to Burn or Not to Burn

Terry Jones, a Christian fanatic, again wants to burn the Koran (Quran). Jones, who has about 50 followers, declaring “Islam is of the Devil.” The Quran, according to Jones, is “evil” because it espouses something other than biblical truth !!!! His church follows the Pentecostal tradition, which teaches that the Holy Spirit !!!! can manifest itself in the modern day. Pentecostals often view themselves as engaged in spiritual warfare against satanic forces !!!! He is really a stupid religious fanatic, and again the religious fanatics want to fight against each other in the 21st century. If an atheist or agnostic wanted to burn the Koran (Quran), we would supported him/her, but this stupid Jones has another story.

The Koran (Quran) burning debate could be very serious in the US. The government are really stupid. Gen. David Petraeus said : “images of the burning of a Koran (Quran) would undoubtedly be used by extremists in Afghanistan — and around the world — to inflame public opinion and incite violence”! They are just worried about Muslim fanatics, not about Christian or Jew fanatics. Some Christian fanatics say: “Maybe it’s time to send a message to radical Islam that we will not tolerate their behavior”. Yes, it’s good that we send a message to radical Islam, but who is this “We” ?! There is no difference between “radical Christianity” or “radical Judaism” and “radical Islam”; All of them are shitty and unfavorable. The open-minded human beings f-u-c-k all of them, “radical Christianity”, “radical Judaism” and “radical Islam”.

Jones said lawyers have told him his right to burn Qurans is protected by the First Amendment. The same would hold true, he said, if Muslims wanted to burn Bibles in the front yard of a mosque. “Of course, I would not like it,” Jones said. But “I definitely would not threaten to kill them, as we have been threatened.” Yes, this is better than stupid Muslim fanatics, but he is a stupid hypocrite and think that other people are as stupid as him. If we want to burn Koran (Quran), we certainly burn it with The Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, the Torah, and all other Holy shits. Jones, the great hypocrite mothref-u-c-k-er, should know that the Koran (Quran) has not any difference with the Bible, and both of them have their pros and cons. The Bible is full of stupid shits, as the Koran; and The Koran has many safe advices, as the Bible. What is this shit “ The Biblical truth !!!! ” ?? You, the motherf-u-c-k-er Christian fanatics, think that we live in the Middle Age ? We would take shit and piss on the Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, and other Holy f-u-c-k-ing place, if their followers want to bring us back to the Middle Age.

The devout and pious people could be as respectful as atheist or agnostic. We could see that many Sufis, Mystics or Arefs, are real human beings and many of atheists or agnostics are real bastards and among the great motherf-u-c-k-ers. In fact, Being religious or irreligious is not very important; Being a wise and open-minded human being is very very important. we would write more about this important matter later.

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