Mousavi Khamene, Khatami, Karoubi

The full name of Mousavi is “Mir Hossein Mousavi Khamene“. In fact, he is a member of Khamenei’s family . Mousavi’s father that died yesterday, was a member of Khamenei’s extended family, i.e. the leader’s family. In 2009, and before the election, Khamenei visited the Mousavi’s father secretly. Mousavi’s father and Mousavi’s family helped Khamenei a lot, in the Shah’s regime. But after the revolution, when Mousavi was the prime minister of Khomenei’s regime, Khamenei that was the president of Khomeini’s regime, had a lot of serious political and personal conflicts with Mousavi. Mousavi was a left-wing Islamist, but Khamenei was a right-wing Islamist. Mousavi was an ex-member of Islamic Liberals, but he abandoned them after the revolution and joined the Mullah’s party, like Khamenei. It’s just one paradox of Mousavi; He is a relative of Khamenei, knows him better than any other Islamist, but is and was the greatest enemy of Khamenei. In fact, the Islamic regime and the Islamic reformists have a lot of paradoxes.


Khatami is the ultimate of the Islamic Liberalism. He is the most open-minded and liberal Mullah in the world, but he is the most coward Mullah in the world, too. He is a “Yazdi”, i.e. was born and grown up in the city of Yazd. Yazdi people are notorious for being very coward! The dreadful mistakes of Khatami in his eight years’ presidency, imposed huge burdens on the people. Khatami is frightened to death of Khamenei and his dogs/thugs. Khamenei call him “Shah Soltan Hossein”, that is the weakest king in the Persian History. In fact, Khatami’s paradox is that he is a Mullah, the weakest and the most coward Mullah, and of course the most liberal Mullah in Iran. But he is a Mullah. Khatami’s reactions to the bloody coup in the past two years, were really shameful and ridiculous. Of course nobody expect him more. If Khatami wanted to do something, or could do something, he did it in his eight years’ presidency. Khatami was not the right person in 1997, maybe Mousavi was the right person. Khatami wasted the best opportunity to topple Khamenei and the Islamic fascism and this historical mistake will not forgotten.

Another stupid Islamist is Karoubi that Iranians called him “Ghazanfer-e Eslahat” (The idiot of the reformists). He was a stupid, corrupt, and opportunist extremist in the first decade of the Islamic revolution. His role in Saudi Arabia’s massacre of 1987, and his special relations with the widows of victims of Iran-Iraq war in Bonyad Shahid (Martyr Foundation) is undeniable. In the Islamic reform period, Karoubi was one of the greatest bastards and the greatest idiot. The people and students hated him, and he was the main brake pedal of reform in the parliament. His wife, Fatemeh Karoubi, was one of the stupid Islamic fanatic in the past decades. But some Iranians forgot their lessons, and became fans of Karoubi and his wife !

It’s so obvious that with this bunch of stupid Islamists, Iranians could not topple Khamenei and the Islamic fascism. As we said in our open letter to Mousavi , the Islamists and their supporters are so stupid and hypocrite and could not even save Mousavi and his wife. They want to save the Islamic regime, i.e. they don’t want to topple the regime, and merely want to have some stupid and superficial reform. But the majority of Iranians, and especially the majority of the youth, finally have understood that they should leave the stupid Islamists and do their job alone, if they really want to get rid of their dreadful nightmare, i.e. the Islamic fascism.

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