Nowruz and Iranian Foods

Iranian Culture like other culture have its pros and cons. We have many criticisms of Iranian Culture, but without any doubt Iranian Foods are the most delicious part of Iranian Culture! Iranians have a very good taste for foods, and it has a root in the ancient history. Iranian Foods are among the best in the world, delicious and proper for any international taste.


Iranians should get rid of Islamic regime and then try to develop and boost tourism. One of the most important tourist attraction of Iran, is the Iranian foods. We think that countries like Iran, Italy, France, the US, etc. have a very good taste for foods. But Iran, because of f-u-c-k-ing Mullahs, is not part of international community and could not show the world its culture and legacy.


Sabzi-Polo , that is a dish of rice, chopped herbs, and fish. In Persian, Sabz means Green, and Sabzi can refer to herbs or vegetables. “Polo” is a style of cooked rice, known in English as pilaf. Iranians traditionally eat Sabzi Polo with “white fish” for lunch on Nowruz, with their family and relatives.


Ajil is probably the most common snack enjoyed and offered in Persian homes. It is served alone alongside fresh fruit, sweets, tea, sherbet, and sometimes liquor on a wide variety of occasions: parties, casual meetings, picnics, new year ceremonies, Haft Sinn, etc. Some like to carry Ajil along to eat as they go for a stroll, wait in lines, or attend the movies. The afternoon snack (Tanaqqolat) of Naser-al-din Shah Qajar included Ajil of thirteen different items, each in a separate bowl!


Cholo Kebab is the most famous Iranian food. It could be a national food. Cholo Kebab has some different kind, like Koubideh, Barg, Soltani, etc. “Cholo” is a synonym of “Polo”! (Of course they have a little technical difference!, but for us that eat them, they are alike!). Every Iranian and non-Iranian that we see, love Cholo Kebeb. If Iranians have a little international power, Cholo Kebab could be an international food, more famous and more delicious than Hamburger or Pizza.


All people love Cholo-Kabab, even little kids ! You should try it.

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