Saeed Malekpour’s Tragedy

March 28, 2011

Nowruz remind us of Saeed Malekpour. As all eyes turn to the revolution flaring through the Arab world, Iran is carrying out a quiet but bloody counter-revolution against suspected opponents. At the top of the death list is Saeed Malekpour, who was accused by Mullah of running “obscene websites,” “designing and moderating adult content websites”, “insulting the sanctity of Islam”, “Corrupt on Earth” and “War against God”. His wife, Zohreh Eftekhari says: “There is no legal procedure we can turn to now. He’s in solitary confinement, and they told him he’d be there until he was executed.” And he still is in that solitary confinement, from 1st February, 2011. Saeed Malekpour was born in May 1975. He graduated from Sharif University with a degree in metallurgical engineering. The report of his imminent execution followed the hanging of two men who made videos and photos of the 2009 protests, and of a Dutch-Iranian citizen, Zahra Bahrami, arrested during the protests and accused of smuggling drugs. Zahra Bahrami had a 2003 drug conviction in the Netherlands, but in Iran she was originally arrested for participating in an anti-government Ashura Day demonstration. After Bahrami’s execution in January 2011, the Netherlands government suspended all official contacts with Iran, but apparently they now have renewed their contacts again. Saeed Malekpour’s story is really tragic. The Toronto Star has a good report about Malekpour’s case that says: “In October, 2008, Malekpour’s new life in Canada looked as golden as the sunlight on the autumn foliage. With a degree in metallurgical engineering from a prestigious Iranian university he was happily settled in Ontario and about to enroll in a master’s program at University of Victoria. But a decision to visit his dying father in Tehran changed his life forever Zohreh Eftekhari, a physicist and research scientist from St. Catharines, who last glimpsed her husband, Malekpour, as a thin and sickly prisoner, says: “He disappeared four days after his arrival. He went to the university to get a confirmation of his degree for his master’s application. Then my sister-in-law called me in the middle of the night and said that Saeed hadn’t come home.” Eftekhari, who was booked to follow her husband to Tehran, arrived three weeks later, in November, to a Kafkaesque scenario. “I got a call from somebody who didn’t introduce himself. He said ‘if you want to know about your husband come to this address.’ When I reached it they held me for four hours, interrogated me, insulted me, screamed at me and treated me like a criminal. I was panicked. There were three of them, all big men. I just kept thinking I would never see my husband or parents again. Here, if you’re detained you can hire a lawyer. In Iran everything is hidden. And then you’re
” Eftekhari was released, and later allowed a brief visit with Malekpour who was “almost unrecognizable” after more than a month of torture and detention. She left the country at his urging” Malekpour’s wife told Shahrvand : “We both were student of Sharif University … we saw a lot of embezzlements in Iran while we worked there … I was a pious Muslim and studied at a devout school along with many Mullahs’ child … I’m a weak person, and that night, when they brutally interrogated me, if they threatened me to rape, I wrote and signed whatever they wanted … They said: “If you are not pervert, why don’t you have any child?!!” … We, me and our family, shut our mouth, and just when they showed the false confession of Saeed in the state TV, in Nowruz 1388, we publicly told about Saeed … In the prison, Saeed worked for the Sepah’s cyber team, and they said me that they released him … And in Nowruz 1389, Saeed sent his open letter to the outside world

