VOA or VOM ?

The Voice Of America (VOA) is becoming the Voice Of Mullahs (VOM) This old report says: “On March 17, 2010, Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican, sent a letter to President Obama signed by 69 members of Congress requesting that the White House “investigate reported mismanagement and bias at VOA Farsi … The lawmakers expressed concern over ‘the apparent lack of oversight regarding the management, staffing, mission and content of VOA Farsi (VOA-PNN) broadcasting.’ … Cases in point are two VOA broadcasts that gave preferred treatment to pro-regime messages. On March 2010, VOA Faris interviewed Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi , an pro-regime lobbyist. Amir-Ahmadi expressed the view that Iran’s belligerent posture and nuclear program are the natural results of being surrounded by U.S. missiles and bombs; hence, progress can come only through the US softening its policies toward Tehran. On April 1, VOA gave airtime to Trita Parsi , head of NIAC, which has received millions of dollars in federal funds to promote democracy in Iran. VOA gave Parsi preferential treatment by banning callers while he was on the air even though he appeared on a call-in show; those who later took issue with his views were quickly cut off. Parsi was the subject of an investigation by the Senate federal financial management subcommittee, which revealed that most of the federal funds received by NIAC were not used for their intended purpose and that he was working with a regime-controlled front posing as an Iranian nongovernmental organization . These and other developments have generated buzz in the pro-democracy Iranian blogosphere that VOA has become a pro-mullah outlet … Meanwhile, if VOA is telling Iranians struggling for freedom that resistance is futile, we hope Tehran keeps jamming it ” Now in 2011, under “Ramin Asgrard”, VOA has become VOM again, i.e. Voice Of Monarchists (VOM), we would write about it later.

VOA show us the US policy. Last year VOA Farsi showed all Iranians that the US wanted to make a secret deal with Mullahs. Iranians asked: Why did the head’s of VOA, i.e. the US authorities, expel Houshang Baharlou? Houshang Baharlou was the director of VOA Farsi for more 20 years. He was a anti-regime and Iranians were sure about it. But why do the US and VOA Farsi change him at that critical time? It was and is the main question of Iranians. In 2009, the US could keep Houshang Baharlou, if they really were the enemy of Khamenei. But they changed him, and after that VOA Farsi became a pro-regime media. Iranians are skeptical about Ramin Asgard, the new director of VOA Farsi, and say: ” While in Dubai, Asgard did promote scientific and cultural exchanges with Iran , which was – and remains – the policy of the U.S. government. It seems the governing board is intent on continuing the aimless drifting of VOA Persian. This appointment of someone with questionable qualification and known leanings and cooperation with a lobbyist, whose extensive contacts and friendship with the Islamist Rapist officials are a matter of public record, is another example of what US policy toward Islamist Rapists is suffering from . Both Setareh Derakhshesh and Shahriar Ahi ( Houshang Baharlou’s friends ) who were under consideration for the position, would had been a 100% improvement over this new head of Persian service. On the job training and amateur hour at VOA to continue.”

Last year Obama still held out hope of reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran. Obama sent at least two secret letter to Khamenei These days many commentators say: “Today the White House has come to the conclusion that they can’t reach a modus vivendi with a regime that seemingly needs them as an adversary.” But the US needs the Khamenei’s regime as an adversary, as well. We would write about it later.

This is the seventh article of The Invisible Hands series. The second one was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA . The third was Shame on Iranian Journalists . The fourth one was A Terrorist at Princeton Universitys The fifth was Mullah Mafia in USA and the sixth was American Left and Mullah Mafia

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