The Iranian and The Spanish

The Iranian’s looks are the same as the Spanish looks. Actually you could not recognize them. Look at this woman:


If you don’t know that she is Ana Pastor, it’s impossible to tell that she is not Iranian !! Actually the Iranian are like the Italian, too. The Iranian, the Spanish, and the Italian, are totally the same, until they open their mouths. We could experience it in the Metro of Paris, in the Metro of London, and in other metropolitan cities.

But you know why? Because all of them are Aryans, and had a little mixture with Arab race !. The word “Iran” means “the territory of Aryans”, and Iran was settled about 3000 BC by Aryan tribes (Aryan Religion is another name of “Zoroastrian religion” ). Then some Aryan tribes migrated to Europe. In fact, many Europeans (Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, etc ) are Aryans and should be totally like Iranians, as they are.

The great Ultra-stupid Hitler and Nazism, disgrace “Aryan Race” by their shameful and horrible “Aryanization” plans. Shame on them.

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