Bastard Assad and Khamenei

March 31, 2011

Bashar Assad, and we call him “Bastard Assad” is a close friend of Khamenei. Both of them are among The Greatest Bastards .Yesterday, Bastard Assad said bullshit again, and Khamenei’s TV showed his speech live! The state TV, or Khamenei’s TV show the fake demonstration of Bastard Assad’s thugs/dogs. In fact, their positions on Syria are the exact opposite of their position on Egypt or Bahrain. Bastard Assad, has blamed foreign conspirators and satellite television channels for two weeks of widespread unrest that has challenged his regime. He said “conspirators” were pushing an “I-s-r-a-e-l-i agenda”! He said changes to governance in Syria could be considered, but only after the country became more stable and economic conditions improved !! He did acknowledge that “mistakes”!! had been made in the southern city of Deraa where security forces shot dead more than 100 unarmed demonstrators. . It shows that he is exactly the Syrian version of Khamenei. The dictators are very alike to each other, and that’s why they are the real friend of each other.

In his rambling 45-minute speech to the National Assembly, Bastard Assad said : “I speak to you at this exceptional moment when events and developments pose a great test to our unity and self denial. It is a test which is repeated every now and then because of the continued conspiracy against this country. Thanks to our will, solidarity, and the will of God that we succeed in
facing it every time in a manner which enhances our strength and pride … We tell the enemies you have only one choice, which is to learn from your failure !!!, while the Syrian people have only the choice of continuing to learn from their successes !!! … our enemies work every day in an organized, systematic and scientific manner in order to undermine Syria’ss stability !! We acknowledge that they had been smart in choosing very sophisticated tools in what they have done; but at the same time we realize that they have been stupid in choosing the country !!! and the people, for such conspiracies do not work with our country or our people !!!! … Syria is facing a great conspiracy !! whose tentacles extend to some nearby countries and far-away countries!, with some inside the country! . This conspiracy depends, in its timing not in its form, on what is happening in other Arab countries. Today, there is a new fashion !!! which they call revolutions!! … there is a revolution there so there is a revolution here: there is reform there, so there is reform here. The tools are the same: the slogans and talking about freedom. … I know that most of the people who are listening to us, and you represent them !!!, know a great deal about these details … There might be things which will be revealed
later. They mixed up three elements: sedition, reform, and daily needs. Most of the Syrian people call for reform, and you are all reformers !!!! Most of the Syrian people have unmet needs; and we all discuss!!, criticize!!, and have our disagreements because we have not met many of the needs of the Syrian people. But sedition has become part of the issue and started to lead the other two factors and take cover under them. That is why it was easy to
mislead many people who demonstrated in the beginning with good intensions !!!. We cannot say that all those who demonstrated are conspirators !! This is not true!!, and we want to be clear and realistic !!!! The conspirators are few in number, this is natural. Even we, in the government, did not know, like everybody else, and did not understand what was happening !!! until acts of sabotage started to emerge.
Things became clearer; for what is the link between reform and sabotage?!! What is the link between reform and murder?!!! Some satellite T.V. stations actually spoke about attacking certain buildings an hour before they were actually attacked. How did they know that? Do they read the future?.. They will say that we believe in the conspiracy theory. In fact there is no conspiracy theory!! There is a conspiracy !! It was difficult for us to fight against this situation, because people will mix between our fighting sedition and fighting reform!! In principle, we support reform and meeting people’s needs!! This is the duty of the state. But we cannot be with sedition. What we are seeing today is a stage; and we do not know whether it is a first stage or an advanced stage. But we are concerned with the outcome because the last stage for them is for Syria to get weaker and disintegrate, because this will remove the last obstacle facing the I-s-r-a-e-l’s plans !!! This is what concerns us !!!! … They used the satellite T.V. stations !!! and the internet !!! but did not achieve anything. And then, using sedition !!!, started to produce fake information, voices, images, etc. they forged everything !!!! Then they started to use the sectarian element !!!! They sent SMSs !!!! to members of a certain sect alerting them that another sect will attack them. And in order to be credible, they sent masked people !!!! to neighborhoods with different sects living in them, knocking on people’s doors and telling each that that the other sect has already attacked and are on the streets, in order to get a reaction !!!! And it worked for a while !! Then they used weapons !!!!! They started killing people at random !!!!! because they knew when there is blood it becomes more difficult to solve the problem !!!! We have not yet discovered the whole structure of this conspiracy. We have discovered part of it but it is highly organized. There are support groups in more than one governorate linked to some countries abroad. The people of Daraa have no responsibility for what happened, but with us, they share the responsibility of putting an end to sedition !! Daraa is on the frontline with the Israeli enemy !!! and it is the first line of defense for the hinterland. Daraa, al-Qunaitira, and part of rural Damascus defend the other parts of Syria which lie behind them. No one can be in a position defending the homeland and at the same time conspiring against it. This is impossible and is unacceptable … The people of Daraa are people of genuine patriotism, magnanimity, and dignity. They will get hold of the few people !!! who wanted to stir chaos and destroy the national fabric !!!! The conspirators took their plan to other governorates. As you know, they moved to Latakia and other cities using the same techniques; murder, intimidation,
and incitement. There were clear instructions not to harm any Syrian citizens !!!! … Awareness is the real force which protects Syria at every juncture !!!!
… When this wave (Domino) touched Syria, the issue has become of concern to the
Syrians !!! … Did we make these reforms because there is a problem or because there is sedition?!!! If there was no sedition wouldn’t we have done these reforms?!!! If the answer is yes, it means that the state is opportunistic, and this is bad !!!! . If we say that these things were made under the pressure of a certain condition or popular pressure, this is weakness !!! … When people demand their rights, it is natural that the government should respond to these demands happily!!!!! … You know what happened in Lebanon in 2005, and later the war of 2006 and its repercussions, and the war against Gaza at the end of 2008. So, the whole period was that of continued pressure. What added to the problems was that we had four years of drought which damaged our economic program !!! … Of course I am not justifying !!! … The top priority became Syria’s stability !! … Tunisia’s experience was useful for us more than that of Egypt, because in Tunisia there was a model and we used to send experts to learn from that experience !!! When the revolution started, we realized that the causes lied in the way wealth was distributed, not only in terms of corruption but also in terms of geographical distribution …Some people ask me to announce a time frame at the People’s Assembly but I think putting a time frame is purely technical !!! … I am sure
there will be someone on the satellite T.V. stations who will say that this is not enough !!! What is enough for them will destroy our country !!!! and we simply cannot afford that !!! … They follow the principle of lie !!!, lie until they believe you. So, they believe their own lie and fall in the trap !!!!
… We cannot like sedition!!, we cannot like killing!!, we cannot like tension !!! … Burying sedition is a national, moral, and religious duty !!! … The Holy Quran says, sedition is worse than killing !!!! so all those involved intentionally or unintentionally in it contribute to destroying their country !!! So there is no compromise or middle way in this !!! … I remind you of the Domino Effect term which was used after the invasion of Iraq when the US !!!!!! assumed then under the former administration that the Arab countries are domino blocks and the American projects will hit just one of these blocks and the others will fall. What happened is the exact opposite when their projects turned into domino blocks, we hit them and they started to fall one after another. This one will fall too !!!!!! … As for you, children of this great nation, your love for your country which you express day after day and which is clearer than ever at times of crisis, and which you particularly expressed yesterday through your unprecedented mass demonstrations !!!!! throughout the country gives me more confidence and
determination !!!!. Your solidarity and unity in fighting sedition assures me about the future and if you, in the slogans you chanted, expressed willingness to sacrifice yourselves for your president !!!!!!

