Bahrain, Syria, Yemen

The current situation in Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria is really complicated, but not for many of us in Iran. We know that when the Mullah and Khamenei’s dogs/thugs strongly support a group of Muslims, this group surely is reactionary. These days, we can see that the Khamenei’s regime plays a very dirty interesting game. They strongly support Bahraini and Yemeni protesters, but don’t say anything about Syrian protesters. The Mullah and Islamic fascism in Iran, are like Hitler and Mussolini. When they strongly support some groups we could be sure that they are bastard and reactionary, and when they totally ignore some groups we could be sure that they are modern and progressive groups.

The majority of protesters in Bahrain, don’t reject the Mullah support, and actually they seek Mullah’s support. For us, and many other Iranians, it’s a clear shameful sing. And when the stupid Bahraini protesters seek Mullah’s support or don’t reject it, we don’t support them. In fact, the war in Bahrain is a war between two dictators and two Ultra-stupid groups. We could see the future in Bahrain, if the Islamists win. They would rape and kill the ordinary Bahrainis and then the poor Bahrainis should have another revolution for getting rid of their Islamic dictator !! So it’s better for their future that we don’t support them now. And in these days, the stupid Bahrainis could have just the Mullah’s support, i.e. who killed and raped Iranians, and it’s enough for these stupid Bahrainis. Just when Bahrainis clearly declare that they hate Khamenei and all Mullahs, we would support them. Now they could go and f-u-c-k themselves, and could try to make an Islamic state, i.e. a real tragedy, for themselves. The Yemen and Yemenis have the same story, but Yemenis seem more modern than Bahrainis. But they should clearly declare how they think about Mullah, Bin Laden, and other Islamic fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia, and they should declare that they don’t want to establish an Islamic system like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

The story of Syria is another story. The Khamenei’s media don’t cover Syrian protests and it has a clear and straight reason. Khamenei is like Bashar Asad, and they are close friends. They know that they don’t have any support in their own countries and just by killing their own people, could continue ruling like a savage dictator. The younger generation of Syrians that live under a great tyranny, could be like Iranians. We don’t have any accurate information about Syria and Syrian youths, but when Khamenei and his thugs/dogs ignore them, and don’t say anything about them, it could be a good sign for us that they are modern and anti-religious. We are sure that if Bashar Asad and his regime were toppled, then Khamenei’s regime not only would lose a serious political ally, but they would lose more confidence and hope, too. Bashar Asad and his regime are like Khamenei and his regime, and without them the world will be a better place for all human beings. We certainly support Syrians and hope they will try to reach their real voice to the outside world. They should fight with censorship in their country, like Iranians. The world, and us, want to hear the Syrian people voice, and know more about them and their wishes. We want to know how they think about Islam, Pan-Arabs, etc.

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