Libya’s Tragedy Reveals …

‘Gaddafi will kill everyone. Do something. Please…’, Hana El-Gallal a law professor from Benghazi said. He added: “The global community must act to stop Gaddafi . We in Benghazi, in what is left of Free Libya, have a very simple message for the Security Council. Please, do something. We are desperate for your help and you must do it now. It is the time to act and if you don’t there will be genocide. We are called rebels, but we are not rebels. We are a people that simply wants the same freedoms and liberties enjoyed by the people in the West. For 42 years, one man and his family have denied the people of Libya their dignity”. Libyans battle to hold strategic eastern cities against a punishing offensive by forces loyal to Gaddafi, voicing anger and frustration at the West for not coming to their aid. Libyans say:” People are fed up. They are waiting impatiently for an international move. What Gaddafi is doing, he is exploiting delays by international community. People are very angry that no action is being taken against Gaddafi’s weaponry “. Supporters in the U.N. Security Council were trying to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, but Russia, Germany, and the US have expressed doubts. A couple of young Libyans latched on to Lady Ashton’s opposition, as the EU’s foreign minister, to a no-fly zone on the grounds that it could lead to targeted air strikes and civilian casualties. Or as Ashton put it, “collateral damage”. “That’s just an excuse not to do anything, What does she think we’ll be if Gaddafi catches us? ” said Jamal Mahmoud, a young Libyan. He added: “A lot more people will die if the west lets Gaddafi win. That’s what Gaddafi does. He kills people. He never made a secret of it.” Some wise people in the West truly say: “Washington delay over Libya. Gaddafi tries to defeat rebels before international support pays off. Gaddafi’s forces will recapture Benghazi and with it the whole of Libya, then it will be down to the international community’s procrastination and indecision. The wait-and-see school of international relations has led to massacres in Bosnia, Iraq and Rwanda in the last 20 years. And, thanks to western dithering and inertia on the part of nations like Germany, Russia and the US, it will result in the death of the rebellion in Libya too. If Benghazi falls, the blood of martyrs will stain not only Gaddafi’s hands, but all of those who watched the revolution’s failure with indifference

Now we could be sure that the world needs a new order. The stupid western politicians show us that they are on the wrong side of history. They are too foolish for doing the global duties. We need a some sort of organized “Global Community”, with direct democracy. The poor human beings should not ask these stupid bastard politicians for help (“Please, do something”). They should directly involved themselves in doing the global duties.

The United States of Humans = The United Nations of Humans

When we look at Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Britannia, Greece, Italy, the US, Iran, and all other countries, we can see a series of common problems and common matters. The Libyans fight against the savage Gaddafi and the international reaction to butchery is horrible. The American people fight against the big corporations, Wall Street, the banks, the Fortune 500, and a class of millionaires and billionaires. The British students fight against the stupid Cameron and the Conservative system in the UK. The Egyptians fight against the corrupt tyrant. The Greeks fight against the economical problems and the corrupt system. The Italians fight against the corrupt ruler and the Mafioso government. And the Iranians fight against the corrupt religious tyranny. These global and common problems show us that we need something like The United States of Humans . We should have a global structure for our global community, that could be flexible, decentralized, undiscriminating, and efficient. These new global system could make use of the new technologies. All the people around the world could participate in making the global decisions. The global community could experience some sort of “Direct Democracy”. It’s obvious that the global organizations and framework of 1910s, or 1940s are not proper for 2010s. In the new order, the stupid western politicians should not have veto power, the UN should not be controlled by the stupid American or western politicians, and the UN should have a global police.

Something like The United States of Humans is just the first step. Later maybe we would need something like “The United States of All Creators in The Galaxy”, after we could find other intelligence life in the Galaxy. And after that maybe we would need something like “The United States of All Creators in the Whole Universe”. But now, and at first, we should take the first steps towards the better future for all human beings in our planet earth. We need a world without national and any kind of boundaries. Without any kind of borders, passports, visas.

[All the above stories about Libya and other countries, are extracted from Western media’s reports in the past months. You could find the list of Western media that we used in the sidebar]

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