ChaharShanbe Soori’s Massacre

Today the Internet in Iran was nearly totally down (very very slow). And it had some main reasons. As usual the regime wanted to prevent the people from uploading their images and videos. But this time there was another special reason, too. The Islamic regime has killed or severely injured more than 150 prisoners in the Ghezelhesar Prison, on the Chaharshanbe soori night., says: “ After that the regime executed 10 prisoners, other prisoners rebelled against the prison’s authorities and chanted ‘Death to Dictator’, etc. … then the brutal authorities and riot police, started shooting at prisoners and set the prison on fire … more than 150 prisoners has been killed or severely injured. ” Dozens of political prisoners are held in Ghezelhesar Prison. The regime declared that: “some traitors and drug dealers and smugglers, made an unsuccessful riot in the prison, and were punished.”

Also, until now the people reporters confirmed that at least one person, Behnoud Ramezani , was killed by Basiji thugs, on ChaharShanbe soori night, in Narmak, eastern Tehran. It’s obvious that Iranians, we included, don’t know exactly what has happened. Because all the communication channels are blocked.

And we should congratulate Western media for ignoring Iranians and Iranian protests. First Iran, then Libya, and after them other countries. The UN, the Obama administration, and the EU should be proud of themselves. Hillary Clinton and the EU leaders are against the no-fly zone in Libya. All of these bastards show us that the world conditions in 2010s are not significantly different from 1910s. We need a more effective global organization.

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