Mr. shit goes to Washington

The controversial story of Mr. shit (AN or AhmadiNejad) and Ana Paster reminded us of an important issue. Mr. shit, i.e. AN or AhmadiNejad (the word ‘AN’ in Farsi means “shit”!), is so worthless and disgraced in Iran, and Iranians know that he is Mr. nobody, and that’s why even the ordinary Iranians have not chanted against him. But the UK and British media want to distort the facts and say that the people chant against him, not Khamenei. Mr. shit is so worthless for all Iranians. Mr. shit is Mr. nobody for us. He is an invented and straw dog/hero. In fact the West and Western Media, especially British media, made him a straw dog.


Mr. shit is just a congenital liar that just could deceive ignorant foreigners. Iranians still have not forgotten his stupid show in Colombia University. Mr. shit just could be hero in New York or Colombia University, because ignorant foreign journalists or students, that are not aware of internal matters and problems of Iran, could not ask him the proper questions. Mr. shit could be hero in the US, because stupid Larry King or stupid Charlie Rose or stupid Amanpour could not ask him the proper questions. Mr. shit is a straw hero in the US or the West because nobody knows the simple facts. You can not imagine how we were so mad when we saw the stupid American journalists could not ask him simple serious questions. Iranians say:’ Is this stupid Larry King, a good and famous talk show host in the US ? really? why? he seems badly stupid!’ The same thing was said about Charlie Rose, Amanpour and other stupids.

Mr. shit is just a a little worthless piece of shit in Iran and even a little kid could challenge him and win very easily. Mr. shit could be a straw dog or straw hero for the foreigners, but for Iranians he is just a little piece of stupid shit. Iranians know the real dictator of Iran and that’s why they chant : “Death to Khamenei” or “Death to the dictator”. In these days, apparently the close friend and the right hand of Mr. shit, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, wants to go to Washington again. He will go there for Nowuz. Shame on the US’s politicians. Shame on Obama. Shame on all of them that ignore Iranian protesters and flirt with Mr. shit. Shame on Obama that kissed Khamenei’s ass

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