Chomsky: Independence vs Freedom

March 25, 2011

Noam Chomsky works with Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, and his fans say that he could work with any media, even fascist media. We wrote about this dreadful mistake , and now we want to write about some more important issues about Chomsky and his co-operation with Khamenei’s media. On February 28, 2011, Chomsky had another interview with Khamenei’s TV (Press TV) Here are excerpts of it (our comments come in parenthesis) :”The US is in fact continuing to back the Mubarak dictatorship! … but the US will call for democracy in Iran just as it called for democracy in Eastern Europe states !!!(bastard liar) …You have to remember that stability is a cold code word (and that is not why the US wants Khamenei and doesn’t support Iranian protesters, Mr. stupid?!) … I mean that is why Britain and the US have traditionally supported the radical Islamic fundamentalism, Saudi Arabia primarily (not Iran and Khamenei Mr. stupid ?!!!) … Stability doesn’t mean stability; it means obedience to US domination” Indeed, this interview show us that Chomsky has some basic and fundamental misunderstandings. And of course Khamenei’s TV makes use of this Chomsky’s foolishness. Chomsky has a lot of interviews (monthly or even weekly interviews) with Khamenei’s TV, and he and his friends either try to hide this shameful fact form Americans, or try to justify it stupidly But the great foolishness and mistake of Noam Chomsky is more important, and it is about “Independence” and “Freedom”.

Noam Chomsky and other lunatic lefts think that Independence is much more important than anything else; And for fighting with the US and Imperialism, first and foremost, we should be “Independent“. In fact, It’s a historical mistake from 1910s. In the Islamic revolution of 1979, the Iranian Left exactly imposed the same mistake on Iranians, and f-u-c-ked us for more than three decades. In fact, Iranians have paid a really high price for this stupid dreadful mistake, and so we could understand this problem better than any other nations in the world. The key point is that “The freedom” and democracy are much more important than independence, and anything else in the world. But why? because if you were free you could choose anything and decide for yourself; If you were free, you naturally would choose independence, and would be independent, but not vice versa.. In Iran, we have learned that we should f-u-c-k the independence without freedom. Indeed, if our parents were wise, they would not listen to the motherf-u-c-k-er left, and emphasize the importance of Freedom, instead of Independence. With Freedom you could easily have Independence, but with Independence you could easily have a great independent tyranny! Our parents blindly accepted what the lunatic left said and did not take a look at the history. Stalin’s regime was independent , but they were the most savage and notorious regime in the world history. Hitler and German Nazism were independent, Mussolini and Italian fascism were independent, and Franco and his regime in Spain were independent, too. In fact, you should be really blind to ignore this historical evidence.

But it’s not the whole story, and still there is another interesting key points about independence tyranny. In fact, the independence tyranny gradually lose the independence and become a dependent tyranny. In the absence of Freedom, the corruption begins to grow; and gradually the tyrant and his regime make more and more secret deals with foreign powers and finally sell the whole county to them. In fact, it’s the freedom that control the corruption and the corrupt rulers, and in the absence of freedom, the corruption rapidly and astronomically grow. And it’s so obvious that the independence is among the first victims. In fact, it’s what we experienced it in Iran, and we have paid a very high and astronomical price for it. But this stupid mistake was not inevitable, our parents and the lunatic left could learn from the world history. Another interesting point is that many historical evidence and a lot of abstract reasoning show us that even the independent tyranny are more dangerous than the dependent tyranny! The dependent tyranny, like Shah’s regime in Iran, Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, or Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia, obey the foreign orders and when the Masters tell them that you should go, they go without a serious cost. But independent or semi-independent tyranny, like the Islamic regime in Iran and Gaddafi’s regime in Libya don’t listen to the outside world and kill their own people as much as they can, and impose a serious cost on the people. The Iranian and Libyan have paid a very high price for this dreadful horrible mistake. And the motherf-u-c-k-er left, and the people like Chomsky, are the main responsible of this f-u-c-k-ing problem. They owe us a lot; this stupid mistake f-u-c-k-ed many life and created many f-u-c-k-ing tragedies in Iran and other parts of the world. They owe us at least an apology. They owe all human beings for this f-u-c-k-ing horrible mistake; But unfortunately they not only don’t offer any apology, but they repeat their f-u-c-k-ing mistakes and don’t feel ashamed at all.

This is the third article of Noam Chomsky vs Iranians series . The second was When Intellectuals become Dumb

The Lion: Iran or Persia?

