VOA or VOM ?

March 18, 2011

The Voice Of America (VOA) is becoming the Voice Of Mullahs (VOM) This old report says: “On March 17, 2010, Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican, sent a letter to President Obama signed by 69 members of Congress requesting that the White House “investigate reported mismanagement and bias at VOA Farsi … The lawmakers expressed concern over ‘the apparent lack of oversight regarding the management, staffing, mission and content of VOA Farsi (VOA-PNN) broadcasting.’ … Cases in point are two VOA broadcasts that gave preferred treatment to pro-regime messages. On March 2010, VOA Faris interviewed Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi , an pro-regime lobbyist. Amir-Ahmadi expressed the view that Iran’s belligerent posture and nuclear program are the natural results of being surrounded by U.S. missiles and bombs; hence, progress can come only through the US softening its policies toward Tehran. On April 1, VOA gave airtime to Trita Parsi , head of NIAC, which has received millions of dollars in federal funds to promote democracy in Iran. VOA gave Parsi preferential treatment by banning callers while he was on the air even though he appeared on a call-in show; those who later took issue with his views were quickly cut off. Parsi was the subject of an investigation by the Senate federal financial management subcommittee, which revealed that most of the federal funds received by NIAC were not used for their intended purpose and that he was working with a regime-controlled front posing as an Iranian nongovernmental organization . These and other developments have generated buzz in the pro-democracy Iranian blogosphere that VOA has become a pro-mullah outlet … Meanwhile, if VOA is telling Iranians struggling for freedom that resistance is futile, we hope Tehran keeps jamming it ” Now in 2011, under “Ramin Asgrard”, VOA has become VOM again, i.e. Voice Of Monarchists (VOM), we would write about it later.

VOA show us the US policy. Last year VOA Farsi showed all Iranians that the US wanted to make a secret deal with Mullahs. Iranians asked: Why did the head’s of VOA, i.e. the US authorities, expel Houshang Baharlou? Houshang Baharlou was the director of VOA Farsi for more 20 years. He was a anti-regime and Iranians were sure about it. But why do the US and VOA Farsi change him at that critical time? It was and is the main question of Iranians. In 2009, the US could keep Houshang Baharlou, if they really were the enemy of Khamenei. But they changed him, and after that VOA Farsi became a pro-regime media. Iranians are skeptical about Ramin Asgard, the new director of VOA Farsi, and say: ” While in Dubai, Asgard did promote scientific and cultural exchanges with Iran , which was – and remains – the policy of the U.S. government. It seems the governing board is intent on continuing the aimless drifting of VOA Persian. This appointment of someone with questionable qualification and known leanings and cooperation with a lobbyist, whose extensive contacts and friendship with the Islamist Rapist officials are a matter of public record, is another example of what US policy toward Islamist Rapists is suffering from . Both Setareh Derakhshesh and Shahriar Ahi ( Houshang Baharlou’s friends ) who were under consideration for the position, would had been a 100% improvement over this new head of Persian service. On the job training and amateur hour at VOA to continue.”

Last year Obama still held out hope of reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran. Obama sent at least two secret letter to Khamenei These days many commentators say: “Today the White House has come to the conclusion that they can’t reach a modus vivendi with a regime that seemingly needs them as an adversary.” But the US needs the Khamenei’s regime as an adversary, as well. We would write about it later.

This is the seventh article of The Invisible Hands series. The second one was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA . The third was Shame on Iranian Journalists . The fourth one was A Terrorist at Princeton Universitys The fifth was Mullah Mafia in USA and the sixth was American Left and Mullah Mafia

