Mr. shit and Ana Pastor

March 15, 2011

Mr. shit (AN or AhmadiNejad) had an interview Today, with “Ana Pastor” from Spanish state television TVE. The bullshit and Mr. shit has said is not important at all. But just look at “Ana Pastor”, that in Tehran, and in the office of Mr. shit, has not any Hijab or the f-u-c-k-i-n-g Islamic veil.


Here in this Islamic shit, we have Moral Police and our girls and women have been beaten and arrested just for the fuckign Hijab or the veil. In this Islamic shit, all the women, Iranians or non-Iranians, Muslim or non-Muslim, should have Hijab or the veil. Basiji thugs and Moral Police arrest all women that have “Bad Hijab”.


Apparently in the recent days the low has been changed and Mr. shit and Khamenei could have “Ana Pastor” without any Hijab. Last night “Ana Pastor” was not “Bad Hijab”, she has not any Hijab at all. Of course we are happy about it, but just look at how Khamenei’s dogs/thugs behave towards Iranian Angels.


The Moral Police and Basiji thugs control the hijab, or the f-u-c-k-i-n-g Islamic veil. They are very brutal. Two or three years ago, a girl was beaten to the death by these bastards.


Now the Iranians are very anger. They say: ” F-u-c-k you Mr. shit and F-u-c-k Palestine. Motherf-u-c-k-e-r she asks you about Iran and killing innocent people in the streets and you go to talk about zionists … I don’t know why they even bother to speck with him, such a waste of time and nerves”. AN flirt with “Ana Pastor” without Hijab. It’s the footage of the Interview

My News of Iran, 15 March, 3

March 15, 2011

9pm: Viva people … this regime just need a bit more firecracker !! … I think tonight more than 1,000,000kg TNT were exploded in Tehran! It’s really “Apocalypse Now”!

9pm: The people reporters say that the people in Isfahan, Shahin Shar, control the main parts of the city.

9pm: The people reporters say that in Tehranpars, the eastern Tehran, the people have f-u-c-k-e-d Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. The control of all the streets are in the people’s hands there.

10pm: Today was great. but the people should continue to protest, and don’t allow Khamenei’s dogs/thugs to reorganize themselves.

10pm: Today the people proved that they could do many things without any media support … Today Iranians were boycotted by all mass media, western or Iranian media …. but the people did their job, very well.

10pm: Shame on the western media and western politicians that don’t support the Iranians. They are the friends of Mullahs, and in the past weeks, every one that had a little mind, could be sure of it.

11pm: Today was the people’s day … Khamenei’s dogs/thugs did not have the balls to attack the people and beat them as before … and the people show them a part of the picture of the Iranian Judgement Day.

11pm: Today was great. the people show that they could f-u-c-k the stupid Islamists and all opposition bastards as well as the regime … Viva the brave people

12pm: If just one week could be like the Chaharshanbe Soori, the Islamic regime will be toppled I bet you, all

12am: Bye for now

My News of Iran, 15 March, 2

March 15, 2011

6pm: I could hear the sound of firecrackers … they are continuous and very loud … It’s like you are in a Hollywood movie, for example in “Saving Private Ryan”, loud explosions repeat over and over … All parts of Tehran are really the battlefield now.

6pm: All the past Charshanbe Soori’s were not like this one … Viva the brave people. The regime has closed all schools and universities today and tomorrow. The people reporters say that Basiji thugs, that come from other cities, use of the schools as their base camps !

6pm: The people in Mirdamad, Jordan, Shahrak Gharb, Azadi, Enghelab, Valisar, and in south of Tehran, in Javadieh, Khazaneh, Shoush, etc. are in the streets … and the Basiji thugs have not the balls to go near the people … Viva the brave people … Tonight, the people could finish their jobs, if they were a bit more wise. Fireworks stuff and firecrackers are really helpful. Khamenei’s dogs/thugs are frightened to death.

7pm: Oh, firecrackers are really great … It’s more than “Saving Private Ryan”!! … It’s “Apocalypse Now” !!

7pm: The people reporters say that Khamenei’s dogs/thugs closed all the shops in the religious city of Qom, at 4pm. It’s a very important news. It shows us that even Qom is not safe for Mullahs !!

7pm: Viva the brave people, All cities of Iran are exploded tonight … the people reporters says that in Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abadan, All cities of Kurdistand province, Tabriz, Rasht, Sari, Babol, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Karaj, etc. are really “Apocalypse Now”!

7pm: Khamenei’s dogs/thugs have not the balls tonight … It’s the way, the people should f-u-c-k these bastards in this way … Hey you, Basiji thugs, the mother-f-u-c-k–e-r coward bastards, what’s happened to your f-u-c-k-i-n-g balls tonight ?

8pm: Oh, holy shit … firecrackers badly explode … It’s remind me of “Full Metal Jacket” and the great Stanley Kubrick.

8pm: the people reporters say that the people in Roodaki and Azadi streets, set some vehicles and motorbikes of Khamenis’ dogs/thugs on fire … Viva people

8pm: The people reporters say that the people in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan, have captured the city hall !

8pm: Tonight the people chant :” Death to Mullahs” and it’s a very interesting new chant !! … It’s the first time that the people chant: “Death to Mullahs” . Viva the brave people.

8pm: The people sign and dance everywhere … and it’s like a Cultural Revolution … It’s what Mullahs really are frightened of it. If the people choose the life, then the death is for Mullahs … we are sure about it .. Viva the brave Iranians, the lions of Perisa

It’s continued …

My News of Iran, 15 March, 1

March 15, 2011

8am: Tonight is Chaharshanbe Soori. The Internet speed is very slow from yesterday.

9am: The regime is frightened of Charshanbe Soori Tonight the people will use of their firecrackers. Tonight the people will not fight just with bare hands. and it could be very interesting. We should wait and see what will be happened.

10am: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites treat like March 8th. They have ignored the people and their protests, again. But the people have learned a lot form March 8th. Today they will f-u-c-k the oppositions (Islamists) as well as the regime.

11am: In the last week the ordinary people knew the Islamist oppositions more than before. They could see the real face of these bastards. They learned that they should be independent of all Iranian journalists, the bastard jerks. Shame on them.

12pm: Again Helicopters … Khamenei’s dogs/thugs make use of their Helicopters again. I could hear them. They prepare themselves for tonight. Tonight, Tehran would be a battlefield again.

1pm: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites still have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths. From now on, I never refer to these bastards, again. They are so miserable. And it’s written just for the record.

2pm: The Khamenei’s thugs are in the streets. It’s not important. Traitors are more important than Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. But the people have known their friends and their enemies. It’s a good sign. The next year, 1390, is another year.

3pm: again Helicopters … they are like Gaddafi’s tanks and planes. We need a no-fly zone in Tehran !!

4pm: Just one working day is left of the year 1389. Thursday and Friday are our weekend in Iran. And next Saturday and Sunday are official holidays before the New Year. The next Monday (21st March) is the first day of Nowruz holidays, i.e. New Year.

5pm: Is anyone killed tonight? It would be very painful. Killing before the New Year, and before the Nowruz. Oh, how awful. This High Price should be an outcome … We think next year, the people would organize themselves better, and would topple Khamenei.

It’s continued … Chaharshanbe Soori just begin after 6pm.