Viva Africa, Viva free Africans

Africa is the ancient motherland of all human beings. Africa is not just for black people or Africans. Africa is for all human beings, like other place of our planet earth. We, all human beings, should not allow some savage dictators and their supporters to disgrace Africa and respectful Africans. Some motherf-u-c-k-er Africans say: “Africa is for us, Africa is for the black, Africa is for our dictators, leave us alone in Africa, We want to kill our people, it’s none of you business” In fact, “Africa, Africa” or “Viva Africa” is considered to be a chant for African fanatics. But we, i.e. all free human beings, say “Viva Africa”, too. Africa is important for us, like our countries and all other parts of our planet earth. Africa is our ancient motherland, and we don’t allow some motherf-u-c-k-er savages disgrace and discredit Africa and free Africans. Surely Africa like any other place in our planet earth, has bad guys and good guys. Good guy Africans, black or white, are our brothers and sisters. But we should not allow bad guy Africans to create another Rwanda’s tragedy. Rwanda and other massacres in Africa are enough. Enough is Enough. Rwanda showed us that bad guy Africans, the savage Africans, have no mercy and no human feelings. Bad guy Africans slaughtered children, women, men, and many ordinary Africans. Shame on them all.

Africa is the ancient motherland of all human beings. Africa is our home and we don’t allow some savages to disgrace Africa and African race. Just the white are not racists, the black have many racists, too. But we f-u-c-k both white and black racists. We fight for freedom and democracy, in African, in Asia, in America, in Europe, in Australia, and in other places of our planet earth. Viva Africa, and Viva all free Africans.

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