Inheritors of Cyrus the Great

March 18, 2011

Iranians say: “We are the Inheritors of Cyrus the Great. We are the sons and the daughters of Cyrus the Great”. But who is Cyrus the Great? and why are Iranians proud of Cyrus the Great? Will Durant, in his masterpiece “The Story of Civilization” tell us, who is Cyrus the Great. In the volume 1, “Our Oriental Heritage”, Will Durant says: “Cyrus was one of those natural rulers … Royal in spirit and action, capable of wise administration as well as of dramatic conquest, generous to the defeated and loved by those who had been his enemies- no wonder the Greeks made him the subject of innumerable romances, and- to their minds- the greatest hero before Alexander. … His enemies knew that he was lenient, and they did not fight him with that desperate courage which men show when their only choice is to kill or die. We have seen how, according to Herodotus, he rescued Croesus from the funeral pyre at Sardis, and made him one of his most honored counselors; and we have seen how magnanimously he treated the Jews. The first principle of his policy was that the various peoples of his empire should be left free in their religious worship and beliefs, … Instead of sacking cities and wrecking temples he showed a courteous respect for the deities of the conquered, and contributed to maintain their shrines … Like Napoleon he accepted indifferently all religions, and- with much better grace- humored all the gods

Will Durant adds:”Darius I, in an inscription at Naksh-i-Rustam, described himself as “a Persian, the son of a Persian, an Aryan of Aryan descent.” The Zoroastrians spoke of their primitive land as Airyana-vaejo – “the Aryan home.”Strabo applied the name Ariana to what is now called by essentially the same word”. Will Durant add: “The Persians were apparently the handsomest people of the ancient Near East. The monuments picture them as erect and vigorous, made hardy by their mountains and yet refined by their wealth, with a pleasing symmetry of features, an almost Greek straightness of nose, and a certain nobility of countenance and carriage. They considered it indecent to reveal more than the face; clothing covered them from turban, fillet or cap to sandals or leather shoes. Triple drawers, a white under-garment of linen, a double tunic, with sleeves hiding the hands, and a girdle at the waist, kept the population warm in winter and hot in summer. The dress of the women differed from that of the men only in a slit at the breast. The men wore long beards and hung their hair in curls, or, later, covered it with wigs. In the wealthier days of the empire men as well as women made much use of cosmetics; creams were employed to improve the complexion, and coloring matter was applied to the eyelids to increase the apparent size and brilliance of the eyes. A special class of “adorners,” called kosmetai by the Greeks, arose as beauty experts to the aristocracy. The Persians were connoisseurs in scents, and were believed by the ancients to have invented cosmetic creams. .”

These days, wise Iranians say: “We are Iranian/Persian, We are inheritors of Cyrus the Great, We are one of the first civilizations on our planet earth … we art not chauvinist or stupid nationalist, we are global citizen, but you, the foreigners, should know who Iranians are; you should know that Mullahs, Khamenei, and Mr. shit are not our representatives. They are our enemy. They are Arabs, and of course the meanest Arabs. We are Iranian, not Arab. We respect Arabs, and they have good guys and bad guys, as any other nations, but Arab bad guys are our historical enemy, and you should be aware of it. Many of ignorant western people think that Iranians are Arab. It’s like that we think English people are French, or English language is the same as French language, because both have the same alphabet ( Actually French and English alphabets have difference, but it is less than the difference between Arabic and Persian alphabets) The historical story of French and English, is like our story with Arabs.” In fact, Iranians are not Arab. They have Charshanbe Soori, the ancient Fire Festival , the root of Halloween . They have the ancient Nowruz, the 15,000 years feat for the return of spring and the end of winter and darkness And you, the foreigners, should know them better.

How Iranians Live (film)

