And now the Khamenei’s TV studio scandal is another sing of the apparent paradox of the West These apparent paradoxes could show us that : “The war between the Mullahs and the West, is a phony war, a fake war.” The stupid lefts say that Khamenei’s TV is press. Some of them are dumb, and some of them pretend ignorance; they know about our important historical answer .

Shame on Obama. Shame on Mr. Barack Hussein Abu Oumama (Obama).

The UN and Syrian Dictator

April 28, 2011

The UN Security Council failed to agree on a western statement condemning Syrian violence against peaceful protesters, with Russia saying security forces were also killed !! and the actions don’t threaten international peace !! Until now, more than 500 Syrian people were killed by the Syrian dictator’s dogs/thugs, and the Syrian dictator, Bastad Assad, has used tanks and snipers for killing innocent Syrian protesters. China and India called for political dialogue and peaceful resolution of the crisis, with no mention of condemnation. And Lebanon’s UN Ambasador stressed the country’s special relationship with Syria, saying “the hearts and minds” of the Lebanese people are with the Syrian people and are supporting Bastard Assad’s lifting of the state of emergency and reforms! France, Britain, Germany and Portugal circulated a draft media statement on Monday calling for the 15-member council to condemn the violence. But during consultations Wednesday afternoon, several members were opposed so at the request of the Europeans and the UN the Security Council then moved into open session to hear a briefing from the UN political chief and statements from council members. The Syrian ambassador blamed the violence on “extremist groups !! whose fundamental objective is clearly the fall of the Syrian government” and said law enforcement had acted with the “utmost restraint” to prevent the killing of civilians !!. He waved a list of 51 members of the armed forces he said were killed “by armed gangs.” !!! US Ambassador Susan Rice truly said that Syria “casts blame on outsiders” instead of responding to legitimate calls for reforms from the Syrian people. She reiterated that Iran is supporting the Syrian crackdown using “the same brutal tactics” it did against its own people. It’s totally true. The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, is a close friend and follower of Khamenei, and both of them are the enemy of humanity and human rights. Along with Gaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Putin, Bashir, etc, they are the number one enemy of human beings. But the UN can not do anything about them. The UN should change and the international community should think more about a new structure for a new world, a world without the classic tyrants and dictators.

British Universities = Corruption

April 28, 2011

The UK has the most corrupt universities in the West. And when a country has the most corrupt universities, it automatically is the most corrupt country. In the recent months we had the story of Gaddafi and British universities (the embarrassing disclosure over connections between a British university and an authoritarian Arab regime follows the row that engulfed the London School of Economics over its links with Gaddafi’s regime, etc ). The story of Rafsanjani and Oxford university showed us that how corrupt are the prestigious British universities. And now, a prestigious British university, The University of St Andrews, where Prince William and Kate Middleton studied, has received more than £100,000 in funding for its centre for Syrian studies with the assistance of Syria’s ambassador to the UK, Sami Khiyami. The university’s association with the Assad regime has come under scrutiny in the wake of the violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Syria which is estimated to more than 500 lives so far. In addition to Khiyami, who the Foreign Office confirmed had been invited to the royal wedding, the center’s board of advisers also boasts figures closely associated with the Damascus regime, including Fawaz Akhras, the charismatic British-based cardiologist who is not only Bastard Assad’s father-in-law, but also acts as a gatekeeper for the family, screening British journalists before they are granted an interview with his daughter Asma al-Assad or his son-in-law. A British MP said he found it astonishing that St Andrews had not mentioned the relationship with Syria in response to a freedom of information request he submitted about donations from the Middle East or Africa since 2000. Robin Simcox, who studied foreign funding of universities in a report for the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “Universities take this money claiming they’re going to break down walls and open relations. What they end up doing is colluding with murderous family-run regimes. These universities have got it wrong. With the likes of Gaddafi, they say the people they’re taking money from are reformers. They’re not reformers !!!, they’re tyrants”

The British universities are the most corrupt universities in the West, and American universities are their rivals. What can you expect from these corrupt systems? Could they help the poor oppressed nations? They are certainly the main supporter of the tyrants and oppressors. Shame on them all.

1000% increase in Post’s prices

April 28, 2011

In the recent days, the post corporation of the Islamic regime has increased the cost of its shitty postal services by 1000% !!! If DHL or other international postal services can work inside Iran, and can perform local postal services, their costs certainly will be less than the costs of the Islamic postal service! And it’s another Islamic miracle of the Islamic regime. As we said before, the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, but there is a huge difference between Iranian incomes and Canadian incomes . This Islamic miracle is really the biggest miracle of the modern history. The price of postal services have increased 1000%, could you believe this? DHL and other foreign corporations can not work inside Iran, and they have many limits. In fact, the Islamic regime has a public monopoly on Post, Telephone, Internet, Car industry, Electricity, Water, Gas, Oil, Petrol, Wheat, Gold, Dollar, Banks, and many other vital Industries and services in Iran. The DHL’s costs for Iran is more than their average costs for other countries, and its reason is “the international sanctions against Iran”! In fact, the stupid West has imposed sanction on the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullahs make secret deals with the West. Shame on stupid Western politicians.

In the recent days, the Mullahs have increased the prices again. The price of postal services have increased 1000%, and the price of bread, a basic food for all Iranians, has increased 25% again . Shame on Islam and Muslims. Shame on these Islamic miracles ! Apparently the Mullahs are in a hurry to topple their Islamic regime! Now 99% of Iranians are sure that the Islamic regime would be toppled in the near future. But the Iranian big bang need coordinating. The most urgent needs of Iranians are “an acceptable Alternative” and “an active non-Islamic coordinator group”. A web 2 website that reflects the real voice of Iranians, should be created ASAP. If we were outside Iran, we certainly would create this vital website. But doing this critical job from Inside Iran is almost impossible. The Iranian Expats should do something. Are all Iranian expats are stupid Monarchists or stupid Rajavists? Some Iranian expats could create this vital service very easily, and then the content, i.e. the news, the plans, the articles, etc could be provided by Iranians inside Iran. It’s quite feasible, but the main problem is “finding some Iranian exapts that are not Monarchist, Rajavit, Marxist, Islamist, greedy and selfish.” They should be a little honest, educated, and responsible. That’s all. But could this kind of normal Iranians be found outside Iran?! It’s the critical question, and we are not sure about the answer.

