Answer to Readers, 11 Mar

Thank you all for your kind attentions. Thanks Sharri Babione, Loreta Braucher, Tobi Darrigo, Philip Rossottos, Chauncey Zaiser , Wm Etkin, limewire, Nealualoxytox, CamAmateur, world spinner for your support. (And thanks who use a little weird nicknames like Marriage Tips!, Pregnancy Miracle!, Free Poker Money!, Military Medals!, etc.)

Some new friends have asked us about how can find us on Facebook or other social network. But You won’t find us on Facebook or on any other social networks. And some reasons were explained here security and privacy concerns over Facebook and other social networks are very serious. And when you live in Iran, it becomes worse. The best way to communicating, with regard to all weird and specific conditions of Iran, is using of comments in this website. we could communicate well by using this good tool. but if there were some private things, you could leave your email and we would contact you ASAP. Thank you all again.

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