Basij and Hezbollah

Basiji thugs, and Lebanese Hezbollah thugs are the most notorious Islamists in Iran. But why? Iran’s government says the Basij count some five million members. Independent analysts put the number closer to one million, out of an Iranian population of about 75 million. The Basij don’t wear uniforms. Men typically sport beards, and often wear loose-fitting shirts that fall untucked over their pants. Women members are usually covered in head-to-toe black chadors. Rank-and-file members don’t draw permanent salaries, and just receive high wage for the temporary mercenary job in fighting against the people and the people’s will. They enjoy special consideration when competing for university admission or government jobs. A Basij chapter operates out of every officially sanctioned institution, private or government owned. Ministries, universities, factories, schools, mosques and hospitals all house Basij units. Joining the Basij can be as easy as signing up. But members are carefully vetted. Indoctrination includes theology and ideology seminars, then military training. Under AN, authorities reinstituted street checkpoints, manned by Basij and separate morality police, who monitored everything from men’s haircuts to how women wear their mandatory headscarves

In 2005, Basij forces were placed under the direct command of the Sepah (IRGC or Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps). The Sepah, with responsibility for internal security, runs a sort of parallel military, with its own air force and naval branches, its own ministry and extensive business activities. The Sepahi and Basiji thugs say: “ Our society is now at the verge of sin and filled with antirevolutionary people … The Satellite TV channels corrupt the people … now the people want freedom and democracy, not Islam … They are brainwashed and become anti-Islam and antirevolutionary … They don’t want to obey God’s order, they want to obey their own will and their own orders … It’s a sin, a great sin … It is now everyone’s Islamic and revolutionary duty to crush these antirevolutionary forces … The people must obey God, and it’s not a selection, it’s a duty, a religious duty … the people could not do what they want to do, we f-u-c-k them all, it’s a God’s order and our dear leader’s order that has connection with God and the Mahdi ” Basiji thugs fought against I-s-r-a-e-l in Lebanon in the 1980s and helped train the armed militia of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group. In fact, the Sepah (IRGC), created and trained the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and they are the main allied Muslim fanatics.

No Gaza – No Lebanon

In the recent years, one of the main chant of Iranians is: “ No Gaza, No Lebanon — I will die just for Iran ” but why do Iranian say that? On the one hand, In the last 32 years the Islamic regime has supported the Hamas, Hizbullah and other Islamic groups in the ME. But Iranians don’t like this kind of unconditional support. Indeed, they have tired of Islamists and plundering of the oil money and financial support of Hezbollah or Hamas. On the other hand, Basij and Sepah kill, torture, rape, and beat Iranians, and Hamas and Hezbollah militia directly support them. Al-ShargholOsat Arabic newspaper said: Lebanon’s Hezbollah at least sent 1500 members of its militia to Tehran to help Basiji Thugs. In fact, we, i.e. all people that live inside Iran, can see many Hezbollah militia in Tehran that kill, torture, and beat Iranian pro-democracy protesters in the streets. The Left demonstrated in the cities of the EU and the US for Hamas and Hezbollah. The left protects, encourages, demonstrates, for rotten regimes. But they don’t demonstrate for Iranian protesters, for millions of secular and pro-democracy protesters in Iran, and for condemning Basij and Hezbollah militia, who kill, torture, rape and beat Iranians in the streets and jails. Shame on them. Shame on the lunatic left.

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