Obama Spending Cuts Plan

April 27, 2011

In the recent weeks, Obama proposed $4tn spending cuts to tackle deficit. Obama’s 12-year plan to reduce budget deficit includes curbs on defense spending and Medicare reforms. In fact, Obama has set the stage for a new and bigger budget showdown with the Republicans, proposing a staggering $4 trillion aimed at reducing America’s runaway deficit. As we said before, the size of the deficit, $14tn, is one of the biggest political issues in the US, especially with the country in hock to China, which has accumulated a hoard of dollars Obama set out his proposals in a speech at George Washington University in DC, and blamed Bush for the deficit. He said it has been known for decades that the baby boomers reaching retirement age would put a strain on health and social security at this time. Bill Clinton had left a balanced budget and the burgeoning deficit had been a consequence of the Bush era, Obama said. “We increased spending dramatically for two wars and an expensive prescription drug program, but we didn’t pay for any of this new spending. Instead, we made the problem worse with trillions of dollars in unpaid-for tax cuts: tax cuts that went to every millionaire and billionaire in the country ; tax cuts that will force us to borrow an average of $500bn every year over the next decade … By the end of this decade, the interest we owe on our debt could rise to nearly $1tn …” he said. The Republicans, who have a majority in the House of
Representatives, are scheduled to pass a bill later this week to cut $6.2tn over the next decade without raising taxes. But some economists and political scientists also raise what they see as the danger of Republican cuts slowing or even reversing America’s climb out off recession. Thomas Ferguson, professor of politics at the University of Massachusetts, said there was a danger of repeating the mistakes of the Great Depression by chopping spending. “The US would surely take a rather large plunge. They will get Ireland and Greece outcomes. You will crater the US economy if you were to enact the [Republican] bill,” he said. But it has no chance of getting through the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even if it did, Obama could use his presidential veto to block it.

Obama has proposed to tackle the deficit by curbing defence spending and ending tax breaks introduced by George W Bush for wealthy Americans -those earning more than $250,000 a year. It’s good, of course if he could do it. But in a move that will anger the Democratic base, Obama is also suggesting further cuts to come from reforms to Medicaid, which provides basic health provision for the poor, and Medicare, which provides healthcare for those over 65. It’s not good. Obama is proposing to cut about $2tn from spending, much of it from defense and health. He promised he would not cut health provision but would look at reducing the cost of prescription drugs and introduce incentives to encourage preventive medicine. He hopes to save another $1tn by lowering interest payments on the federal debt. The final $1tn would come from ending tax breaks for those earning more than $250,000 a year, which date back to the Bush era. But that $1tn cuts form Health and Medicare-Medicaid could be provided by more cuts form Defense, and more tax on those earning more than $250,000 a year. Those earning more than $1,000,000 a year should pay the cost of problems that they have caused. The Republicans say that the tax rate for all people should be equal; It’s free market, and all people, rich and poor, are equal. But it’s really paradoxical. The rich people imposed many burdens on the society. Many of them have factories that pollute the air, water, and environment. In fact, the rich people pollute the environment more than the poor people, and they should pay extra tax for damaging the environment. The rich people often do a lot of illegal activities to earn more money, but these illegal activities impose serious financial and non-financial burdens on the society. The majority of rich people, not only exploit the poor workers, but they bribe the dishonest lawyers and the dishonest politicians and legislators, and then the consequence of their acts would fuck the whole economic and social situation. It has a long story in the US history. But just take look at the current economic crisis, the mortgage crisis. Some groups of rich people f-u-c-k-ed the whole economic conditions, but these troublemakers are still free and live a life of luxury. They enjoy the luxury of hit and run.

Khamenei and Mr. shit

April 27, 2011

In the recent days, The last play of Khamenei have had more shitty Acts. Mr. shit has sulked! He is furious with Khamenei for Moslehi’s case. He doesn’t attend the cabinet meetings. He has threatened that he resigns. And the Islamic parliament (Majles) has threatened him with interpellation. Now we want to take a look at these new acts:

Act 8 : Inside Mr. shit’s Office

Mashaee: “As your right-hand man, I should say that we are aware of eavesdropping in our office, but Keyhan and Majles think that we are idiot.” Mr. shit: “Yes I know. Agha (Khamenei) manipulated us. We manipulate all people in this system, but now Agha manipulated us! shit. But we are not like Shariatmadari, and Agha should be aware of that.” Mashaee: “Agha (Khamenei) is nasty and smart Mullah, we should not underestimate him.” Mr. shit: “We should use new tactics. Sulk, threat, resignation, xxx plan, etc” Mashaee: “yes, xxx plan, I forgot it. ha ha, it’s cool”.

Act 9 : Inside Khamenei’s Office

Moslehi: “Agha, Mr. shit don’t invite me to the party, excuse me, to the cabinet meeting. What did you say to him in your private meeting” Khamenei: “Nasty boy. But don’t worry, today I have a good plan for him. Yesterday, he said that he accept you, and I said that he is my love. But apparently both of us are very honest about our feelings. Today I have a surprise for him in my public speech.” Moslehi: “Agha, what do you want to say? tell me now, please, please, please …”. Khamenei: “Don’t be stupid. Just wait and see. But … OK … I tell you. I want to surprise Mr. shit and treat him as he treated you, i.e. “Oh, you are my dear friend, you are my dear follower, I love you … but in fact we want to f-u-c-k him so badly” Moslehi: “Oh, God. I love you Agha”.

Act 10 : Inside Mr. shit’s Office

Mr. shit: “Did you hear Agha’s speech?” Mashaee: “Yes, he bullshitted us again.” Mr. shit: “He wants to get rid of us. But he could not abandon us. Apparently he did not use his poppy’s essence yesterday. He has forgotten that he was our our leader and our main supporter in killing and raping the people” Mashee: “Yes, but he knows that. And that’s why he can not threaten us seriously.” Mr. shit: “Now we should f-u-c-k the stupid leader. He could be sure that we don’t leave him alone. Do you hear me eavesdroppers ?!!” Mashaee: “Yes, Agha made his big decision in 2009, when he supported us. Now it’s a win-win situation for us, but he just could lose. Do you hear me eavesdroppers ?!!” Mr. shit: “yes, it’s a win-win situation for us, not for him. Do you hear me eavesdroppers ?!!”


