Chavez, Gaddafi, and The Left

March 22, 2011

Some weeks ago, Hugo Chavez said that he won’t condemn Libyan leader Gaddafi He said: “We must be prudent. We know what our political line is. A campaign of lies is being spun together regarding Libya! …. I’m not going to condemn him (Gaddafi) I’d be a coward to condemn someone who has been my friend … The US has already said it’s ready to invade Libya, don’t you see? And almost all the countries of Europe are condemning Libya … What do they want. They are rubbing their hands together. Oil is what’s important to them”


Hugo Chavez, the great bastard, also wrote: “Viva Libya and its independence! Gaddafi is facing a civil war.” He warning that “thousands of Libyans will die” if American and Nato forces intervene in the conflict. He said: “The countries of the Bolivarian alliance are demanding the US and the world powers respect the people of Libya !!! It’s a lie that Gaddafi is going to come to Venezuela or go to Nicaragua. Gaddafi is not going anywhere, I’m sure. Gaddafi is among those men who die fighting. ” Opposition of Chavez ask him that he ask Gaddafi to return the replica of Bolivar’s sword, saying the government should explain why it gave the sword of the Liberator, Simon Bolivar, to an assassin like Gaddafi In fact, when protests against Gaddafi 41-year rule began to envelop Libya in late February, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez have been wondering if his 12-year-old regime could be next . So it was no surprise that, he said the above bullshits. Chavez is the man who received the al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights !!


These days many wise people say: “ While it’s understandable that you’d want to build this multipolar world against Western imperialism, if that multipolarism consists of Russia, China, and a bunch of authoritarian regimes then what use is a multipolar world? ” Indeed, the stupid lunatic left don’t understand this simple fact that “it’s acceptable that you fight against Western imperialism and Capitalism, but never ever it’s not acceptable that you support and help Puttin, Chavez, Castro, Khamenei, and other motherfuckers in the central America.” It’s really shameful that the left’s recommended alternative is something like Stalin’s world, Khamenei’s world, Chavez’s world, Putin’s world, Gaddafi’s world, or Castro’s world. We surely fuck the left’s world, and hate it more than current f-u-c-k-ing world.


Recently the stupid Sean Penn has visited Venezuela and Hugo Chavez to discuss Hugo’s proposal to send a peace commission to Libya !!! Shame on the lunatic left that support these bastards, Chavez, Gaddafi, Khamenei, AN, Islamic fascism, etc.


Libya and The Lunatic Left

March 22, 2011

It’s really shameful that some stupid and lunatic lefts say that :”Libya is like Iraq”! These stupid American and European lefts say: “Obama’s Libya War is Unconstitutional, Naïve, Hypocritical. Sounding just like George W. Bush when he attacked Iraq exactly eight years ago to the day, Obama said that military action against Libya was not our first resort. It is naïve to expect civilian casualties not to mount as a result of his actions, which he said were designed “to protect Libyan civilians.” Obama said “innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government.” but that’s true of the people of Yemen, etc. Obama launch the country into an armed conflict half a world away without a formal declaration of war by Congress” And we know that Vladimir Putin has compared the UN resolution authorising military action in Libya to “medieval calls for crusades”.

We should say to the stupid, lunatic, and naive lefts that: “ Libya is not Iraq “. Motherfuckers, Gaddafi killed 10,000 Libyans and you, bastards, shut your f-u-c-k-ing month. What was (and is) your alternative solution for Libya and helping poor Libyans? nothing, absolutely nothing, as usual. Motherfuckers, slaughtering the poor Libyans was not important for you, but now when 50 pro-Gaddadi thugs were killed, you scream like stupid bastards. Motherf-u-c-k-ers, you are naive, hypocrite and stupid. Motherf-u-c-k-ers, you are not anti-war, you are not pro-humanity, you are a bunch of selfish, racist, stupid, motherfucker bastards. Shame on you all. Yes, we should ask to stop killing any civilians; It’s so obvious. But it’s so ridiculous that we say, Libya is Iraq, or the world should stop helping the poor Libyans. It’s so ridiculous and shameful that we say “Gaddafi kill its own people, and its none of our business.” Motherf-u-c-k-ers, the stupid lunatic left, you are not human being, you have rotten minds. Your brains are rotten. Shame on you all.

Motherfuckers, we should call for helping the poor modern people, not Islamic or non-Islamic fascism, in Syria, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other suppressed nation. We should not say bullshit about Libya and poor Libyans. You, the stupid lunatic lefts, could change Libya into another Iraq by your stupid actions. Motherfuckers, you should be very happy that the poor Libyans and the whole world want to get rid of a brutal savage tyrant. We hope that the poor Libyans don’t hear your stupid and shameful voice. They could be deeply disappointed, if they hear these stupid bullshit form the left.

Certainly the US is not the police of the world, but certainly we need a real and efficient Global police for the world , and that’s very very vital, and that’s what the lunatic left, the great motherfucker left, don’t understand it.

Traditional Iranian Foods

March 22, 2011

Some Iranian foods have a long story. Baking bread with hot stones and rocks, mixing a lot of water with small parts of meat, eating the inner meat of sheep, etc. have a long story in Iran. Of course many of these foods are delicious and very good.


Nan Sangak (stone bread), is the most famous and most delicious Iranian bread. Nan Sangak is baked over hot small pieces of rocks/stones. Nan or Noun in Persian language means “bread”, and “Sang” means rock or stone. Iranians eat most of their traditional foods with Nan Sangak. Iranians love Nan Sangak, we included. It’s very good for breakfast and lunch.


Nan Sangak is the main part of some delicious Iranian foods. Kebab Koubideh with Nan Sangak is a traditional Iranian food. Kebab Koubideh, is Cholo-Kebab without Cholo !. Actually Iranians eat Kebab Koubideh with either Cholo or Nan Sangak. The other traditional Iranian food that is eaten with Nan Sangak, is Kale Pache


Kale Pache is very delicious, but how it’s made and what it is, is not very interesting ! Kale Pache that the means “Heads and foots” is inside meat of head and foot of a sheep !!!. When you see “Kale Pache” in your plate and want to eat it, you could not guess what is it, and it’s look like a very delicious meat, but when you look at its cooking bowl, it’s horrible !


Kale Pache has a special restaurant for itself, call “Tabakhi” or “Kale-Pache-ii”. Kale Pache is a breakfast and is eaten by Nan Sangak. When you want to go to mountain or hiking, etc, especially in holidays, it’s the best breakfast. Of course Kale Pache has a lot of fat, and it’s not a very healthy food. But you could eat it once in two or three months. Some Iranians hate Kale Pache (especially girls), but many girls and boys love Kale Pache, we included. Of course we just love eating Kale Pache, not cooking it, or seeing how they cook it !!


Dizi or Ab-Goosht , is one of the most traditional Iranian food, that is eaten by Nan Sangak. Goosht in Persian language means “meat” and “Ab” means “water”, so Ab-Goosht means “Water and Meat”. It is cooked mainly by boiled beans and legumes, Meat, potato, tomato, onion, and a lot of water. Eating Dizi has its own tradition and techniques! You must “Tilit”! (chopped and mixed) Nan Sangak in the water of Dizi. Then after eating this part, you should mash the meat, beans, and other parts with “Goosth-Kub” (Meat Masher! ). The result is called “Ghoosht Koubideh” and is eaten by Nan Sangak


Eating Dizi is a special experience, and all tourists experience it in Iran.