Nowruz 1390’s Tragedy

The Nowruz 1390, is one of the bloodiest Nowruz in the modern history. Yesterday, the political prisoner, Mohsen Dokmechi (Dogmechi) was killed in the Rajaee-Shahr prison. His charges were so ridiculous. He was jailed just because of helping the family of political prisoners. He was a businessman and financially supported the protester’s families. The savage Islamic regime could not bear human rights activists and kill them. He had cancer (pancreas cancer). Three months ago, some doctors in the Rajaee-Shahr prison have said that he should be freed and have chemical therapy for cancer treatment. In the last weeks his abdomen was swollen, and he could not eat anything, even water. But the Islamic savages did not allow him to go to the hospital.

The killing of this businessman is just a part of Nowruz’s tragedy. said that a prisoner, Reza Meghamsi, in Ahavaz Prizon was killed under brutal torture. He was killed in the Nowruz 1390. Dozen of Kurds were killed in the Kurdistan province and hundreds were jailed. But surly the most tragic event was ChaharShanbe Soori’s Massacre . The state TV confirmed that: “13 prisoners were killed and 33 prisoners were injured.” And if we consider the Islamic error factor (10), we should say that at least 130 were killed and 330 were injured. It confirms our first news about “ChaharShanbe Soori Massacre”.

We surly f-u-c-k the religion that its followers kill the innocent people in the name of the religion and God. They kill protesters; They killed civil activists; They rape prisoners; They systematically and brutally torture prisoners; They don’t allow the ill prisoners to have any treatment; They have no mercy and human feelings. And all of these shameful acts have been done by the religious people and for defending religion .We surly f-u-c-k this religion and all its stupid followers.

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