Act 11 : Inside Khamenei’s Office

Moslehi: “Mr. shit doesn’t talk to me, even after your private meeting and your public speech.” Khamenei: “Why do you want to talk to him, idiot?” Moslehi: “Because I should go to the cabinet” Khamenei: “There is no need for you to go to the cabinet. You can play with your toys here, I mean you can do your critical job here, in my office.” Moslehi: “But, it’s not a solution. It seems more like we want to remove the problem” Khamenei: “Yes, we should endure the pain. We f-u-c-k ourselves in 2009, and now we must endure the pain in our ass for a while.” Moslehi: “But when we want to show him who is the boss? ” Khamenei: “Very soon, but it’s not very simple” Moslehi: “why? you are the god’s agent on the earth” Khamenei: “yes, but even god has its own limits. It’s god’s order that we should endure the pain in our ass for a while. But I have some new plans for this nasty boy, and Keyhan shows you the new plans”

Act 12 : Inside Keyhan’s Office

Shariatmadari: “Oh, god, where is my drugs?” Ali: “You have done a lot of drugs, I’ve hidden them.” Shariatmadari: “Don’t be stupid Ali, I need them seriously, you know the current situation … I need more drugs.” Ali: “If you do a lot of drugs, you would die.” Shariatmadari: “The death is better than this shitty life. Agha is not as strong as before. One day he says we should f-u-c-k Mr. shit immediately; one day he says that we should endure the pain in our ass; one day he says we should postpone our plans; I know that I should not say these things to you, but you know, I really need the drugs” Ali: “yes, you badly need more drugs”

Act 13 : Inside Mr. shit’s Office

Mashaee: “Agha’s office and Keyhan threaten us and we should give them an ultimatum.” Mr. shit: “They should know that we are not the only victim of this new game.” Mashaee: “We are in a huff now, but what should we do after that?” Mr. shit: “They want to get rid of us. But they can not justify the bloodbath of 2009. Now the people know who is the boss and it’s good for us. They can not simply get rid of us and manipulate the people. We should make use of this weak point.” Mashaee: “I’m sure that the people would f-u-c-k Khatami or Hassan Khomeini or other stupid Islamist reformists, and Agha can not play as before.” Mr. shit: “yes, they see us as the pain in their ass, but we are their fatal pain, their last pain. We should win or the whole system would lose” Mashaee: “it’s so obvious, they have not any other choice. Now we are not the people’s problem. Agha is the people’s problem” Mr. shit: “Agha burned all his boats in 2009 and 2010. He should know “he is the god’s agent = we have 25 million votes”. Our part in this equation is very important for the whole equation.” Mashaee: “We all know the truth, so don’t be stupid dear majesty. Do you hear me eavesdroppers ?!”

When Footballers become Intellects

April 26, 2011

When the Intellectuals become Khayemal, i.e. kiss the dictator’s ass, or when they become deaf and blind, then Footballers (soccer players) become intellects. In the recent days, Naser Hejazi, a famous ex-footballer in Iran, has said that the Islamic regime has f-u-c-k-ed the Iranian life by cutting subsidies. And it’s the most serious criticism of economic situation in Iran! Hejazi has said: “Last year, I paid $40 for my gas bill, but now I should pay $1000. why? The government says that it pays $40 to each person, but are the Iranian people the beggar? We have oil and gas resources, and if we have a good management, we would be rich. When our best university students leave the country, or when you can get a university degree very easily and with special process, then we can not have any real economist, who can assess the situation. The current economists that work for the system, just manipulate the data and charts and live in an ivory tower. They can not feel the real problems, they can not feel the people’s problems. How can a working class family live in this terrible conditions, with an income less than $500 in a month? I have cancer and I know how expensive is the price of hospital. I’m rich and famous and many people support me financially, and so I can pay my hospital’s bills. But what can do a simple worker, an ordinary Iranian, if s/he becomes ill or gets cancer? S/he should be dead, and s/he has not any other choice. They can arrest me and fire two bullets into my head. But I can not be indifferent to the concerns of Iranians, and I can not see the people’s problems and says nothing. The main cause of our problems is mismanagement. We have a lot of skilled experts, but they can not work with the current system. ”

Unfortunately, 99% of Iranian intellectuals, inside and outside Iran, are stupid Khayemals. And the number of real Iranian intellects is a one digit number! Under these tragic conditions, a stupid footballer becomes an intellectual, and he can say something that is really much more serious and important than intellects’ bullshits. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian celebrities are stupid Khayemals, too. They openly and clearly kiss the Islamic regime’s ass. They sell themselves to the ruling group. They can, at least, shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouths and say nothing, as the minority, but they prefer to sell themselves. The number of Iranian celebrities that criticize the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran, are less than the fingers of one hand. And the bravest Iranian celebrity is Naser Hejazi. Yesterday, Ezat Entezami, an actor, has used Naser Hejazi’s words -of course a very weak version of Naser Hejazi’s words. Naser Hejani has cancer, and Entezami is 87! You know what I mean. But unfortunately, the majority of elderly Iranian celebrities are stupid Khayemals, too. They are like the majority of Iranians, that are Khayemal and hypocrite. It’s really a horrible thing, and no one can deny it. When you live in Iran, 99% of intellects are Khayemal and hypocrite. They sell themselves to the dictator or the foreign powers. They are really the meanest opportunists. When you live in Iran, some one like Naser Hejasi is an intellectual !!

The western intellectualism is like Iranian intellectualism. When some one like “Naive Chomsky” is the greatest western intellectual, needless to say, what you can expect there. We would write more about this important matter later.

Everybody’s Fine ?!

April 26, 2011

The last weekend the state TV showed Everybody’s Fine (2009) stars Robert De Niro. Everybody’s Fine (2009) is really one of best films of 2009. It is a remake of the Giuseppe Tornatore film “Stanno Tutti Bene”(1990). The critics say that this American version is better than the European original, but we have not seen Tornatore’s movie. The censored version that was showed in state TV, did not have many scenes. The original version of Everybody’s Fine (2009) is 100 min, but what we see in the state TV was near 80 min. Of course the main meaning and main plot/story of the movie did not change. Everybody’s Fine (2009) is a story of a widower, Frank Goode (Robert De Niro) with heart trouble, retired from a factory job, proud of having pushed his adult children toward success. Frank decides to surprise his children with a visit. But None are as he imagines or hopes. Will they let him see themselves as they are, and can this dad adapt? It’s the interesting theme and plot of the movie.


The story of the movie is really a global story. We have the same story in Iran, too. Frank Goode has a major investment in his children’s success, And his self-conception is riding on it. A key dialogue of Frank Goode:” [showing photos of his children to a stranger] A million feet of wire to get them where they are today” But as a dad he has not listened to his children. Frank’s children live far apart, and he’s always been told by their late mother -the family’s primary communication hub- that Everybody’s fine and they’re doing well : Amy (Kate Beckinsale) is in advertising, Robert (Sam Rockwell) plays in a symphony, Rosie (Drew Barrymore) follows her showbiz dreams as a dancer in a Las Vegas show, and David (Austin Lysy) is making his way as an artist in Manhattan. But when Frank starts showing up unannounced, the kids look a little uncomfortable, and he becomes more aware of their complicated lives. In fact, “Everybody’s Fine,” show us that in a modern family -American family, Iranian family, etc- some adult children misrepresent their lives or hide from their father major life changes such as divorce, childbirth, drug use, etc. A key dialogue between Frank and his daughter: Rosie: We could just talk to mom. Frank Goode: Oh, but you couldn’t just talk to me? Rosie: Well she was a good listener, you were a good talker. Frank Goode: Well so that’s good, we made a good team.

