Khamenei’s Family Scandal

A member of Khamenei’s family that lives in Canada!, has revealed some secrets about Khamenei and his family (with Google Translator you could read this interview ). Hamid-Reza Forouzanfar, the grandson of Khamenei’s sister, that now lives in Canada !, has said some interesting stories about Khamenei’s family and here are excerpts of it:

“I lived more than twenty years with Khamenei’s family … my grandmother is the elder sister of Khamenei. She respect him and all his brothers. It’s a family matter … but other family members are not like her … the younger sister of Khamenei is the wife of Ali Tehrani, and both of them are Khamenei’s enemies. They lived in Iraq under Saddam, and were the opponent of Khomeini and Khamenei … Now they live in Tehran, and Khamenei said that he had to kill them, but he did not want to kill his family ! (It’s an Iranian version of “the Godfather” movie! and Khameni is Ayatollah Don Corleone !!) … Khamenei’s family is not like what you maybe think … they are not very virtuous or decent … Khamenei’s daughters wear miniskirt in the wedding ceremonies, and you know, it’s not proper for an Ayatollah that is the leader of all Muslims! … Khamenei’s son, Meysam, has married with a daughter of a billionaire … this marriage was very unbelievable … When Khamenei’s daughters go to shopping, the security forces block and empty the shopping center for them … the domestic life of Khamenei and his family is not like what Muslim fanatics think … Khamenei’s family live in luxury … from 3 or 4 years ago, the family relationships of Khamenei has changed … from then on, we were treated with an absolute cold shoulder, and he did not speak to us … Khamenei just wants to hear praise and approval, not any criticism or disapproval … now any family member could not speak to him about anything, not just politics … Mohajerani told lie about Khamenei … I know that Khamenei has directly involved in the Oil ministry … His brother, Hassan Khamenei, is the Inspector General of the oil ministry for more than twenty year ! … All financial contracts and financial affairs in the oil ministry are under his direct control … when the regime says that 11 billion dollar of the oil money were lost, it’s not true, because Khamenei knows all details of the financial matters of the oil ministry … Khamenei has direct access to an unlimited money resource, and he could do whatever he wants to do … he doesn’t answer to anyone or any legal organization … he is the leader … he invents many religious excuse for his embezzlements … I know him and his office for more than twenty years … I lived with them for twenty years … Muhammad Khamenei, the elder brother of Khamenei, established a foundation for ‘Islamic Philosophy’, called ‘Hekmat Sadra Foundation’ … this foundation was given some million dollar of the state budget … and Mohajerani was the financial advisor to Mummad Khamenei’s foundation … But after some years, the foundation entered into business activities! and the oil contracts ! … and bought some state factories! … It shows us that even “Philosophy” and “Human Science” could make money !!, a lot of money ! … and all you need is a brother who should be the leader !!

Many Iranians and non-Iranians don’t know that some members of Khamenei’s family live in Canada !! Of course some members of Rafsanjani family, some members of Larijani family, some members of Yazdi family, and many other Khamenei’s thugs and their children live in Canada. It’s really ridiculous and shameful that Canada accepts them. The ordinary Iranians should wait 4 to 6 years in the immigration queue, but these bastards could buy immigration. In fact, Canada sell immigration and everything just for money. Shame on Canada. Mullahs’ family and relatives don’t want to live in this dog shit Islamic country that they make for poor ordinary Iranians. The poor Iranian girls and boys have been beaten to death by Basiji and Hezbollah thugs, because they don’t want this Islamic shit, but Mullahs children go freely to the West and live there. Or. Mr shit and Khamenei could had “Ana Pastor” without any Hijab ! Mullahs’ relative have a lot of money, and of course it’s the people money and the oil money. But Canada and other western countries just want money, dirty or clean. Shame on them all.

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