Saeed Malekpour’s open letter revealed parts of his tragic story. Here are excerpts of it :” I was arrested on October 4, 2008 near Vanak Square by plainclothes agents who did not present an arrest warrant or identification. The arrest resembled an abduction. I was handcuffed, blindfolded and placed in the back of a Sedan … They transferred me to an undisclosed location they called the “technical office.” When we arrived, a few agents severely beat me and verbally abused me. While I was handcuffed and blindfolded, they forced me to sign a few forms that I was unable to read … That night, I was transferred to ward 2-A of Evin prison. I was placed in a solitary cell 2m X 1.7m (6’2″ X 5’8″) wide … I spent 320 days (from October 4, 2008 to August 16, 2009) in solitary confinement without access to anything, or any contact with the outside world … I was subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture by the “Sepah (Revolutionary Guards) Cyber Counterattack” team. Some of the torture procedures were performed in the presence of Mr. Mousavi, the magistrate of the case. A large portion of my confession was extracted under pressure, physical and psychological torture, threats to me and my family, and false promises of immediate release upon giving a false confession to whatever the interrogators dictated … Sometimes they threatened that they would arrest my wife and torture her in front of me … Most of the time the tortures were performed by a group. While I remained blindfolded and handcuffed, several individuals armed with their fists, cables, and batons struck and punched me … Once in October 2008, the interrogators stripped me while I was blindfolded and threatened to rape me with a bottle of water … One of those very days, as a result of being kicked, punched, and lashed with cables on my head and face, my face became very swollen. I lost consciousness several times, but each time they would wake me up by splashing water on my face [and continued with the torture]. That night, they returned me to my cell. At the end of the night, I realized my ear was bleeding. I banged on the door of my cell, but nobody came … for 20 days, the left side of my body was numb, and I had little control over my left arm and leg muscles … On January 24, 2009, after being subjected to severe beatings, one of the interrogators threatened to pull out my tooth with a pair of tongs … Sometimes, they used extremely painful electrical shock that would paralyze me temporarily … Such mistreatment was aimed at forcing me to write what the interrogators were dictating, and to compel me to play a role to a false confession in front of the camera based on their scenarios … However, the physical tortures were nothing compared to the psychological torments … constant threats to arrest and torture my wife and family if I did not cooperate, threats to kill me. They also provided me with false news of arresting my wife. My mental health was severely threatened … the interrogation team illegally, and contrary to religious principles, withdrew some funds from my credit card account. They also have my Paypal account. I am not sure what they have done with it … Some of the confessions they forced me to make were so ridiculous and quite impossible. For example, they asked me to falsely confess to purchasing a software from the UK for my website. I was forced to add that when somebody visited my website, the software would be, without his/her knowledge, installed on their computer and would take control of their webcam, even when their “Computer” is turned off !!! And so I would to able to make a video of their bed room, each time they make love. Although I told them that what they were suggesting was impossible from a technological point of view, they responded that I should not concern myself with such things! ” It’s really a black comedy. In fact, the savage stupid interrogators made some funny stupid assumptions: 1- All Iranians keep their computer in their bedroom! 2- When a computer is switched off, it still could be so dangerous! 3- All Iranians have a webcam for the s!e!x chat 4- the UK is the land of pioneers of hacking!

The Saeed Malekpour story show you, the foreigners, how we live here. Malekpour just built a website for adult; He lived in Canada, but as an Iranian he was “a corrupter in the earth”! Do you know the real meaning of this stupid Islamic accusation?? He had a very famous p-o-r-n site (for Iranians), and he was sentenced to death just because of it. But why? His family & other Iranians said he is political activist, just because they wanted to save his life. We understand this, but even his family (and 90% of Iranians) think that having a p-o-r-n website is a shameful thing and naturally could be equal to death penalty! It’s really very horrible. Should he get a death sentence because of a p-o-r-n adult website? His wife said that even Canada would not support him if his case was ” building a p-o-r-n website for adult”. why? why Canada is so stupid? His wife says many things privately, but because she’s afraid of Canada or Canadians reactions, she often says the opposite in public. The western media did not cover the Saeed Malekpour’s story, properly. They make a hero of an Iranian woman who killed his husband, but could not defend of a man that had a adult website. They saved her, It’s good. But Malekpour has not killed anybody. Yes, Malekpour was so stupid, and he had to be more cautious, but he was a victim of Russian style “Hot Trap”. Of course the reality of Malekpour’s arrest was not clear, but apparently some hot girls that worked for Sepah, made an appointment with him at Vanak Sq. and then Sepah recognized him and arrested him. Some people say that the Sepah agents in Canada, i.e. the secret Mullah Mafia in Canada, identified him and then it was confirmed by the hot trap. But all of them could be true, and actually the regime makes use of this kind of scenarios a lot. A Saeed Malekpour’s friend in the prison says: “When I returned from the court I walked straight to Saeed. He was standing there in the break room talking to Ali Malihi and Ali Jamali. I asked Saeed if he knew of his verdict. He said: “No, why? have you heard something?”. I told him what I had heard. Ali Jamali broke into cold sweat and Ali Malihi let out a big sigh. But Saeed only smiled and walked to the ward library. He is in charge of ward 350 library … Vahid Asghari also has a similar case to Saeed Malekpour’s. Vahid was in our room and Saeed was in room 9. Vaheed has also been sentenced to death. Vahid handed me a notebook with his handwritings. In that notebook he has written a detailed description of the torture he has gone through at ward 2 of the Sepah (Revolutionary Guards). What they have done to this 25 year old kid is truly moving. I hand copied his notebook and I will publish it on the day he has allowed me to.” The Khamenei’s regime is an Islamic version of USSR and the Stalin’s regime. They make use of hot traps, systematical rape in the detention, and many other dirty Russian methods. They are congenital liars, their religion like other religion, encourage them to tell lie. The world should know about this important matter, more.