In the last scenes, Frank has a dream of his kids as young children; in the dream, everyone’s sitting at the table outside. Although his kids are all young again, they’re discussing all of their problems as adults. He knows Amy’s husband has left her for another woman. It’s revealed that Jilly’s baby is actually Rosie’s baby. David, Daddy’s favorite, tells his dad that he can’t tell him where he is. The kids and their mother always kept the unpleasant truth from Frank. While Frank thought he was encouraging his kids, they thought he was pressuring them and would be disappointed in how their lives really turned out. Rosie says: “Dad, like Mom, you should always says “Everybody’s fine”, even if they are not”! He ends up having the heart attack while this dream is occurring. Next scene is in the hospital, where he wakes up in bed with Amy, Robert, and Rosie standing around. Frank tells them that he knows something’s wrong with David and asks what’s going on, and all three children start crying. Kirk Jones, the young director of Everybody’s Fine, could have a great future, if he tries to follow his great path in the future. The path that is the path of some great directors like Robert Altman, Anthony Minghella, Roman Polanski, Todd Field, Giuseppe Tornatore, and Robert Benton.

Sudan and Sudanese Dictator

April 26, 2011

In the recent days, Sudanese dictator, Omar al-Bashir, has said for the first time that he accepts full personal responsibility for the conflict in Darfur that left hundreds of thousands of people dead. The UN estimates up to 300,000 people died and about 2.7 million were internally displaced as a result of fighting between Bashir’s dogs and their Janjaweed militia allies, i.e. Bashir’s thugs, and the separatist rebel groups in Darfur that peaked in 2003-4. Bashir’s dogs say about 10,000 people died and about 70,000 were displaced. An international outcry prompted a UN investigation that led the security council to refer the case to the ICC in 2005. In March 2009 Bashir became the first serving head of state to be indicted by the ICC, on seven counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes Bashir denies all the charges and has refused to surrender to the court. John Prendergast, co-founder of the Enough Project, a leading anti-genocide pressure group based in Washington, dismissed Bashir’s justification of his policy in Darfur. “In my eight trips to Darfur since 2003, the overwhelming evidence demonstrates that a government-sponsored counter-insurgency targeted non-Arab civilian populations by destroying their dwellings, their food stocks, their livestock, their water sources and anything else that would sustain life in Darfur. Three million people have been rendered homeless as a direct result of government policy, not tribal fighting or global warming. ” Prendergast said. Turning to Libya, Bashir criticised the US, Britain and France for their military intervention !!, saying their motives were questionable and their actions risked destabilising Sudan !!! and the wider region !!! Asked how the “Arab spring” uprisings might affect Sudan, where Arabic speakers comprise a large majority of the northern population, Bashir said the small protests calling for increased democracy lacked broad support. “It will not have an impact like what happened in Egypt, Tunisia or even Libya, I don’t think so.” A reform process was already underway !!!! he said.

Darfur is the western part of Sudan, and in the Sudanese referendum of January 2011, the oil-producing south voted to separate from the north. The referendum was promised in a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war in Sudan, but the region has been beset by violence and insecurity since the poll. But Darfur is still part of the territory of Sudan’s dictator. In the recent weeks, the southern army is at war with at least seven rebel militia, and traditional tribal clashes have intensified with the onset of the rainy season, according to the UN, which said more than 800 people have been killed there this year. Analysts have warned that the south risks becoming a failed state and destabilising the region if it cannot control the crisis, with tens of thousands of people displaced by the conflicts affecting nine of its 10 states, the UN said. On Saturday, the army clashed with forces loyal to renegade army commander Gabriel Tang during what was meant to be the reintegration of his forces into southern Sudan’s army, Both said. “We understand that on the side of [Tang’s forces], 55 were killed including five of his generals,” Both told Reuters, saying his information had come from the army. “We don’t have reports of those killed from the army and civilian sides, but the [overall] death toll must be much higher,” he said, adding that the state capital, Malakal, had received 34 wounded soldiers and 43 injured civilians. The clashes happened south of Malakal, just across the border in Jonglei state, Both said. In the neighbouring Unity state, renegade army officer Peter Gadet this week began a sustained assault against army forces, with at least 45 people killed so far, officials said. The southern government accuses the north of sponsoring the militia groups fighting the army. Bashir, the brutal Sudanese dictator is the main problem of Sudan, and when he has the power and refuse to surrender to the court, Sudan would have many serious problems.

Syria, Bahrain, and Iranians

April 25, 2011

More than 300 people have been killed in Syria -including more than 120 on Friday and Saturday since the uprising against Bastard Assad’s regime began five weeks ago, according to rights groups. Friday was the deadliest day since the uprising began with 112 killed, rights groups said. At least 12 mourners have been killed in Syria as pro-democracy protesters buried their dead after the bloodiest day. Two politicians also resigned from parliament in a sign of growing unease at the government’s use of lethal force. But the Mullah’s regime in Iran has shut its f-u-c-k-ing mouth and says nothing about Syria and the Syrian bloodbath. They have focused on Bahrain, and have ignored Syria. The reason is so obvious. The Bahraini protesters are reactionary Muslims that fight for Shari laws, but Syrian protesters are modern and fight for the freedom and democracy. The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, is a close friend and follower of Khamenei. They both kill their own people, and say they have “Fitnah” in Iran and Syria. The state TV of Mullahs are full of the pictures of Bahraini Muslim fanatics, and 1or 2 killed fanatics in the recent days, but they don’t show any pictures of Syrian protesters and 300 Syrian people that were killed in Syria. In fact, they say nothing about Syria and Syrian revolution, absolutely nothing, except repeating Bastard Assad’s bullshits. This shameful hypocrisy and double standard has increased the Iranian hated towards Bahrain, and Bahraini Muslim fanatics.

The Bastard Assad’s tactics are exactly like Khamenei’s tactics. The resident in Douma, the Damascus suburb, said authorities tried to force families of three people killed in protests to sign documents that they were victims of an “armed gang” !! The families refused and hours later the bodies were handed over as tens of thousands of mourners chanted: “he who kills his people is a traitor”. Syrian Protesters now have a new round of chants. “We want the toppling of the regime” said a resident of Ezraa, a small southern town that saw one of the highest death tolls on Friday. “The blood of our martyrs makes this our responsibility now.” But some stupid American and stupid Britons, i.e. stupid lefts and stupid rights, say: “We think the issue in Syria is an internal issue which must be solved by the people themselves. We do not believe this massacres” !!! Shame on these stupid western people. Of course some wise and intellectual Americans and Britons say: “Where is the outrage from the American left and the left in general over the killings of civilians? It appears the left only comes out if American troops can be tagged as having murdered Muslim fanatics. Bashar is finished; maybe not in the short term but eventually the army will lose its stomach to kill unarmed civilians. We in the West should do all we can to bring down the murderous regime of the Assad.”

