Noam Chomsky vs Iranians

March 13, 2011

Noam Chomsky is a great man for many people, but not for many Iranians. He works with Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, and apparently is happy about it. Noam Chomsky is a friend of the great Howard Zinn, but is not like him. We and other Iranians think that Chomsky is a lunatic left, only too often. But why? we have a long list of facts that should be presented in this website. Actually we, i.e. part of Iranian people, are angered by Noam Chomsky and his unbelievable foolishness.

Chomsky had an dreadful interview with an Iranian website on February 27, 2010 . We don’t know why this interview has not been translated into English, but you could use of Google Translator for reading it. Chomsky said: “If the US supports the Iranians movement, it’s harmful… if the US supports the green movement, Iranians leave the movement !!! .. the US has worked with many dictators, and so the US cooperation with AN, and supporting AN, it’s as usual … the regime (propaganda) says that the US supports the green movement and the US wants to destroy Iran, and it seems true !!! … I think that Iranians voted to AN (in his first run) because the US supported Khatami and the reform in Iran !!!! ” Indeed, by this interview Chomsky showed us that he is not Howard Zinn and he lives in 30 years ago. It shows us that he and many other intellects in the US, know nothing about Iran. They surely know nothing about the religious tyranny and the results of a religious tyranny, too. This simple fact that the people who live under a tyranny, gradually make a deep hate against it and all things that are related to it, and go completely in the exact opposite direction

Chomsky wrote an article about Iran in July 2010. In The Iranian Threat he said:” The brutal clerical regime is doubtless a threat to its own people, though it does not rank particularly high in that respect in comparison to US allies in the region !!… The terrorist acts attributed to Hamas and Hezbollah pale in comparison to US-I-s-r-a-e-l-i terrorism in the same region” But Mr. Chomsky, the brutal clerical regime ranks very very high in that respect in comparison to US allies in the region. And Hamas and Hezbollah are at least as bad as their opponents. Hezbollah men help Khamenei and Basiji thugs. They are in Tehran and kill, rape, torture, and beat Iranian pro-democracy protesters in the streets. . We can see them here.

Chomsky had an another very weak interview with Radio Farda about Iran He said: “In the West, people talk rightly about Iran as a guided democracy. There are some democratic freedoms !! , but it’s under tight control. The Guardians Councils, for example, selects the candidates. But what happens in the West? In the US, for example, it’s obvious for anyone who studies the system, the candidates are selected by concentrations of private power. Elections are basically bought. So we also have a kind of guided democracy” We are not very well-informed about the US, but If the knowledge of Mr. Chomsky about the US is the same as his knowledge about Iran, we should say that we are sorry for him and all American intellects. Two decades ago Iran had a guided democracy, but in the recent years Iran jut has have a vivid brutal anti-democracy. Mr. Chomsky are you blind and could not see the bloody coup? you live in the past. You live in 30 or 20 years ago.

Mullah Mafia in USA

March 13, 2011

This is the fifth article of The Invisible Hands series. The second one was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA . The third was Shame on Iranian Journalists . And the fourth one was A Terrorist at Princeton Universitys

In the 1990’s, the American-Iranian Council (AIC) , with backing from multinational oil companies, was a front for the Iran’s lobbying efforts in the US, and Houshang Amir-Ahmadi (the left picture below) served as its president. Amirahmadi has been an active pro-Mullahs player in the US since the early 1980s. While residing in the US, he was also a presidential candidate in Iran’s elections. He officially collaborated with different Iranian institutions. In the recent years, Amir-Ahmadi and his daughter are building a hotel in Kish Island , of course with the total financial and special support of AN. AN and his team have a close and special relation with Amir-Ahmadi. He arrange many of AN’s programs in his trips to New York. In fact, Amir-Ahmadi is a key broker between the Mullahs and the US’s authorities. Trita Parsi (the middle picture below) has closely worked with Amirahmadi and was well positioned in the leadership of AIC. Tehran’s faith in Parsi was so profound that in 2003 when Iran decided to send a highly secret proposal for negotiations to the White House , Parsi was called on to arrange the delivery of the message through Bob Ney to Karl Rove. Parsi, admitted that “he was the point person for Ney in helping to manage this issue.”

As we said before, Siamak Namazi (the right picture above), was an Iranian-American living in US who went back to Iran and became a partner and the managing director of Atieh Bahar Company in Tehran. One of the debacle of Atieh enterprise was in 2007, when the CEO of the French oil company Total SA was charged for bribery of Iranian high officials to secure contracts. Total is one of the major customers of the Namazi’s Atieh enterprise and is mainly represented in Iran by Atieh and its affiliate companies. Tens of millions of dollars of bribes were paid by Total through individuals and third party corporations. Tehran’s trust in Namazi is elucidated by the fact that his enterprise provides the network and computer services for almost all Iranian banks, parliament, and other important institutions. While representing Tehran, Namazi, disguised as a scholar, travels to the US to seemingly pursue academic activities through think-tanks close to the Iranian regime. This link between the Iranian oil Mafia and “scholarly” pursuits in the US is hardly isolated. Three former Iranian deputy foreign ministers currently live in Boston posing as “scholars” at Harvard University. They are Mohammad Mahallati, Farhad Atai and, Abbas Maleki. We would write about them later.

Trita Parsi and Namazi worked very closely on developing the details of the grand plan of forming an Iranian-American “Citizen’s Lobby” in the US. In 1999, Parsi and Namazi presented a joint paper titled, “Iranian-Americans: The bridge between two nations,” at the DAPIA conference organized by the Iranian government in Cypress. One of the hallmarks of the new lobby was its desire to rival the “I-s-r-a-e-l-i Lobby” in the US. This aspiration was so strong that an organization was created and called IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee) as compared with AIPAC (American I-s-r-a-e-l-i Public Affairs Committee). Three of IAPAC’s board members came from the AIC’s leadership . As Ney’s criminal bribery and lobbying fiasco became more public, NIAC’s president Trita Parsi attempted to deny the lobbying nature of NIAC. NIAC was not registered as a lobbying organization, and lobbying activities would have been illegal. But Bob Ney, Roy Coffee, and Dave DiStefano arranged numerous workshops, training classes, seminars and speeches in which they themselves and others with experience prepared members and affiliates of NIAC to lobby and influence Congress. Parsi, Namazi and Ney worked together and developed training manuals on lobbying. NIAC itself admits that, “In 2002, Congressman Ney benefited from letters sent by Iranian-Americans through NIAC’s Legislative Action Center in support of his resolution on US-Iran relations.”