March 18, 2011

Iranians love movie, maybe like the majority of human beings. Here Iranians love film directors like Robert Altman, Woody Allen, Kubrick, Coen Brothers, Frank Darabont, Billy Wilder, etc. Here Iranians love movie stars like Al Pacino, De Niro, Huffman, Leo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Monica Bellucci, Cameron Diaz, Paz Vega etc. Here we could watch all movies and serials (TV series). Here we have watched all seasons of “24”, “Lost”, “S-e-x And The City”, etc. Here, you know, with some dollar you could find the high quality DVD of any movie. But the state TV show Hollywood movies, and it has another interesting story. In the holiday seasons, especially in Nowruz, the state TV (and you know, we don’t have any private TV in Iran) show a lot of movies, that most of them are new Hollywood movies. But the interesting point is that they censor many parts of these movies. For example a movie that is 120 min, is shown in 80min or less. Watching movie in the state TV is just like seeing some excerpts of the original movie! But many Iranians watch these excerpts and then decide whether they want to buy and watch the original movie or not! Watching movie in the state TV could be a very funny, of course if you don’t lose your nerve. When you watch Hollywood movies in TV, you could hear (or say yourself): “Mother-f-u-c-k-e-r where is that part … Bastards where is that part” And that’s because generally someone has watched the movie (even 2011 movies!) earlier, or could guess where is censored. The state TV often change the plot or the whole scenario of a movie! All girlfriends or boyfriends become bother and sister, or fiance. Iranians ask each other “Are all Americans brother or sister of each other ??!!” Wine in the movie become water ! Many dialogue of actors are changed when the movie is dubbed into Persian, etc. It’s very funny.

Some years ago, the state TV showed “Once Upon a Time in America”(1984). This movie is 4hour, but they showed it in 90min! Many Iranians ask why the TV censor films, and why they choose films that should be censored a lot. One of our jokes says that ” the state TV showed “Basic Instinct”, but did not show Sharon Stone at all”. In fact, they did the same thing with “Gangs of New York”(2002), and showed it without showing Cameron Diaz, and actually they remove the character of Cameron Diaz from the whole scenario !! But in the past years the state TV has showed some good movies like: “Transformers” (2007), “Blood Diamond” (2006), Cold Mountain (2003), “Green Miles” (1999), “Cinema Paradiso”(1990), “Charlie & the Chocolate Factor”(2005), “The Hours”(2002), “Children of Men”(2006), “Shawshank Redemption”(1994), “In Bruges”(2008), “Pursuit of Happyness”(2006), “The Mist”(2007), “Insomnia”(2002), “The Godfather 1,2,3”, “Forest Gump”(1994), “The Sixth Sense”(1999), “21 Grams”(2003), “Mystic River”(2003), “A Beautiful Mind”(2001), “American Beauty”(1999), “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence”(2001), “Paris, Texas”(1984), “Cast Away”(2000), “Wall E”(2009), “Stranger Than Fiction”(2006), “Wild Strawberries”(1957), “The Weather Man”(2005), “The Matrix 1,2,3”, “Catch Me If You Can”(2002), “There Will Be Blood”(2007), etc.. These films are good, and you could watch them, if you didn’t. And Here are a list of good movies that you can watch in your holidays, maybe in your Nowruz! or New Year holidays. It’s our “Eydi” for you !

Comedies movies:

“Euro Trip” (2004), “How to lose a Guy in 10 Days”(2003), “Bruce Almighty”(2003), “Intolerable Cruelty”(2003), “There’s Something About Mary”(1998), “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”(2005), “Fun with Dick and Jane”(2005), “Mean Girls”(2004), “Boogie Nights”(1997), “The Sweetest Thing”(2002), “13 Going on 30″(2004), “Meet the Fockers”(2004), “Hangover” (2009), “Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls”(2009), “Chicago”(2002)

Other movies:

“Kramer vs. Kramer”(1979), “The Dreamers”(2003), “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”(2004), “Scent Of a Woman”(1992) , “Pulp Fiction”(1994), “Bitter Moon”(1992), “Midnight Cowboy”(1969), “Malena”(2000), “Irreversible”(2002), “Little Children”(2006), “Chocolate”(2000), “Amadeus”(1984), “Intimacy”(2001), Persepolise”(2007), “Goodfellas”(1990), “Paris, I Love You”(2006), “Little Miss Sunshine”(2006), “Leaving Los Vegas”(1995), “Magnolia”(1999), “Precious”(2009) + All Woody Allen’s movies, All Robert Altman’s movies, All Jean-Pierre Juenet’s movie, All Sergio Leone’s movies, All David Lean’s movies, All Coen Brothers’ movies, All Frank Darabont’s movies, All Kubrick’s movies, All Billy Wilder’s movies, and All Jack Nicholson’s movies.