A open-minded Syrian says: “The Syrian leader is a murderous tyrant. He is killing his own people to keep power. He uses Islamic rules to control the people. In the past the leader was in position under the authority of the Koran. Any questioning of the leader was an attack on the Koran and punishable by death. All schools of Islam rule the death sentence for any who change from Islam, and this extends to any challenger or questioning of Islam. Now people are so oppressed they no longer fear death. They want freedom. Some do not realize freedom is not compatible with Islam. Islam rejects all freedoms. It rules Muslims must obey all the Islamic rules. No challenges are allowed. The rule to kill any ‘apostate’, an individual who chooses another, or no faith. Islam defines all other faiths as inferior. There is no equality. Islam is always superior. There is no individual choice in Islam, all must obey. Sharia law is biased, based on discrimination, wide open to corruption, and run by untrained appointees. It is a disaster. ”

But Bahraini protesters, i.e. Bahraini Muslim fanatics or Bahriani Basijis, want the Islamic rules, the Islamic dictatorship, and the Islamic system. An Iranian says: “When I see the footage of Bahrain in the state TV, I think that I see the picture of Basiji thugs in Iran, but this time Basiji thugs are not oppressor, and they are given the taste of oppression. I really feel a huge surge of relief and happiness, when I watch the footage of state TV, i.e. the pictures of the Bahraini Basijis, that are exactly like Iranian Basijis, but this time they are not oppressor. Bahraini Basijis that have the full support of Khamenei and his Basiji thugs/dogs should be given the taste of oppression, and we are really really happy about it.” And another Iranian says: “Shame on Bahraini Muslim fanatics and shame on Bahraini dictator. We hate the both side of Bahraini civil war. Both of them are really savage and fanatic. It’s like a war between Hitler and Mussolini. We don’t support neither Hitler (Bahraini dictator (king)), not Mussolini (Bahraini Muslin fanatics). Both of them are terrible terrible people. But it’s so obvious that we hate Bahraini Muslim fanatics more, because they are very like Basiji thugs, who kill and rape Iranians. And we are happy to see that the Islamic rapists and the Islamic oppressors are given the taste of oppression.”

Islamists Pigs in Iran

April 25, 2011

Yesterday, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a high-ranking Khamenei’s dog, said: “We should shed more blood, and we need more blood for restoring Islamic veil (Hejad)”. In fact, What we said about the Islamist pigs, was not only a matter of anger or emotional things . It was a real thing, and Ahmad Khatami’s bullshit is further proof of how pig the Islamists are. The Islamist pigs in Iran not only rape and kill Iranians. but they clearly and openly ask for more blood. They want to shed more blood for all Islamic laws, like Islamic veil (Hejab), and other shitty Islamic rules. The Mullahs with blood on their hands, openly say that they want more blood, and they want to shed more blood, but some one like Naive Chomsky defend them and their corrupt system in the name of independence. Shame on Naive Chomsky

Islamist pigs in Iran defend Islamist pigs in Bahrain, a very small island of Persian Gulf. Bahrain is smaller than many cities of Iran, in the terms of geographic size and population. Bahrain is as small as Gaza, and both of them are as small as Qom, a small religious city near Tehran. The tragedy of Bahrain, and the tragedy of Gaza, are as important as the tragedy of Ahvaz, and the tragedy of other small cities of Iran. But the tragedy of Iran, is very very bigger than the tragedy of Bahrain or Gaza. The tragedy of Iran is as big as the tragedy of Europe in the Middle Age. The Muslim fanatics and Muslim pigs, are like Christian fanatics and Christian pigs in the Middle Age. The Church and the priests were like the Mosque and the Mullahs. All medieval things, like the Inquisition, rape, torture, etc, are still alive in Iran and the Mullahs are like the medieval priests. It’s really outrageous that Iranians should be victim of savage Mullahs, but Naive Chomsky and stupid lefts bullshit us about Mullah’s attractions, i.e. medieval attractions !

Hundreds killed in Nigeria

April 25, 2011

More than 500 people were killed in post-election violence in Nigeria last week. President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the south, was declared the winner of the 16 April election, defeating northern Muslim Muhammadu Buhari, the former military ruler . Observers said the vote was the most credible in Nigeria for decades, and world leaders have congratulated Jonathan. But Buhari says the count was rigged, and his supporters have refused to accept defeat. Nigeria is home to more than 250 ethnic groups. The majority of the Muslim population live in the north, while the south is predominantly Christian, although sizeable minorities live in both regions. The results, announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, showed Jonathan had more than 22m votes, compared to around 12m for Buhari. The Muslim dictator of Nigerian, i.e. Buhari is the Nigerian Mr. shit ! But he should look at Ivorian Mr. shit’s destiny, and how the people topple him after six months, and of course after a tragic and unnecessary violence and massacre, that the main responsible of it was the Ivorian dictator, the Ivorian Mr. shit. And now he should be brought to trial.

Churches, mosques, homes and shops in Nigeria were set on fire in the rioting. A military-enforced curfew was declared. More than 40,000 people were displaced by the violence. Nigeria could be another Ivory Coast. But Nigerian is really greater than Ivory Coast and its situation is more complicated. If fact, Nigeria, the great giant of Africa, with the largest population on the continent, i.e. 155 million, is awakening. Like Northern Africa and the Middle East, during the elections last week, Nigerian people wanted their vote to count, for disparities between the rich and poor to be reduced, and for access to education and health care. There are large disparities in access to education and health care for Nigerian girls and women . Improving women access to education and health care are so important, and they are considered as the key elements in building successful, sustainable democracies. We hope Nigeria could get rid of its Muslim fanatics and Christian fanatics very soon, and of course with a low cost.

Khomeini Hospital’s Tragedy

April 24, 2011

Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, threw two poor patients out on the street. These two poor patients had not enough money to pay their hospital’s bills. The health care and health care’s insurance is a real nightmare in Iran. And it’s another miracle of the Islamic regime. The Islamic fascists don’t care to human life and human rights. The staff of Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, took two patients in an Ambulance, and then threw them out on the street, in a Highway’s side. One of the patient was burned in an accident, and the other one had broken legs. It’s the real meaning of Islam and Islamic regime. It’s the real meaning of our tragic situation in Iran. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of this kind of reports and events in Iran, and it’s not a new and surprising thing.


