Libya and The Lunatic Left

It’s really shameful that some stupid and lunatic lefts say that :”Libya is like Iraq”! These stupid American and European lefts say: “Obama’s Libya War is Unconstitutional, Naïve, Hypocritical. Sounding just like George W. Bush when he attacked Iraq exactly eight years ago to the day, Obama said that military action against Libya was not our first resort. It is naïve to expect civilian casualties not to mount as a result of his actions, which he said were designed “to protect Libyan civilians.” Obama said “innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government.” but that’s true of the people of Yemen, etc. Obama launch the country into an armed conflict half a world away without a formal declaration of war by Congress” And we know that Vladimir Putin has compared the UN resolution authorising military action in Libya to “medieval calls for crusades”.

We should say to the stupid, lunatic, and naive lefts that: “ Libya is not Iraq “. Motherfuckers, Gaddafi killed 10,000 Libyans and you, bastards, shut your f-u-c-k-ing month. What was (and is) your alternative solution for Libya and helping poor Libyans? nothing, absolutely nothing, as usual. Motherfuckers, slaughtering the poor Libyans was not important for you, but now when 50 pro-Gaddadi thugs were killed, you scream like stupid bastards. Motherf-u-c-k-ers, you are naive, hypocrite and stupid. Motherf-u-c-k-ers, you are not anti-war, you are not pro-humanity, you are a bunch of selfish, racist, stupid, motherfucker bastards. Shame on you all. Yes, we should ask to stop killing any civilians; It’s so obvious. But it’s so ridiculous that we say, Libya is Iraq, or the world should stop helping the poor Libyans. It’s so ridiculous and shameful that we say “Gaddafi kill its own people, and its none of our business.” Motherf-u-c-k-ers, the stupid lunatic left, you are not human being, you have rotten minds. Your brains are rotten. Shame on you all.

Motherfuckers, we should call for helping the poor modern people, not Islamic or non-Islamic fascism, in Syria, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other suppressed nation. We should not say bullshit about Libya and poor Libyans. You, the stupid lunatic lefts, could change Libya into another Iraq by your stupid actions. Motherfuckers, you should be very happy that the poor Libyans and the whole world want to get rid of a brutal savage tyrant. We hope that the poor Libyans don’t hear your stupid and shameful voice. They could be deeply disappointed, if they hear these stupid bullshit form the left.

Certainly the US is not the police of the world, but certainly we need a real and efficient Global police for the world , and that’s very very vital, and that’s what the lunatic left, the great motherfucker left, don’t understand it.

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