March 25, 2011

The national and historic symbol of Iran or Persia is Lion , and an American has written a book about the Eagle and the Lion (Bill James, The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations. Yale University Press, 1989 [an analysis of relations between the two countries starting from the 1830s]). But why does the Lion has two names, Iran and Persia? In the 6th century BC the territory of present-day Iran was the center of the Persian Empire. For more than 2000 years, the region’s inhabitants have referred to it by the name Iran, derived from the Aryan tribes who settled the area long ago. After the Persian Empire, for about 2000 years Iran was called Persia. In 1935, Reza Shah demanded that the name Iran be used again, changed the name of Persia to Iran . Indeed, Persia is the old name and Iran is a new name and an ancient name. But why did Reza Shan change the name of the country? Mainly because of the corrupt and weak Qajar dynasty, 1794 – 1925. In fact, Qajar dynasty disgraced Persia a lot, as we said before and Reza Shah wanted to say the world that our country has changed and they should forget the disgraced Persia that was run by Qajar dynasty. This story is exactly our today story, and we want to say the world that our country is not the disgraced Iran that is run by the Islamic regime. Iran that means the territory of Aryan people, is not a bad name, but is a disgraced name now, and is mistaken for Iraq too often. Maybe we should think more about turning back our country name to Persia , again.

Iran, that means the territory of Aryans, was settled about 3000 BC by Aryan tribes, the most important of which were the Medes and the Persians . The first prominent leader of the Persians was the warrior chief Hakhamanish, or Achaemenes, who lived about 681 BC. The Persians were dominated by the Medes until the accession to the Persian throne in 550 BC of Cyrus the Great. Zoroastrianism gradually emerged as the official religion of ancient Iran during the Achaemenid dynasty. Inscriptions from the reign of Darius the Great, from 522 BC to 486 BC, are full of the praise of Ahura Mazda. Darius stressed truthfulness and seems to have regarded the lie as a worldwide evil force. At its height the Persian Empire stretched from Greece and Libya in the west to the Indus River in present-day India in the east. The many nations under the empire’s rule enjoyed considerable autonomy in return for supplying the empire’s wealth. Each year at Nowruz or New Year,
representatives from these nations brought tribute to the king. The Persian kings used Persepolis primarily as a residence and for ceremonies such as the Nowruz or New Year’s celebration. Persepolis (Greek, “City of the Persians”) or Parsa, one of the ancient capitals of Persia, established by Darius the Great in the late 6th century BC. Its ruins lie 56 km northeast of Shiraz, and it is known today in Iran as Takht-i Jamshid (“Throne of Jamshid”) after a the legendary king Jamshid. Alexander of Macedonia plundered Persepolis and then set it afire in 330 BC. He needed 20,000 mules and 5,000 camels to carry away the treasure looted from Persepolis, according to Greek biographer Plutarch

We should think more about the name Persia . It’s not a ethnic or racist name. It’s just an ancient and glorious name and we could use it again. Iran’s population is made up of numerous ethnic groups. Persians are the largest ethnic group, and include such groups as the Gilaki and the Mazandarani who live in Northern Provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran. Accounting for more than 60 percent of the total population, Persians live in all around the country. Two groups closely related to the Persians both ethnically and linguistically are the Kurds and the Lurs . Turkic tribes began migrating into northwestern Iran in the 11th century, and now live in Azerbaijan Province and Tehran. Azeris and other Turkic peoples together account for about 25 percent of Iran’s inhabitants. The remainder of the population comprises small communities of Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Baluchis, Georgians, Pashtuns, and others. But we think all of them could accept the name Persia , because it’s just an ancient and glorious name.

(The references that we used are: Iranica Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica and Encarta Encyclopedia)

Answer to Readers, 25 Mar

March 25, 2011

Thank you all. Thanks Micheline Pease, Rey Respress, Terry Henfleet , Hassie Cwalinski, Evan C. , Eron Johns, dui guy, wine accessories guy, Pharmb, and masht abbas! We send a hearty greeting to all people in California! thank you all for your support. A new friend asked : “How much do people in Iran realize that their country, too, could be devastated, radioactively poisoned by peaceful nuclear reactors. If people aren’t worried, what are they thinking?” we should write an article about this important matter very soon. But now we should say that the majority of Iranians are so sensitive to the nuclear matters, and they prefer the green energy for the whole world. They think that all human beings, should say no to the nuclear power, without any discrimination. Nuclear power is bad for Iran, as it is bad for the US, Europe, Japan, and any other countries.

Another new friend asked: “Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?” Writing like any other create work, should come from heart. You write simply because if you don’t write, you would become sick and you would feel a great discomfort. We should write just when we need to write and need to say something. In this way, we write about matters that we are familiar with, and we know them well. Writing is a need, writing is a tool for avoiding inner explosion! When you feel you could not sleep or you could not do your routine job, because you have something to say to others, it’s the proper time for writing or start writing. In fact, writing is become a serious obligation, and if you don’t do that, you could not even sleep, and you feel a great discomfort. It’s like other creative works, and we could hear that many creative artists or inventors say the same thing. They create just because they feel that they should create, and if they don’t do that, they feel discomfort. So start to write just when you feel you could not bear shutting your mouths. Then you have many things to say, many things that you could not imagine if you could have enough time in your life to write about them. It’s better to start with a free platform like WordPress and then go for a paid option.