My News of Iran, 15 March, 1

8am: Tonight is Chaharshanbe Soori. The Internet speed is very slow from yesterday.

9am: The regime is frightened of Charshanbe Soori Tonight the people will use of their firecrackers. Tonight the people will not fight just with bare hands. and it could be very interesting. We should wait and see what will be happened.

10am: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites treat like March 8th. They have ignored the people and their protests, again. But the people have learned a lot form March 8th. Today they will f-u-c-k the oppositions (Islamists) as well as the regime.

11am: In the last week the ordinary people knew the Islamist oppositions more than before. They could see the real face of these bastards. They learned that they should be independent of all Iranian journalists, the bastard jerks. Shame on them.

12pm: Again Helicopters … Khamenei’s dogs/thugs make use of their Helicopters again. I could hear them. They prepare themselves for tonight. Tonight, Tehran would be a battlefield again.

1pm: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites still have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths. From now on, I never refer to these bastards, again. They are so miserable. And it’s written just for the record.

2pm: The Khamenei’s thugs are in the streets. It’s not important. Traitors are more important than Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. But the people have known their friends and their enemies. It’s a good sign. The next year, 1390, is another year.

3pm: again Helicopters … they are like Gaddafi’s tanks and planes. We need a no-fly zone in Tehran !!

4pm: Just one working day is left of the year 1389. Thursday and Friday are our weekend in Iran. And next Saturday and Sunday are official holidays before the New Year. The next Monday (21st March) is the first day of Nowruz holidays, i.e. New Year.

5pm: Is anyone killed tonight? It would be very painful. Killing before the New Year, and before the Nowruz. Oh, how awful. This High Price should be an outcome … We think next year, the people would organize themselves better, and would topple Khamenei.

It’s continued … Chaharshanbe Soori just begin after 6pm.

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