Libya’s Tragedy is Iran’s Tragedy

As we said before, Libya’s Tragedy is a real human tragedy . The savage Gaddafi is like the savage Khamenei. What happens in Libya could happen in Iran, in the near future. Khamenei and Gaddafi, both kill their own people and have launched a civil war. Gaddafi dogs/thugs are like Khamenei’s dogs/thugs and we could call Gaddafi dogs “Libyan Basiji”. Now we want to take another look at what has happened, and what the poor Libyans and Gaddafi said, after the international attack on the savage Gaddafi and his regime.

Gaddafi’s dogs/thugs, claim civilians have been killed. They said 64 people had been killed by Western bombardment. The stupid western politicians have said Gaddafi “is absolutely not a target” !!!. They could killed just this stupid savage bastard, and then all Libyan Basijis would be given up, but they refuse. They could use of CIA agents for killing the savage Gaddafi, and put an end to the war, but they refuse. We could be sure that if Gaddafi is killed, then the most of Libyan Basiji would be given up; It’s like our condition in Iran. Iranian Basisjis are as coward and opportunist as Libyan Basijis. The latest air strikes on Libya have destroyed a building in the Tripoli compound of Muammar Gaddafi. And we have not forgotten how Iranians wanted that the western fighter jets first come to Iran and f-u-c-k Khamenei’s house and then go to Libya!! The Libyan National Transitional Council, told AP that while airstrikes have helped the rebels, the opposition needs more weapons to win. “You see, Gaddafi himself, we are able to target him, and we would like to have him alive to face the international or the Libyan court for his crime,” Ali Zeidan said. “We don’t like to kill anybody, even Gaddafi himself.” Yes, It’s modern and good, but for ending the civil war, it’s better to kill Gaddafi ASAP, if they can to do it. The Misrata resident told Reuters that armed pro-Gaddafi forces, dressed in civilian clothes , were in the centre of the city. “the city, 200 km (130 miles) east of Tripoli, was surrounded by Gaddafi’s troops and water supplies were still cut off. The people of Misrata went into the streets, unarmed, in an attempt to stop Gaddafi’s forces entering the city. When they gathered in the centre the Gaddafi forces started shooting at them with artillery and guns. They committed a massacre. The hospital told us at least nine people were killed, ” the resident, Saadoun, told Reuters by telephone. Syria’s government, has been adamantly opposed to foreign intervention in Libya. Along with Algeria, Syria voted against the UN resolution to impose a no-fly zone. Of course the sympathy for the poor Libyans and anger at Gaddafi is widespread on the streets of Damascus. William Hague, the US foreign secretary, insisted to reporters that Gaddafi is most certainly not a military target !!, the stupid bastard. Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, said that it would be “unwise”!! to have killing Gaddafi as an objective !!, the stupid bastard. Apparently they don’t want to end the war easily, and want to choose the hardest way, the stupid bastards. Vladimir Motherf-u-c-k-er Putin has continued to express criticism of the air strikes, saying today that he was concerned by the number of civilian deaths !!! He really has learned to be nice person, when he was a KGB killer !!! And Gaddafi says: “No surrender”. Mohammed Ali, an IT engineer said : “They bombed a lot of sites of the Gaddafi army. There is a former hospital where his tanks were based. All the tanks and the hospital were destroyed. A column of tanks was destroyed on the edge of the city. After that there was no shelling. We are very relieved. We are very grateful. We want to thank the world. The Gaddafi forces are scattered around. All that is left is the snipers and our fighters can take care of them . The sniper problem is a big one. A lot of people are still afraid to leave their homes … There was a lot of shelling last night. There are hundreds of Gaddafi men there. Many of them are not from Libya. They are African people. We saw them. Many people have died. Some were shot on the street by Gaddafi’s men

The rotten brains and stupid and lunatic left support the dictators , and we could be sure that the lunatic left and the rotten brains would support Khamenei and the Islamic fascism in the near future, and in our final battle. We also could be sure that The disgraced and discredited Bolivarian dictators would support Khamenei and the Islamic fascism, too. We should be ready to fight against these stupid bastards.

[All the above stories are extracted from Western media’s reports in the last week. In fact, we try to produce a short summary of them. You could find the list of Western media that we used in the sidebar]

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