Inheritors of Cyrus the Great

Iranians say: “We are the Inheritors of Cyrus the Great. We are the sons and the daughters of Cyrus the Great”. But who is Cyrus the Great? and why are Iranians proud of Cyrus the Great? Will Durant, in his masterpiece “The Story of Civilization” tell us, who is Cyrus the Great. In the volume 1, “Our Oriental Heritage”, Will Durant says: “Cyrus was one of those natural rulers … Royal in spirit and action, capable of wise administration as well as of dramatic conquest, generous to the defeated and loved by those who had been his enemies- no wonder the Greeks made him the subject of innumerable romances, and- to their minds- the greatest hero before Alexander. … His enemies knew that he was lenient, and they did not fight him with that desperate courage which men show when their only choice is to kill or die. We have seen how, according to Herodotus, he rescued Croesus from the funeral pyre at Sardis, and made him one of his most honored counselors; and we have seen how magnanimously he treated the Jews. The first principle of his policy was that the various peoples of his empire should be left free in their religious worship and beliefs, … Instead of sacking cities and wrecking temples he showed a courteous respect for the deities of the conquered, and contributed to maintain their shrines … Like Napoleon he accepted indifferently all religions, and- with much better grace- humored all the gods

Will Durant adds:”Darius I, in an inscription at Naksh-i-Rustam, described himself as “a Persian, the son of a Persian, an Aryan of Aryan descent.” The Zoroastrians spoke of their primitive land as Airyana-vaejo – “the Aryan home.”Strabo applied the name Ariana to what is now called by essentially the same word”. Will Durant add: “The Persians were apparently the handsomest people of the ancient Near East. The monuments picture them as erect and vigorous, made hardy by their mountains and yet refined by their wealth, with a pleasing symmetry of features, an almost Greek straightness of nose, and a certain nobility of countenance and carriage. They considered it indecent to reveal more than the face; clothing covered them from turban, fillet or cap to sandals or leather shoes. Triple drawers, a white under-garment of linen, a double tunic, with sleeves hiding the hands, and a girdle at the waist, kept the population warm in winter and hot in summer. The dress of the women differed from that of the men only in a slit at the breast. The men wore long beards and hung their hair in curls, or, later, covered it with wigs. In the wealthier days of the empire men as well as women made much use of cosmetics; creams were employed to improve the complexion, and coloring matter was applied to the eyelids to increase the apparent size and brilliance of the eyes. A special class of “adorners,” called kosmetai by the Greeks, arose as beauty experts to the aristocracy. The Persians were connoisseurs in scents, and were believed by the ancients to have invented cosmetic creams. .”

These days, wise Iranians say: “We are Iranian/Persian, We are inheritors of Cyrus the Great, We are one of the first civilizations on our planet earth … we art not chauvinist or stupid nationalist, we are global citizen, but you, the foreigners, should know who Iranians are; you should know that Mullahs, Khamenei, and Mr. shit are not our representatives. They are our enemy. They are Arabs, and of course the meanest Arabs. We are Iranian, not Arab. We respect Arabs, and they have good guys and bad guys, as any other nations, but Arab bad guys are our historical enemy, and you should be aware of it. Many of ignorant western people think that Iranians are Arab. It’s like that we think English people are French, or English language is the same as French language, because both have the same alphabet ( Actually French and English alphabets have difference, but it is less than the difference between Arabic and Persian alphabets) The historical story of French and English, is like our story with Arabs.” In fact, Iranians are not Arab. They have Charshanbe Soori, the ancient Fire Festival , the root of Halloween . They have the ancient Nowruz, the 15,000 years feat for the return of spring and the end of winter and darkness And you, the foreigners, should know them better.

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