When Intellectuals become Dumb

As we said before, Chomsky seems like a lunatic left . An Intellectual is a well-educated person who spends time thinking about complicated ideas and discussing them. He or she could change his/her mind and thoughts easily and doesn’t live in an imaginary world of dogmatic or traditional thoughts, views and values. The number of the real intellectuals are a few. Many people just claim that they are intellectual, while they are just hypocrite or ignorant persons. Unfortunately many intellects, even some iconoclast and pioneer ones, just repeat the cliche. Even some one like Noam Chomsky, that many people think that he is a real intellectual, is among them and even defends the Islamic regime. These intellects repeat the cliche, like: ‘ Many Iranians are angry at the regime, but many could still be a minority; we have no way to tell. ‘ They could not understand that If the Iranian protesters were minority, then the regime certainly would hold a free referendum under the international eyes and would show the world that Mullahs has the majority.

Today, an Iranian fan of Noam Chomsky, Amirhosein A., has sent a comment for us and said some the emotionally-driven statements. Maybe he could not read our article with enough patience, but because some of his false reasons are like many others in Iran, we answer to them. He said : “Basing your judgment on personal opinions/preferences, and concluding a general statement for a 75-million-strong population is not the best practice.” But he has not read our first sentences: “Noam Chomsky is a great man for many people, but not for many Iranians ” And the last sentence in first paragraph: “Actually we, i.e. part of Iranian people , are angered by Noam Chomsky and his unbelievable foolishness”. He and other Noam Chomsky’s fans in Iran and the West could be more patience. It’s just the beginning and we have a lot criticisms of Chomsky, and you could hear them all, and think about them seriously. Noam Chomsky’s fan said: “Chomsky gives interviews to anyone interested in asking him questions, be it Iranian state TV, Israeli press, Palestinian press, US, African …The act of exchanging ideas does not imply support for those parties.” Noam Chomsky’s fans don’t know about “The War of Nerves” and “The Open Society and Its Enemies “. They think that not only the fascism and the Nazism should feel free, but also we could work with them in the name of freedom and democracy!! This false reason is exactly the same as the great mistake of the stupid Left in 1930s. We, the authors, believe in The Open Society, but know its Enemies, and know how to fight with its enemies. We are familiar with “War of Nerves” and dirty tricks of the Islamic fascism. We don’t allow them to play with us and the people. We are not the new students of the school of freedom and democracy. We know the enemies of the open society and don’t allow them to destroy the freedom and democracy in the name of freedom and democracy

Noam Chomsky’s fan said: ” you say about “The people who live under a tyranny, gradually make a deep hate against it and all things that are related to it, and go completely in the exact opposite direction” but Who proved such a generality as a fact? who says this?” We should say to Noam Chomsky’s fans that they should read more books. They should not just listen to Noam Chomsky. They must read these masterpieces: Will Durrant’s “The story of Civilization” , Crane Brinton’s “The Anatomy of Revolution”, and Karl popper’s “The open societies and its Enemies”. The Noam Chomsky’s fan said: You either have no idea about the status quo in the other countries in the region, or receive your news from a cherry-picked source … Press TV, like it or not, is a press” We have reasonable doubt him. He could be a Khamenei’s dog/thug. (he could be a naive person, too). Noam Chomsky’s fans should know that USSR’s Pravda, Nazi’s papers, and Goebbels’ propaganda were like “Press TV”, and were not not press. They should know more about “The War of Nerves” of the Enemies of The Open Society. The War of Nerves has a simple definition: ‘An attempt to fight against an enemy or to deceive public opinion, by threatening them, or by spreading false information, false rumors, etc’. The Islamic regime’s dogs/thugs are very active in the cyber space and they are very expert in the War of Nerves. Actually the regime train them, and they are well-trained dogs. But we know that the enemies of the open society want to destroy the freedom and democracy in the name of freedom and democracy. We know that Khamenei’s cyber army want to make use of the War of Nerves, by spreading false information. But we certainly don’t allow them to do it here, in this website.

We believe in what Karl Popper (1902-1994), said in the great book “The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945) “. We know that the enemies of the open society want to destroy the freedom and democracy in the name of freedom and democracy. We don’t defend them in the name of freedom and Independence. The savage and reactionary regimes like the Islamic regime, that is worse than any other brutal regime in the world, should be boycotted. The US intellects should try to understand this important but obvious fact. They should not defend the Islamic regime, even in the name of of freedom and Independence. It’s a historical mistake. They have not learned the lessons of Hitler and Stalin. In fact, they are blind and can not see The Apparent Paradox of The West We have a lot of these fake or false intellectuals in Iran, too. And we would write about them later.

This is the second article of Noam Chomsky vs Iranians series.

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