It’s a real moving tragedy, bigger than the f-u-c-k-i-ng tragedies in f-u-c-k-ing Bahrain or f-u-c-k-i-ng Gaza. We and the majority of Iranians are really angry now. We and the majority of Iranians now hate the Islamists that create these f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran. We and the majority of Iranians hate Gaza, Lebanon, Bahrain, i.e. hate their f-u-c-k-ing Islamists, more than before. They love Khamenei’s regime and they have the support of Khamenei’s regime, the real enemy of humanity and human beings. They are pigs, and you should die like pigs. In fact, we should apologize to pigs, because Basijis and Islamists are meaner than pigs. They not only rape and kill the peopel (like Mullah’s case in Iran) , but they slaughter their own children and relatives The Islamists in Bahrain, Gaza, Lebanon, etc are Basiji or Basiji’s lover, and Mullahs support them financially. In fact, they plunder the Iranian Oil money. Basijis and Islamists are rapist, and killer, i.e. they rape and kill protesters, patients, prisoners, poor people and all human beings. They are really meaner than pigs. Shame on Islamist pigs, who rape and kill Iranians. Sham on Islamist pigs, who don’t care to human rights and human life.

McCain or Obama ?

April 24, 2011

U.S. Sen. John McCain, Obama’s rival at 2008 election, called for increased military support for Libya’s rebels Friday, including weapons, training and stepped-up airstrikes. McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the US and other nations should recognize the opposition’s political leadership as the “legitimate voice of the Libyan people.” The White House disagreed. McCain also called the rebels “patriots” with no links to al-Qaida. At a news conference in the rebels’ stronghold of Benghazi in eastern Libya, McCain said he did not believe that the US should send in ground troops, but it should be much more involved in the air campaign and “facilitate” the arming and training of the rebels, much as it armed the Mujahedeen who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. “We need to urgently step up the NATO air campaign to protect Libyan civilians, especially in Misrata,” he said. “We desperately need more close air support and strike assets.” McCain urged the use of combat aircraft more suited for engaging targets in urban areas, such as A-10 Thunderbolts, which are anti-tank planes, and AC-130 gunships, outfitted with heavy weaponry, including cannons, rockets and machine guns. All nations should recognize the opposition’s Transitional National Council as the legitimate voice of the Libyan people, McCain said, and provide it with “every appropriate means of assistance,” including “command and control support, battlefield intelligence, training and weapons.” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the administration disagreed with McCain’s call for recognition of the rebels’ political leadership.

McCain is the highest profile U.S. and Western visitor to meet with the rebels inside the Libya!. He really has the balls. The Libyan council was encouraged by McCain’s visit, said Fathi Baja, the head of the group’s political committee. The members asked McCain to press for greater U.S. involvement in the NATO campaign. “The US started the action strongly. Now people feel that there is some kind of retreat,” he said, expressing a common sentiment in Benghazi. “They want the US to be the leader again.” Some in the West have raised the possibility that Islamic militants may be among the rebels, but McCain said he did not see any evidence of that. “I have met these brave fighters and they are not al-Qaida,” he said. “To the contrary, they are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. “They are my heroes,” he said. However, McCain cautioned that the situation could change if there is a deadlock on the battlefield. “I do worry that if there is a stalemate here, that it could open the door to radical Islamic fundamentalism because of the frustration that thousands and thousands of young people would feel as they are deprived from participating in democracy in the united Libya.” McCain has visited the rebel opposition leadership in its eastern stronghold of Benghazi for an “on the ground assessment” of the situation. And it’s very good and positive. Ha really has the balls, but we are not sure about the brain ! Of course he has said a lot of good things about the poor Libyan fighters, much more better than White House’s bullshits.

The world need a group of leaders that have McCain’s balls and Howard Zinn’s brain. Shame on Obama. Shame on Chomsky. Shame on the stupid lefts. And Shame on stupid rights and any one that doesn’t care to the Libyan tragedy, the greatest tragedy of these days.

Comments: Spam and Policy

April 24, 2011

A reader, UNF, has said that he can see spam comments in our website (but we can not see them). Now we doubt whether it’s true or not. We want to ask you all dear readers that: “Do you see spam comments below our posts/articles ? ” We are sure that spam filtering feature of, Akismet, filter spambot comments and place them in Spam queue. And in this way, no one can see any spam comment. Apparently each one that post a comment, or spam comments, can see it by himself/herself, but others can not see it (maybe they are visible for some minutes, but not longer). But they are theory, and we want a real answer from you, the dear readers: “Do you see spam comments of other people in our websites? ” Please note that put some Ad below the posts, and it’s different from spam comments.

UNF has also said : “your comment moderation policy is so open it approves spambot trolling the blogs to deposit clickbait” There are two main matters here : 1- “Captcha”, and other spam blocking plugins, don’t work in blogs. In fact, it’s WordPress’s policy that the “Plugins” just work in “”, not in “”. So there is no Captcha, and no other Plugins in It seems so bad and should change this stupid restriction. Of course many users/people hate Captcha, but other Plugins are really helpful. In “”, the only spam filter service is “Akismet”, that you could not configure or disable it. It’s really bad that you could not configure “Akismet”. But apparently “Akismet” works with a “white list” policy, and filter almost all comments, with a few exceptions. And our experience show that it works well. 2- We believe in “Open” policy about comments, and any other thing. We believe in Open Society. We think that it’s a good thing that the Internet is different from the real world, and people could have nickname and fake name for themselves. Privacy and Anonymity is very important for us. “Fake names” or “Fake identity” is a very good feature of Cyber Space. In our website people could comments with “fake names”, and it’s very good. “Listing and Thanking all the ridiculous fake names” is ridiculous for UNF and people like him, but for us it’s very meaningful and important. There is no need for us to look at Wikileaks’ story to find the truth about the importance of Privacy and Anonymity. Reading about tyranny, or living under tyranny, could show us the importance of ” Privacy and Anonymity” very easily.

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The Bloodbath in Syria

April 23, 2011

Yesterday, Bastard Assad’s thugs/dogs killed at least 75 people in the bloodiest day of the Syrian Revolution. Amnesty International put the day’s death toll at 75, mirroring reports from witnesses to AP. Bastard Assad’s thugs/dogs fired bullets and tear gas Friday at tens of thousands of protesters across the country. Among the dead were a 70-year-old man and two boys ages 7 and 10, Amnesty International said. In the southern town of Izraa, a man ran carrying the body of a young boy, whose hair was matted with blood from a gaping wound on his head, as another child wept and shouted, “My brother!”. In other towns, protesters scattered for cover from sniper bullets, then dragged corpses through the streets. The death toll was likely to rise, raising fears that there will be an explosion of violence today as relatives bury their dead in funerals that in the past have turned into new protests. Ammar Qurabi, head of Syria’s National Organization for Human Rights, said another 20 people were missing. Friday’s toll was double that of the previous deadliest day of the uprising, on April 8, when 37 were killed around the country. “Bullets started flying over our heads like heavy rain,” said one witness in Izraa, where police opened fire on protesters marching in front of the mayor’s office. The town is located in southern Daraa province where the uprising kicked off in mid-March. Like Iran and Khamenei’s regime, Syria has expelled journalists and restricted access to trouble spots.

