Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011, that had a lot of fans in Iran, one of the last great screen legends and winner of two Academy Awards, died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles of complications from congestive heart failure; she was 79. . The actress had been hospitalized for the past few weeks, celebrating her birthday on February 27th. Her four children, two sons and two daughters, were by her side as she passed. A striking brunette beauty with violet eyes who embodied both innocence and seductiveness, and was known for her flamboyant private life and numerous marriages as well as her acting career, Taylor was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, and was one of the last legendary stars who could still command headlines and standing ovations in her later years.


Born to American parents in England in 1932, Taylor’s family decamped to Los Angeles as World War II escalated in the late 1930s. Even as a child, her amazing good looks — her eyes were amplified by a double set of eyelashes, a mutation she was born with — garnered the attention of family friends in Hollywood, and she undertook a screen test at 10 years old with Universal Studios. As she blossomed into a young woman, she began to outgrow the roles she was assigned, often playing women far older than her actual age. She scored another hit alongside Spencer Tracy as the young daughter preparing for marriage in Father of the Bride (1950), but her career officially entered adulthood with George Stevens’ A Place in the Sun (1951), as a seductive rich girl who bedazzles Montgomery Clift to the degree that he kills his pregnant girlfriend (Shelley Winters).


Elizabeth Taylor had some Great roles. Roles in two Tennessee Williams adaptations followed — Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) and Suddenly Last Summer (1959), both considered two of her best performances — earning her two more Oscar nominations, just as tragedy and notoriety would strike her life. In 1960’s Butterfield 8, where Taylor played prostitute Gloria Wandrous in a performance that was considered good but nowhere near her previous films, and earned her another Oscar nomination. She win her first Oscar for Butterfield 8. Taylor won, her second and final Academy Award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966).


Taylor was the biggest female star in the world, in terms of film and popularity, but her notoriety in 1960s was a funny matter. Twentieth Century Fox, making a small biopic about the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, tried to offer Taylor the part; she laughed them off, saying she would do it for $1 million, a then-unheard of sum for an actress. Taylor married U.S. Senator John Warner at the end of 1976, and during the late 1970s and 1980s played the politician’s wife, and her unsatisfying life led her to depression, drinking, overeating and ultimately a visit to the Betty Ford Center. He friendship with singer Michael Jackson, and her continual charity work, which was only sidelined by hospital visits after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2004. She had four children — two sons with Michael Wilding, a daughter with Michael Todd, and another daughter adopted with Richard Burton — and nine grandchildren.

The Rotten Brains

March 23, 2011

The lunatic left that we call them “The Rotten Brains“, desperately and stupidly say: “USA is not the World Police, so stop helping Libyans, Syrians, Iranians, etc.” The rotten brains could not understand that the US should not be the world police, but we need a global and efficient world police . The rotten brains have not done anything about this important and vital matter. The rotten brains, compare Libya or Iran with Bahrain and Yemen; But they don’t know, or pretend ignorance, about some important difference: 1-The West and especially the US, the UK, and France did not support the modern Iranian movement at all, and the lunatic left and the rotten brains did not support Iranians as well. 2- Instead, The US, the UK, and the Europe supported Khamenei and his regime and made secret deals with Islamic regime, and the rotten brains shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouths. 3- Iranians and Iranian movement were and are anti-Mullahs, anti-Fanatics, and anti-Islamists, but many of protesters in Bahrain and Yemen are stupid Islamists. Even many protesters in Egypt, Tunisia, etc were Islamists, but the majority of Iranians protest against the Islamic Theocracy, the Islamic laws, the Islamic leader, and the Islamic system. And no one could deny this obvious fact 4- When Mullahs and Khamenei’s thugs/dogs killed and raped the poor Iranians, the rotten brains shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouths 5- When Iranians were in the streets for about 10 months in 2009 and 2010, and were killed and raped by Basiji thugs, the rotten brains shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouths and did not ask the world and the UN to do something for the poor Iranians. 6- The rotten brains, think that Khamenei and his regime are anti-US and so they are good !! These motherf-u-c-k-ers are blind and could not see the Apparent Paradox of the West