If you don’t know who has said the above bullshit, you would think that it’s a Khamenei’s speech. In fact the dictators, especially the Islamic dictators, are exactly the same. They are bastard and hypocrite. They are congenital lair. They make use of stupid tactics that just could deceive the stupid lunatic left. The global lunatic left, the motherf-u-c-k-e-r left support these savage bastards. Bastard Assad spoke a day after the Syrian cabinet resigned amid an unusual wave of unrest across the nation. But in homes and cafes around Damascus, reactions among ordinary Syrians watching the speech were overwhelmingly negative. Some analysts said he had been strengthened by messages of support from other countries in recent days. The eyewitness, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said protesters started gathering in central Latakia’s Qitar Square after the speech and chanted, “No to sectarianism, we want freedom” and “We stand by Daraa,” the southern city that has seen the most violence since anti-government protests started almost two weeks ago. A Syrian youth said : “For me now, at this time, actually he said nothing, he did nothing for us. All of what he said was that we are working for foreign conspiracies against our country, that the US is behind this, what is going on in Syria”. One young Syrian engineer said : “This is the end of Syria. There was no apology and no promise of reform. This only makes us angrier. He could have at least apologised for the deaths.” Activists in Damascus said the speech would add weight to calls for further protests across the country on Friday. What happens in Syria is exactly like what happens in Iran. If both Iranians and Syrians could topple their savage dictators, it’s the best case for the whole world. Of course the world should help the poor Iranians and the poor Syrians and don’t leave them alone in their unfair war against the savage dictators..

[All the above stories are extracted from Western media’s reports. In fact, we try to produce a short summary of them. You could find the list of Western media that we used in the sidebar]

Mousavi Khamene, Khatami, Karoubi

March 31, 2011

The full name of Mousavi is “Mir Hossein Mousavi Khamene“. In fact, he is a member of Khamenei’s family . Mousavi’s father that died yesterday, was a member of Khamenei’s extended family, i.e. the leader’s family. In 2009, and before the election, Khamenei visited the Mousavi’s father secretly. Mousavi’s father and Mousavi’s family helped Khamenei a lot, in the Shah’s regime. But after the revolution, when Mousavi was the prime minister of Khomenei’s regime, Khamenei that was the president of Khomeini’s regime, had a lot of serious political and personal conflicts with Mousavi. Mousavi was a left-wing Islamist, but Khamenei was a right-wing Islamist. Mousavi was an ex-member of Islamic Liberals, but he abandoned them after the revolution and joined the Mullah’s party, like Khamenei. It’s just one paradox of Mousavi; He is a relative of Khamenei, knows him better than any other Islamist, but is and was the greatest enemy of Khamenei. In fact, the Islamic regime and the Islamic reformists have a lot of paradoxes.


