Rafsanjani and Oxford University

March 29, 2011

A report says that Rafsanjani’s son, Mehdi Rafsanjani, is being investigated after claims that his successful doctoral thesis proposal was written with the help of others The report adds: “Mehdi Rafsanjani, a former head of Iran’s state-owned gas company, began a five-year DPhil course in the Iranian constitution at Oxford University, the faculty of oriental studies in October. An Oxford academic has complained that the university’s usual high standards have been “subverted” with the help of university insiders to allow Rafsanjani to study … The disclosure of the inquiry comes amid intense scrutiny of universities and their relationships with the children of prominent figures from the Middle East. … Sir Howard Davies stood down as director of the London School of Economics earlier this month following claims that it had become too close to Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif, and the Libyan regime and too reliant on their funds. Recently, some Iranians claimed that Rafsanjani, is an associate of Saif Gaddafi … Also being investigate are allegations that Rafsanjani’s English is not good enough to compose a DPhil at Oxford and that he has failed to live within 12 miles of Oxford city centre … Kaveh Moussavi, an associate fellow at the centre for socio-legal studies at the university and head of public interest law, who is originally from Iran, claimed that Rafsanjani has been helped by university insiders to complete his application. This had angered him, he said, because a more deserving candidate would have lost out. “I have no doubt that the normal criteria on submissions have been subverted and that there are far, far more qualified candidates for a DPhil than [Rafsanjani],” said Moussavi … At the centre of the inquiry is the synopsis of Rafsanjani’s proposed thesis which was assessed in January 2010 by two senior academics attached to the faculty of oriental studies. Dr Homa Katouzian, an expert in modern Iranian history, said the synopsis read well, but he did not realise that the application had come from Rafsanjani’s son because it had been written using his alternative name Bahramani . The other assessor, Prof Edmund Herzig, declined to comment and referred the Guardian to Oxford’s press office … Rafsanjani has been sent a lengthy email outlining the allegations that have been levelled at him, but declined to comment on them before publication. Instead, he wrote in an email: “As you’re aware, my application has been accepted at Oxford University where I have been studying for the past few months. Should you need more clarifications … I recommend that you contact the university’s press office.”

This is what we say about Mullah Mafia . Oxford University is so notorious in Iran. Many of regime’s authorities have a fake or real Oxford’s degree. Oxford University and other famous universities in the UK and the US, are disgraced themselves by working with Mullah Mafia and the corrupt political authorities. Shame on them all.

Nowruz 1390’s Tragedy

March 29, 2011

The Nowruz 1390, is one of the bloodiest Nowruz in the modern history. Yesterday, the political prisoner, Mohsen Dokmechi (Dogmechi) was killed in the Rajaee-Shahr prison. His charges were so ridiculous. He was jailed just because of helping the family of political prisoners. He was a businessman and financially supported the protester’s families. The savage Islamic regime could not bear human rights activists and kill them. He had cancer (pancreas cancer). Three months ago, some doctors in the Rajaee-Shahr prison have said that he should be freed and have chemical therapy for cancer treatment. In the last weeks his abdomen was swollen, and he could not eat anything, even water. But the Islamic savages did not allow him to go to the hospital.

The killing of this businessman is just a part of Nowruz’s tragedy. Rahana.org said that a prisoner, Reza Meghamsi, in Ahavaz Prizon was killed under brutal torture. He was killed in the Nowruz 1390. Dozen of Kurds were killed in the Kurdistan province and hundreds were jailed. But surly the most tragic event was ChaharShanbe Soori’s Massacre . The state TV confirmed that: “13 prisoners were killed and 33 prisoners were injured.” And if we consider the Islamic error factor (10), we should say that at least 130 were killed and 330 were injured. It confirms our first news about “ChaharShanbe Soori Massacre”.

We surly f-u-c-k the religion that its followers kill the innocent people in the name of the religion and God. They kill protesters; They killed civil activists; They rape prisoners; They systematically and brutally torture prisoners; They don’t allow the ill prisoners to have any treatment; They have no mercy and human feelings. And all of these shameful acts have been done by the religious people and for defending religion .We surly f-u-c-k this religion and all its stupid followers.