Syrian dictator, Batard Assad, is a real friend and follower of Khamenei and his regime. On Friday, the state-run news agency SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) said masked gunmen on motorcycles !! opened fire on the guards of a government office in Izraa, killing eight bystanders. SANA also said two members of the security forces were killed “by armed criminal groups” !! one in the Muadamiya district of Damascus, the other in the Baba Amr district of Homs. Even before Friday prayers, soldiers stopped cars and buses driving into the capital and checked drivers and passengers. Bastard Assad’s tactics and propaganda is exactly like what we have in Iran. They use of mass murder, mass arrest, snipers, and intimidation tactics. Further out in Moadamiyah, a small town about six miles south of Damascus, a huge ring of troops encircled the town. Soldiers took positions on rooftops and outside mosques, while others peered from behind barricades of sandbags and giant tyres. Security forces later opened fire, according to rights groups and witnesses. Before Friday’s violence rights groups had said more than 220 people had been killed since unrest broke out on 18 March in the southern city of Deraa. Now More than 300 people are believed to have been killed since the unrest began six weeks ago. After prayers finished in Deraa yesterday, several thousand protesters gathered chanting anti-Assad slogans. “The Syrian people will not be subjugated. Go away doctor (Assad). We will trample on you and your slaughterous regime” they shouted. Most of Syria’s 23 million people were born or grew up under the strict control of the state of emergency, i.e. 50 years of emergency rule !!!!, which gives the regime a free hand to arrest people without charge, control on the media and eavesdrop on telecommunications.

In Washington, Obama condemned Bastard Assad and said the regime’s “outrageous” use of violence against the protesters must “end now.” . But some western experts say: “For western and regional governments, the key question is a more self-interested one: Is Assad’s fall desirable? The unspoken answer is mostly “No”. The resulting policy may be termed the Syrian sell-out. Unlike Egypt, where the US and Britain definitively took sides in urging Hosni Mubarak to stand down, and unlike Libya, where they have intervened militarily to assist the opposition, Washington and London have taken no concrete steps to bolster the Syrian demonstrators or punish the regime. No sanctions, no asset freezes, no embargos, no aid cuts, no diplomatic disengagement, and certainly no no-fly zone. It’s exactly like Iran’s case and what the US and the West did about Iran and its Islamic-fascist dictator, Khamenei Turkey believes chaos in Syria could revive separatist agitation among the country’s Kurdish minority. I-s-r-a-e-l worries a new Syrian government might push more aggressively for the return of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Saudi Arabia is opposed, in principle, to anything that smacks of democracy. And the EU is Syria’s largest trading partner, and Europe buys Syrian oil, and have a bearing.”

iPhone = Big Brother’s Tool

April 23, 2011

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go. Security researchers have discovered that Apple’s iPhone keeps track of where you go and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner’s computer when the two are synchronised. The file contains the latitude and longitude of the phone’s recorded coordinates along with a timestamp, meaning that anyone who stole the phone or the computer could discover details about the owner’s movements using a simple program. “Apple has made it possible for almost anybody -a jealous spouse, a CIA/Basji agent- with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been,” said Pete Warden, one of the researchers”. Director of the pressure group Privacy International said: “This is a worrying discovery. Location is one of the most sensitive elements in anyone’s life, just think where people go in the evening. The existence of that data creates a real threat to privacy”.

Mobile networks already record phones’ locations, and your location always is available to the police in the West, and to Khamenei’s dogs/thugs in Iran. MPs in 2009 criticized Google for its “Latitude” system, which allowed people to enable their mobile to give out details of their location to trusted contacts. The iPhone system, by contrast, appears to record the data whether or not the user agrees. Apple declined to comment on why the file is created. If someone were to steal an iPhone and “jailbreak” it, giving them direct access to the files it contains, they could extract the location database directly. Alternatively, anyone with direct access to a user’s computer could run the application and see a visualization of their movements.

Apple can legitimately claim that it has permission to collect the data: near the end of the 15,200-word terms and conditions for its iTunes program, used to synchronise with iPhones, iPods and iPads, is an 86-word paragraph about “location-based services”. It says that “Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device. This location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by Apple and our partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services. .”

iPhone is not your phone. It’s Jobb’s phone. It’s Big Brother’s phone. Remember that. This is a major security threat. It should be called the iSpy.

Pollution Crisis in Iran

April 23, 2011

Yesterday was the Earth day, and some Iranians tried to pay attention to the environmental disaster in Iran. Iran is currently burdened with numerous environmental concerns including air pollution, water and soil contamination, the destruction, over-exploitation of natural resources, etc. Except for the water shortage, these problems have been to some degree avoidable and could essentially be blamed on weak governmental organization, industrial mismanagement, systematical destruction, etc. Industrial and urban wastewater runoff has contaminated rivers and coastal waters and threatened drinking water supplies. Wetlands and bodies of fresh water increasingly are being destroyed, and oil and chemical spills have harmed aquatic life in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. The World Bank estimates losses inflicted on Irans economy as a result of deaths (ten thousands per year) caused by air pollution at $1 billion. In fact, diseases resulting from air pollution are killing ten thousands Iranians and are inflicting losses estimated at $1 billion per year. A report by the UN Environment Program ranked Iran at 117th place among 133 countries in terms of environmental indexes. In the recent days, the state TV has showed some programs about the pollution crisis in Gilan, the northern province, that Iranians call it “Shomal”, i.e. the north . Gilan’s forests have been turned to the garbage dumps, and it’s really horrible. Environmental activists say that the whole garbage of Gilan are buried in Saravan Forest and other Gilan’s forests, and their toxic wastewaters leak into the rivers and Anzali Lagoon. For more than 10 years, each day 500 tons garbage have been buried in Saravan Forest. And now it’s full of garbage and the real disaster is visible.


Now many of creatures of Anzali Lagoon and Gilan’s rivers have been extinct. In fact, the Islamic regime has fucked the whole environment of Iran, including its green part, i.e. Shomal. Environmental activists say that the whole wastewaters of Gilan are poured into the rivers, and then go to the Anzali Lagoon. Located in an area of 15,000 hectares near the northern port city of Bandar Anzali in Gilan Province, Anzali Lagoon is one of the few Iranian wetlands which have been registered as an international wetland in the 1975 Ramsar Convention. Wetlands are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems; however, the Anzali Wetland has also been the victim of the authorities neglect, putting it in danger of grave ecological changes. The use of Anzali Wetland’s bank as the city dump and the release of human and industrial waste into the wetland have already put in danger the lives of animal species and at least 100 species of birds living in the area.