Khatami is the ultimate of the Islamic Liberalism. He is the most open-minded and liberal Mullah in the world, but he is the most coward Mullah in the world, too. He is a “Yazdi”, i.e. was born and grown up in the city of Yazd. Yazdi people are notorious for being very coward! The dreadful mistakes of Khatami in his eight years’ presidency, imposed huge burdens on the people. Khatami is frightened to death of Khamenei and his dogs/thugs. Khamenei call him “Shah Soltan Hossein”, that is the weakest king in the Persian History. In fact, Khatami’s paradox is that he is a Mullah, the weakest and the most coward Mullah, and of course the most liberal Mullah in Iran. But he is a Mullah. Khatami’s reactions to the bloody coup in the past two years, were really shameful and ridiculous. Of course nobody expect him more. If Khatami wanted to do something, or could do something, he did it in his eight years’ presidency. Khatami was not the right person in 1997, maybe Mousavi was the right person. Khatami wasted the best opportunity to topple Khamenei and the Islamic fascism and this historical mistake will not forgotten.

Another stupid Islamist is Karoubi that Iranians called him “Ghazanfer-e Eslahat” (The idiot of the reformists). He was a stupid, corrupt, and opportunist extremist in the first decade of the Islamic revolution. His role in Saudi Arabia’s massacre of 1987, and his special relations with the widows of victims of Iran-Iraq war in Bonyad Shahid (Martyr Foundation) is undeniable. In the Islamic reform period, Karoubi was one of the greatest bastards and the greatest idiot. The people and students hated him, and he was the main brake pedal of reform in the parliament. His wife, Fatemeh Karoubi, was one of the stupid Islamic fanatic in the past decades. But some Iranians forgot their lessons, and became fans of Karoubi and his wife !

It’s so obvious that with this bunch of stupid Islamists, Iranians could not topple Khamenei and the Islamic fascism. As we said in our open letter to Mousavi , the Islamists and their supporters are so stupid and hypocrite and could not even save Mousavi and his wife. They want to save the Islamic regime, i.e. they don’t want to topple the regime, and merely want to have some stupid and superficial reform. But the majority of Iranians, and especially the majority of the youth, finally have understood that they should leave the stupid Islamists and do their job alone, if they really want to get rid of their dreadful nightmare, i.e. the Islamic fascism.

Basijis and Monarchists

March 31, 2011

The Monarchists and Basijis are two sides of the same coin. Khamenei’s dogs/thugs are exactly the same as Reza Pahlavi’s dogs/thugs . Basijis say” long live Rahbar (Payande Rahbar)”, and Monarchists say: “long live Shah (Javid Shah)”; Basijis say: “Our leader is our father, and the great father of all Iranians”, and Monarchists say: “Our Shah is our father, and the great father of all Iranians.” Basijis say: “Iranians need father, a sacred father. It’s our national and religious tradition. We need a father that lead us and show us the right path.” and Monarchists say: “Iranians need father, a sacred father. It’s our national tradition. We need a father that lead us and protect us.” Basijis say: “We are brainless and we need Imam’s brain to think for us and decide for us.” and Monarchists say: “We are brainless and we need Shah’s brain to think for us and decide for us”. Basijis say :”Our leader is the leader of leaders, the leader of whole Muslims.” and Monarchists say: “Our king is the king of kings, the king of all Persians.” Basijis kill and torture the majority of Iranians, just because Iranians don’t want their f-u-c-k-i-ng Father/Leader; and Monarchists killed and tortured the majority of Iranians, just because they did not want their f-u-c-k-i-ng Father/Shah.

The majority of Iranians that live inside Iran, think that Pahlavi’s dogs/thugs even are much more bastard and stupid than Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, simply because they have lived at least three decades in the West, in the US, and we expected that these stupid bastards learned something in this long time . But they are congenital bastard and the “Software Format” could not change their rotten brain’s structure! They need “hardware format”; and maybe just God could do the hardware format for them !! The stupid Monarchists are the greater evil for us, simply because they have not any power now, but they act like Khamenei’s dogs. When without any power, they act like Basijis, what would they do when have the power? Of course it’s totally an imaginary situation, because they never ever could not gain the power in Iran, again. The stupid Monarchists think that the status quo in Iran is like three decades ago. They think that we are like them, or our fathers or mothers. They don’t know that we live in 2010s, not in 1970s. They don’t know that the current literacy rate among the youth is more than 90%. They don’t know that we have more than 10 million people with university education in Iran. They don’t know that we have buried the Monarchy, Shah and Imam, in Iran. They don’t know that we will f-u-c-k Basijis and Monarchists with the same tool and with the same energy. They don’t know that we have said Goodbye to both Imam and Shah, Khamenei and Pahlvi. They don’t know that they have not any place in Iran, and if they would want to establish Monarchy in Iran, they should live outside Iran until their death. They don’t know that all of them, Monarchists and Pahlavi’s dogs/thugs plus Basijis and Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, should go and f-u-c-k themselves. Shame on them all.