Traditional Iranian Foods

Some Iranian foods have a long story. Baking bread with hot stones and rocks, mixing a lot of water with small parts of meat, eating the inner meat of sheep, etc. have a long story in Iran. Of course many of these foods are delicious and very good.


Nan Sangak (stone bread), is the most famous and most delicious Iranian bread. Nan Sangak is baked over hot small pieces of rocks/stones. Nan or Noun in Persian language means “bread”, and “Sang” means rock or stone. Iranians eat most of their traditional foods with Nan Sangak. Iranians love Nan Sangak, we included. It’s very good for breakfast and lunch.


Nan Sangak is the main part of some delicious Iranian foods. Kebab Koubideh with Nan Sangak is a traditional Iranian food. Kebab Koubideh, is Cholo-Kebab without Cholo !. Actually Iranians eat Kebab Koubideh with either Cholo or Nan Sangak. The other traditional Iranian food that is eaten with Nan Sangak, is Kale Pache


Kale Pache is very delicious, but how it’s made and what it is, is not very interesting ! Kale Pache that the means “Heads and foots” is inside meat of head and foot of a sheep !!!. When you see “Kale Pache” in your plate and want to eat it, you could not guess what is it, and it’s look like a very delicious meat, but when you look at its cooking bowl, it’s horrible !


Kale Pache has a special restaurant for itself, call “Tabakhi” or “Kale-Pache-ii”. Kale Pache is a breakfast and is eaten by Nan Sangak. When you want to go to mountain or hiking, etc, especially in holidays, it’s the best breakfast. Of course Kale Pache has a lot of fat, and it’s not a very healthy food. But you could eat it once in two or three months. Some Iranians hate Kale Pache (especially girls), but many girls and boys love Kale Pache, we included. Of course we just love eating Kale Pache, not cooking it, or seeing how they cook it !!


Dizi or Ab-Goosht , is one of the most traditional Iranian food, that is eaten by Nan Sangak. Goosht in Persian language means “meat” and “Ab” means “water”, so Ab-Goosht means “Water and Meat”. It is cooked mainly by boiled beans and legumes, Meat, potato, tomato, onion, and a lot of water. Eating Dizi has its own tradition and techniques! You must “Tilit”! (chopped and mixed) Nan Sangak in the water of Dizi. Then after eating this part, you should mash the meat, beans, and other parts with “Goosth-Kub” (Meat Masher! ). The result is called “Ghoosht Koubideh” and is eaten by Nan Sangak


Eating Dizi is a special experience, and all tourists experience it in Iran.

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