American Left and Mullah Mafia

March 18, 2011

Do you know that the notorious Trita Parsi write for Huffingtonpost ??!! Trita Parsi came to the US in 2001 from Sweden, where his family found refuge in 1978 before the full onslaught of the Islamic Revolution. In fact, he has not been live inside Iran, and could not understand the meaning of life under the religious tyranny, even if he really wants to know. An interesting fact is that Trita Parsi is the author of “Treacherous Alliance- The Secret Dealings of Iran, I-s-r-a-e-l and the US ” (Yale University Press, 2007) Could you believe this ?! Treacherous Alliance is the recipient of the Grawemeyer 2010 Award for Improving the World Order !, and the 2008 Arthur Ross Silver Medallion. In fact, Trita Parsi wrote his Doctoral thesis on I-s-r-a-e-l-i-Iranian relations under Professor Francis Fukuyama (and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, etc.) at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Now, we could guess who is he. He is a protege and stooge of Fukuyama and Brzezinski. Trita Parsi coauthored an article with J Street leader Jeremy Ben-Ami on the Huffington Post that argued for diplomacy with Iran, despite the fact that diplomacy has repeatedly failed. Yet that failed policy was what got President Obama to be silent on the pro-democracy demonstrators and the Iranian regime’s crackdown of them . The Iranian officials are not alone in hyping NIAC and Parsi’s performance. In October 2007, the organization boasted on its website a New York Times report by Roger Cohen claiming that “NIAC represents about one million Iranian-Americans ! “, while they have about 500 to 1000 members! In September 2009, Hillary Clinton invited a group of “Iran experts” to a dinner. Among the guests was Trita Parsi. After the Iranian regime started cracking down on protestors in the wake of the June presidential elections, Parsi was hardly alone in the realization that he was caught on the wrong side of a historic divide. His interests and his hypocrisy implied that he should keep a safe distance form the regime, but he and NIAC continue to lobby for the Khamenei’s regime.

It seems that the American Think Tanks and academic circles provide a unique opportunity for Iranian officials to be recycled as scholars. It is difficult to believe that only in Boston, three of Iranian former deputy foreign ministers have been recruited by Harvard University. M. Jaffar Mahallati, Farhad Atai, both academicians as well as board member of ILEX foundation in Boston . Olega Davidson that was a board member of AIC that was founded by Hooshang Amirahamdi, founded the Ilex foundation in Boston . The Co-founder and trustee of this “cultural” foundation has been M. J. Mahallati. He was Iranian ambassador to the UN and a deputy foreign minister. Another Iranian deputy minister, Farhad Atai is also working in Ilex foundation. Then, there is the head of the Iranian lobby in US, Abbas Maleki , a former revolutionary guard, a deputy foreign minister for 8 years who was, and the director of International Affairs at the Expediency Council until 2006, till he started his U.S. career in Harvard. In fact, these Mullahs’ diplomats are recycled as scholars in Harvard, Princeton or other fine American institutes. Abbas Maleki, A former revolutionary guard, a high ranking Iranian diplomat, and now a senior fellow at Harvard, is a prominent figure of the Mullahs lobby in the US. Abbas Maleki has been the deputy foreign minister (1989-1997), advisor to the Supreme Leader until 2003 and the director of International Affairs at the Expediency Council until 2006. In a series of articles and speeches in Tehran, Maleki has recently elaborated on “How to combat the US “. Maleki identifies AIPAC (Pro-I-s-r-a-e-l-i lobby) as a role model for a successful PR campaign. (Iranian Diplomacy, March 27, 2008) A former regime’s diplomat and a revolutionary guard who lucratively benefits from his several oil related activities in Iran, suddenly has decided that he wants to pursue a carrier in scholarship. He conspicuously ends up in Harvard. Does his Iranian academic achievements open doors to professorship in Harvard ?!

This is the sixth article of The Invisible Hands series. The second one was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA . The third was Shame on Iranian Journalists . The fourth one was A Terrorist at Princeton Universitys and the fifth was Mullah Mafia in USA