The secular Iranian Revolution is a revolution for protecting everything, including protecting environment. The Mullahs are the greatest enemy of environment and natural resources of Iran.

Naive Chomsky = Stupid Lefts’ Leader

April 22, 2011

The great leader of stupid lefts is Noam Chomsky, that we could call him “Naive Chomsky”. Unfortunately the greatest enemy of Iranians is not Obama, Bush, Cameron, Blair, etc, but it’s “Naive Chomsky”. It’s very tragic that “Naive Chomsky” is the greatest supporter of Khamenei’s regime, i.e. the Islamic fascism that kill, rape, and torture Iranians. Naive Chomsky is the number one enemy of Iranians, and the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in the developing world. Yesterday, Huffingtonpost published a Chomsky’s speech that was given in Amsterdam in March 2011 The speech is about “Arab Revolutions” and shows you why we call him “Naive Chomsky”. Lets take a look at the first part of what he has said about Iran: “The U.S. and its Western allies are sure to do whatever they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world. To understand why, it is only necessary to look at the studies of Arab opinion conducted by U.S. polling agencies. Though barely reported !, they are certainly known to planners !. They reveal that by overwhelming majorities, Arabs regard the U.S. and Israel as the major threats they face: the U.S. is so regarded by 90% of Egyptians, in the region generally by over 75%. Some Arabs regard Iran as a threat: 10% !!! Opposition to U.S. policy is so strong that a majority believes that security would be improved if Iran had nuclear weapons !!! in Egypt, 80% … Elite contempt for democracy was revealed dramatically in the reaction to the WikiLeaks exposures. Those that received most attention, with euphoric commentary, were cables reporting that Arabs support the U.S. stand on Iran. The reference was to the ruling dictators. The attitudes of the public were unmentioned !!!… The democracy uprising in the Arab world is sometimes compared to Eastern Europe in 1989, but on dubious grounds. In 1989, the democracy uprising was tolerated by the Russians, and supported by western power in accord with standard doctrine: It plainly conformed to economic and strategic objectives, and was therefore a noble achievement, greatly honored … In Western policymaking circles and political commentary the Iranian threat is considered to pose the greatest danger to world order and hence must be the primary focus of U.S. foreign policy, with Europe trailing along politely. What exactly is the Iranian threat? An authoritative answer is provided by the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence. Reporting on global security last year, they make it clear that the threat is not military . Iran’s military spending is “relatively low compared to the rest of the region,” they conclude!!! … Iran has only “a limited capability to project force beyond its borders !!!” With regard to the nuclear option, “Iran’s nuclear program and its willingness to keep open the possibility of developing nuclear weapons is a central part of its deterrent strategy !!!” The brutal clerical regime is doubtless a threat to its own people, though it hardly outranks U.S. allies in that regard !!!!!!!! . But the threat lies elsewhere, and is ominous indeed. One element is Iran’s potential deterrent capacity, an illegitimate exercise of sovereignty !!! that might interfere with U.S. freedom of action in the region !!!

Now you could understand why Khamenei and his fascist regime love Naive Chomsky. Why Khamenei’s TV works with Naive Chomsky, and why our f-u-c-k-ing world has its current f-u-c-k-ing shape and form. The world should be like this, because its top intellectual is some one like “Naive Chomsky”; Because a lot of stupid lefts, that call themselves “Intellectual”, are among Naive Chomsky’s fans and follow him blindly. When the most famous intellectual of the world is some one like “Naive Chomsky”, then we should not expect better conditions than status quo. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand many vital matters. He can not understand that how dangerous is “the brutal clerical regime” and how it outranks other countries. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that “exercise of sovereignty ” is a joke. In fact, he can not see the apparent paradox of the West and he has forgotten Iran-Contra scandal. He surely has not any explanation for this vital scandal “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that “the potential Islamic deterrent capacity” could f-u-c-k the whole world, and could cause another global nightmare, bigger than Nazism and Fascism. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand the complicated situation between Iran and Arab world. He pretends ignorance of the great hostility between Sunni and Shia in Islam world, a hostility that is greater than the hostility between Catholics and Protestants in Christianity world. He pretends ignorance of the great historical hostility between Persians and Arabs, a hostility that is greater than the historical hostility between Frenchs and Brintons. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand how unreal is the result of “U.S. polling agencies”; Those agencies that in 2009 declared that Mr. shit had the majority in Iran!! And needless to say that a good amount of money from the Mullah Mafia in the US could generate many fake polls. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that Iranian people and their views about Iranian regime are important, not Arab people and their views. Khamenei and his regime kill and rape Iranians, and then Naive Chomsky talks about Arab people’s view about Khamenei’s regime ! Such a blindness and such a stupidity. Naive Chomsky doesn’t talk about Iranian wills. He doesn’t talk about the reality of Iran, Egypt, and Arab world. Iran, 75 million, has a population more than the population of the whole Arab world, except Egypt. And Egypt is not an Arab country, they are an ancient civilization like Iran, and were among the close friends of Iranians. Egypt, like Iran, was invaded by Arabs, and after that Egypt lost its identity, even its language. But Iran and Iranians did not lose their identity, and they kept their language and their own culture. This is the main difference between Iran and Egypt. Egyptian language was not Arabic. Egypt was not a Arab country. But Egypt lost its identity after Islam, while Iran and Iranians kept their own culture. It has a long story and we would write more about it later.

The Mullah’s Advanced Technology

April 22, 2011

Take a look at the following picture. What do you think about it? What is this? Who could guess? It is a picture of a comedy movie? Is it a picture of a children’s play? Is it a picture of a kindergarten? Is it a picture of a funny play? Is it a picture of a science fictional movies of 1950s or 1940s? What is this?


I think 99% of you could not guess the right answers! It’s a picture of the latest advanced technology of the Mullah’s regime. It’s a military vehicle or an Islamic missile (Who knows?! It’s a top secret plan !) that was showed in the Military Achievement Show in Tehran, in the The Islamic Army’s Day. Monday 19 April, was the Islamic Army’s Day, and the above picture is a real picture. The Mullah’s High Tech is very very advanced, like the above picture. Iranians say different things about the above picture: “Maybe it’s an atomic-Islamic missile. Maybe it’s a B-52 plane + an atomic bomb. Maybe the Mullah’s regime wants to send a human, or maybe two humans (the two stupids in the above picture) to the space, and it’s an Islamic shuttle, for sending these two stupids to the space.”

Answer to Readers, 22 Apr

April 22, 2011

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