The rotten brains don’t understand that we should and could oppose the stupid western and eastern powers, both. The rotten brains don’t understand that we should and could protests against the western politicians as well as the Islamists and Islamic dictators. The rotten brains could not understand that the Islamic fascism or Bolivarian popularism is as dangerous as the classic Nazism and Fascism The rotten brains admire the motherfucker Hugo Chavez and they think that Chavez is a good leader, while this motherf-u-c-ker bastard is a lifelong leader, like Castro and Khamenei. He has ruled more than 12 years in Venezuela, and now many Venezuelans hate him. The rotten brains think that the majority of Iranians support AN and Khamenei, and it could show all of us how stupidly these motherf-u-c-k-ers think about other parts of the world. The rotten brains have a great leader, Noam Chomsky, that is very hypocrite and stupid. When the intellects become dumb is when the rotten brains seek to support the Islamic fascism, and stupid Chomsky, blindly. These Chomsky’s fans think that all things that Chomsky has done, is correct and respectful. The rotten brains are blind and deaf. They are fake intellectuals and just stupidly imitate the real intellectuals. The rotten brains have not any solution for helping the suppress people, or for fighting against tyranny, and especially the Islamic and religious tyranny. The rotten brains don’t care to the poor Libyans and what they want and say ; They just repeat the cliche and their old stupid statements. The rotten brains were blind and deaf, especially when Gaddafi killed the poor Libyans and said stupid bullshit . Shame on them all. Shame on the rotten brains and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky.

The rotten brains think they could and should work with Nazism and Fascism. The rotten brains think that they could work with Khamenei, his regime and his media, etc. in the name of freedom and democracy. The rotten brains think that Islamic fascism, i.e. Khamenei’s regime, could kill and rape Iranians, and it’s none of their business. The rotten brains think that Islamic fascism’s propaganda is press. We think that Chomsky and the rotten brains certainly would work with Hitler, Stalin and Fascists, if they lived in 2010s. The rotten brains support Hamas and Hezbollah, while Hamas and Hezbollah’s thugs kill and rape Iranians in the streets of Tehran The rotten brains are either so naive, or so hypocrite and bastards. Shame on them and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky.

Bahrain, Syria, Yemen

March 23, 2011

The current situation in Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria is really complicated, but not for many of us in Iran. We know that when the Mullah and Khamenei’s dogs/thugs strongly support a group of Muslims, this group surely is reactionary. These days, we can see that the Khamenei’s regime plays a very dirty interesting game. They strongly support Bahraini and Yemeni protesters, but don’t say anything about Syrian protesters. The Mullah and Islamic fascism in Iran, are like Hitler and Mussolini. When they strongly support some groups we could be sure that they are bastard and reactionary, and when they totally ignore some groups we could be sure that they are modern and progressive groups.

The majority of protesters in Bahrain, don’t reject the Mullah support, and actually they seek Mullah’s support. For us, and many other Iranians, it’s a clear shameful sing. And when the stupid Bahraini protesters seek Mullah’s support or don’t reject it, we don’t support them. In fact, the war in Bahrain is a war between two dictators and two Ultra-stupid groups. We could see the future in Bahrain, if the Islamists win. They would rape and kill the ordinary Bahrainis and then the poor Bahrainis should have another revolution for getting rid of their Islamic dictator !! So it’s better for their future that we don’t support them now. And in these days, the stupid Bahrainis could have just the Mullah’s support, i.e. who killed and raped Iranians, and it’s enough for these stupid Bahrainis. Just when Bahrainis clearly declare that they hate Khamenei and all Mullahs, we would support them. Now they could go and f-u-c-k themselves, and could try to make an Islamic state, i.e. a real tragedy, for themselves. The Yemen and Yemenis have the same story, but Yemenis seem more modern than Bahrainis. But they should clearly declare how they think about Mullah, Bin Laden, and other Islamic fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia, and they should declare that they don’t want to establish an Islamic system like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

The story of Syria is another story. The Khamenei’s media don’t cover Syrian protests and it has a clear and straight reason. Khamenei is like Bashar Asad, and they are close friends. They know that they don’t have any support in their own countries and just by killing their own people, could continue ruling like a savage dictator. The younger generation of Syrians that live under a great tyranny, could be like Iranians. We don’t have any accurate information about Syria and Syrian youths, but when Khamenei and his thugs/dogs ignore them, and don’t say anything about them, it could be a good sign for us that they are modern and anti-religious. We are sure that if Bashar Asad and his regime were toppled, then Khamenei’s regime not only would lose a serious political ally, but they would lose more confidence and hope, too. Bashar Asad and his regime are like Khamenei and his regime, and without them the world will be a better place for all human beings. We certainly support Syrians and hope they will try to reach their real voice to the outside world. They should fight with censorship in their country, like Iranians. The world, and us, want to hear the Syrian people voice, and know more about them and their wishes. We want to know how they think about Islam, Pan-Arabs, etc.