The End of Akbar Ganji

March 29, 2011

Akbar Ganji was a people journalists. He was in the people side, and had enough courage to fight against the Islamic fascism. But when he left Iran, he changed a lot. Akbark Ganji’s story is really complicated. He was born on 31 January 1960 (age 51) in Qazvin, Iran. He grew up in a devout and impoverished family in Southern Tehran. Active in the Islamist anti-Shah forces at a “relatively early age”, he served in the Sepah, or the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) during the
Iran–Iraq War and joined the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran.
He holds a Masters degree in Communications. In 1994-5 Ganji became disenchanted with the regime, and he quit the Sepah to become an investigative journalist. Ganji’s most famous works were a series of articles about the murders of many secular intellectuals known as the Chain Murders of Iran. Akbar Ganji referred to the perpetrators of the killings with code names such as “Excellency Red Garmented” and their “Excellencies Gray” and the “Master Key” . Later published in the book, The Dungeon of Ghosts , his articles tied the killings to senior clerics, including Rafsanjani and Khamenei. Upon returning from a conference in Berlin (a conference in Berlin held by the Heinrich Boell Foundation under the title “Iran after the elections” held in the wake of the Majlis elections of February 2000 which resulted in a huge victory by reformist candidates), Ganji was arrested. He was eventually sentenced to six years in prison. Ganji was very brave, and fought against the Islamic judge in his court. Iranians don’t forget how bravely he fought against the prison guards and the Islamic judges. After his arrest, Ganji announced the “Master Key” to the chain murders was former Intelligence Minister Ayatollah Ali Fallahian . He also denounced by name some senior clerics, including Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi for having issued fatwas, or religious orders for the assassinations. Ganji was able to complete written work while in prison, including his “Republican Manifesto”, which was smuggled out of his prison cell piece by piece. In his last year in prison Ganji went on a hunger strike for more than 80 days from 19 May 2005 until early August 2005, except for a 12-day period of leave he was granted on May 30, 2005 ahead of the ninth presidential elections on 17 June 2005. His hunger strike ended after 50 days when “doctors warned he would sustain irreparable brain damage, and he relented.” Ganji was released from prison in March of 2006, with the help of his Sepahi/Ettelaati friends and left Iran shortly thereafter. Many countries around the world offered him honorary citizenship, and he traveled extensively. But recently Akbar Ganji has become dumb. [1]


In fact, when Ganji left Iran and Awarded $500,000 Milton Friedman Liberty Prize , he changed a lot. “Ganji now lives in New York. His first book in English, The Road to Democracy in Iran, was published in April 2008.” the report says. In fact, “Akbar Ganji, an Iranian writer/journalist who spent 6 years in a Tehran prison for advocating a secular democracy and exposing government involvement in the assassination of individuals who opposed Iran’s theocratic regime”, changed after leaving Iran! He has won several international awards for his work, including the World Association of Newspapers’ Golden Pen of Freedom Award, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression’s International Press Freedom Award, the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, and the John Humphrey Freedom Award. We think that these Awards changed Ganji, because he has some serious personality weakness. We had seen Ganji in Tehran, and he was not very decent and normal, but we thought “Every one has its own weak points, and Ganji is better than many other hypocrite, liar, and coward Iranian journalists.” But when he left Iran, he disappointed many of us. Apparently the outside world is not a proper place for many immature Iranians! simply because they have many weak points and mental complexes, and could change and go backwards, very easily. In 2006, after leaving Iran, Akbar Ganji repeatedly declared that he would return to Iran. We and many other Iranians knew that he bullshitted us and told lie, but he repeated this lie over and over. And it was the beginning of telling lie. Ganji’s approach totally changed after leaving Iran. Instead of focusing on Mullahs and the Islamic rapist-killer, “The Dungeon of Ghosts”, he stupidly ignored these important matters and bullshitted us about the Iranian movement, like other coward and motherf-u-c-k-er Iranian journalists. After the beginning of 2009 protests, first he had some activities for his arrested friends in Iran and wrote something about Khamenei, but after that he became dumb and betrayed the people’s hope and trust, like other jerk expats. In 2010, he even wrote: “I’m not sure that there was a coup or huge electoral fraud in the 2009 election”. He never ever criticized the US or Obama for ignoring the Iranian people and their movement. Apparently he thinks that he has reached to the wealth and fame, more than he deserved it. It’s so obvious that Ganji did not deserve the attention and respect that he received. The foolishness and betrayal of Ganji, has disappointed many ordinary Iranians, but Iranians have a new generation of real thinkers and activists that don’t have the weak points of him and other Islamist quasi-thinkers. The feature belongs to them [1]


[1] Akbar Ganji Official website