Iranian Axis of Evil

“Iranian Axis of Evil” could be a good and funny term for referring to the most reactionary Iranian groups and their leaders. Iranian Axis of Evil, or the triangle of evil, are: 1-Khamenei 2-Reza Pahlavi 3-Rajavi. These three bastards are the leaders of the most reactionary Iranians, i.e. Islamists, Monarchists, and Islamist-Communists! There are some interesting points about these three groups and their leaders:

– All of them are a tiny minority inside Iran.
– All of them have just foreign support. The US & UK support them.
– More than 90% of Iranians inside Iran, hate these bastards.
– All of them are corrupt, charlatan, reactionary and brutal.
– All of them have betrayed their country for money.
– All of them pretend that the majority of Iranians support them!
– All of them pretend that they want freedom and democracy.
– All of them think that the youth are as foolish as them.
– All of these three bastards, are dictator.
– All of these three bastards, are dead clown in Iran.
– All of these three bastards have a f-u-c-k-ing noble title.
– Khamenei is “Imam”, Pahlavi is “Shah”, Rajavi is “big brother”.

Shame on them all

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