Answer to Readers, 25 Mar

Thank you all. Thanks Micheline Pease, Rey Respress, Terry Henfleet , Hassie Cwalinski, Evan C. , Eron Johns, dui guy, wine accessories guy, Pharmb, and masht abbas! We send a hearty greeting to all people in California! thank you all for your support. A new friend asked : “How much do people in Iran realize that their country, too, could be devastated, radioactively poisoned by peaceful nuclear reactors. If people aren’t worried, what are they thinking?” we should write an article about this important matter very soon. But now we should say that the majority of Iranians are so sensitive to the nuclear matters, and they prefer the green energy for the whole world. They think that all human beings, should say no to the nuclear power, without any discrimination. Nuclear power is bad for Iran, as it is bad for the US, Europe, Japan, and any other countries.

Another new friend asked: “Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?” Writing like any other create work, should come from heart. You write simply because if you don’t write, you would become sick and you would feel a great discomfort. We should write just when we need to write and need to say something. In this way, we write about matters that we are familiar with, and we know them well. Writing is a need, writing is a tool for avoiding inner explosion! When you feel you could not sleep or you could not do your routine job, because you have something to say to others, it’s the proper time for writing or start writing. In fact, writing is become a serious obligation, and if you don’t do that, you could not even sleep, and you feel a great discomfort. It’s like other creative works, and we could hear that many creative artists or inventors say the same thing. They create just because they feel that they should create, and if they don’t do that, they feel discomfort. So start to write just when you feel you could not bear shutting your mouths. Then you have many things to say, many things that you could not imagine if you could have enough time in your life to write about them. It’s better to start with a free platform like WordPress and then go for a paid option.

3 Responses to Answer to Readers, 25 Mar

  1. masht abbas says:

    Hi Iran
    please write about hireling journalist such as Najafzadeh .
    I am proud of you.

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading through and taking pleasure in your posts for some time now. I appreciate your views around the matters. I’m finally planning to bookmark your site so I can keep coming again. I repeatedly stumble upon it and keep contemplating it is precious but never conserving it. See you following time! Maintain posting us with these fantastic essays!

  3. I really like your writing style, and I’m hoping for more blog posts like this one.

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