Saeed Malekpour’s wife has made a website for her husband’s case:

American Left and pro-Mullahs

March 28, 2011

In 2006, when AN started a confrontational policy over Iran’s nuclear program, a new lobbying group was launched in Europe and the US. “Campaign Against Sanction and Military Intervention in Iran” (CASMII) was founded by Abbas Edalat , a computer professor connected to the inner circle of the Iranian regime. Half of CASMII’s founding board members came from Trita Parsi’s circle and NIAC. The other half came from the so-called Iranian left with anti-Imperialist tendencies who interpreted AN’s howls as progressive. CASMII is the Iranian connection to the American left. Through CASMII, segments of the Left and the anti-war movement in the US have channeled their critique of the war and the US administration to support the Iranian regime. These American personalities and groups have clearly become ardent advocates of the Islamic regime CASMII (, that is a lover of Khamenei’s TV (the state pressTV) and Noam Chomsky, among other PR activities, regularly organizes trips for such groups in the U.S. to visit Iran. Their trip diaries are so laughable and ridiculous.

The lead figure in organizing these trips is CASMII’s president Rostam Pourzal. He is a pro-mullah individual, living in the US. In an article, Pourzal invites the Americans to visit Iran: ” It is past midnight and the news is keeping me awake with joy. After a quarter century my country of birth, Iran, is easing (undeclared) travel restrictions this week for the citizens of my adopted home, the United States. The Iranian government has announced even a $20 incentive for any travel agent who books a tour to Iran for a U.S. citizen. He added: “Equal rights for women are actually not as popular in Iran as we wish … I was stunned during a recent visit to Iran to find that President AN is quite popular among women !!!! from all walks of life.!!!! ” Ardeshir Ommani, one of the CASMII’s main collaborators write: “Each family in the smaller rural farming village of Saman has a refrigerator. Some have clothes washers and dryers. Almost all have televisions. The living space per person seemed greater than in some New York apartments. Healthcare is provided to all children, pre-natal care to pregnant women and care to senior citizens, all at no cost. Teams of nurses and doctors and primary healthcare personnel regularly visit the rural clinics, ensuring that the local municipalities properly provide services.”

Another visitor write: “ the time of my departure back home I was in love with the culture (both public and private worlds I witnessed) that I wept on the plane. The Japanese woman sitting next to me rolled her eyes and assumed that I was leaving behind a sexily spicy hot Iranian man. Perhaps this is true. I was dragged apart from a realm so attractive, unique! Iran was hotter than Casanova for me!” Another visitor write: “We were treated to the best lamb briyani dinner by the mayor of Isfahan !!! who reminded us that public relations begins and ends with people !!!!” Recently, when the mullahs’ wave of public mass hangings was condemned by international community, Phil Wilayto, who led the latest “People’s Peace Delegation to Iran” responded to “ these fallacious allegations against the Iranian regime ”: “Yes, Iran has the death penalty, and uses it. But not nearly so often as the US government, which also now has the largest prison population in the world, both in terms of absolute numbers and as a percentage of the population. Neither did we see any evidence of deep, mass anger with the Iranian government. We talked with Iranians from a wide range of occupations and social classes. Not everyone is happy with the religious and social restrictions, but that discontent seems to be mainly among the middle class, a distinct minority in Iran !!!! Unlike in the U.S., health care is free !!!!, as is education !!!! Most women we saw chose to wear the more conservative chador !!!! the tent-like black veil, as opposed to the more secular manteau and head scarf !!!!

This is the ninth article of The Invisible Hands series.